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Malibu, CA Tile store

Malibu California is an affluent beach community in Northwestern Los Angeles County, California. Malibu is bounded by Topanga Canyon to the East, the Santa Monica Mountains consisting of Agoura Hills, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills to the North, the Pacific Ocean to the South, and Ventura County to the West. Malibu consists of 21 miles of Pacific Coastline that features a stunning array and variety of different homes.

Most Malibu residents live within a couple hundred yards from the beach up narrow canyons and streets and have an eclectic array of Malibu Tile throughout their home. Malibu Tile can be seen as a variety of different styles based on the architectural style of the home; Modern and Contemporary, Mediterranean, Midwest Farmhouse, and Traditional Malibu Bungalow’s. Our tile shop offers array of styles, textures and patterns for Granite Tiles, Limestone Tiles, Marble Tiles, Sandstone Tiles, Slate Tiles and Travertine Tiles in Malibu, CA to renovate your walls or floors.

For the contemporary and modern Tile Malibu beachfront home, the variety of materials will vary depending on the color scheme and location of the home. Many of our customers in these homes go with large format tiles in either concrete colors or very vibrant glossy white. For the contemporary and modern Malibu Tile beachfront home, the variety of materials will vary depending on the color scheme and location of the home.

Many of our customers in these homes go with large format tiles in either concrete colors or very vibrant glossy white. We carry a new Concrete Tile company that can create large format Polished Concrete Tiles that range in size from 12”x12” all the way up to a 24”x48”.The benefit of a concrete tile look in Malibu homes is that it is a very clean surface that creates a reflection from the floor. The benefit of this reflection is that it minimizes the lines of the floor and shows off the walls throughout the home.

We also carry a large selection of porcelain tiles that mimic the poured concrete look and are extremely durable and sustainable for these types of homes. The durability of a porcelain tile is unmatched for its maintenance is relatively low and there are an abundant selection of colors and textures to choose from.

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Malibu Beachfront

Malibu Beachfront

Malibu Tile varies from the contemporary likes of large format porcelains and concrete tiles to that of Saltillo Tile and chiseled travertine or limestone. Many of the Mediterranean homes in Malibu go ahead with travertine Versailles patterns with chiseled edges to give it a more rustic appearance. The benefit of having a chiseled edge Versailles pattern in these Malibu homes is that it denotes a much older appearance once installed because the chiseled edges allow for a wider and less perfect grout joint. Antiqued limestone and marble is also a preferred choice for Malibu Tile in these homes for the patina on these stones is reminiscent of the stones found in the streets throughout Europe. Over time these natural stones will develop even more patina and imperfections which makes these materials truly special in one’s home. The ability to have such a unique natural stone with such characteristics is what many of our customers are searching for in their Malibu homes and we are happy to offer them a wide range of products that fits the Malibu Tile needs.

Limestone Floor Tile

Limestone Floor Tile

Some of the more traditional Malibu homes are traditional bungalows just steps away from the stunning Pacific Ocean. These traditional homes feature warms colors such a maple wood tiles and beautiful white marbles. We have continually sold Calacatta Marble countertops for kitchens in these homes with white farm sinks. This traditional yet classical look is one that over the years will always be in style and will continually look stunning over the years. Wood looking tiles have recently become the staples in the homes of our customers for their quality and appearance has catapulted them above real wood. The advantage of these wood looking tiles in homes is that the maintenance is almost zero and that the material won’t scratch or need to be refinished, ever.

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Mediterranean Kitchen by Ventura Doors Riviera Bronze Mfg.

Mediterranean Kitchen by Ventura Doors Riviera Bronze Mfg.

Please make sure to visit our two Los Angeles Tile showrooms to fulfill all of your Malibu Tile needs. We carry a multitude of options that will fit all of the styles of homes found throughout Malibu. The traditional hand-crafted ceramics are still as popular as ever in these Malibu Homes and bring about the craftsmen look throughout the home. Chiseled travertines and antiqued limestones have recently grown in popularity in these homes for their rustic-ness adds a true sense of dimension and appeal. Please stop by our stunning Los Angeles Tile showrooms for all your tile needs. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your tile needs.

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