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Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall tiles are one of the best ways to transform your bathroom into a beautifully stylish look and a relaxing spa retreat. Choosing the perfect wall tiles can make all the difference in a bathroom and help you to create the bathroom you’ve always dream of. Get a huge range of wall tile designs and bathroom wall tile collection from mosaic to ceramic and natural stone look at the very affordable price at our Bathroom Tile Store. Explore our regularly updated ranges of bathroom tiles from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary that go with the latest trends and you can achieve everything in high quality and strong material for your bath area which will look great for years to come.

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Bathroom Wall Tile Materials

There are some important factors to take care of while choosing a tile material for bathroom walls:

The most important is your bathroom wall should be waterproof to give a healthy protection. If you don’t take this problem seriously it can create huge problems such as leaks and water damage in your home. Hence, tile material should be either water resistant or dry out quickly.
Tile material should be stain-resistant and dirt proof also that is easy to clean and maintain.
The tile material used for bathroom walls should be scratch resistant to maintain your bathroom attractive long lasting years.
Bathroom wall tile material should be strong and hard-wearing, installing the stone material as wall option will be long-lasting for years.
Wall Tile material should be attractive that add an elegance and beauty to the bathroom. You can explore a variety of colors, styles and different shapes and designs at our tile shop to transform your bathroom wall.

Top 8 Bathroom Wall Tile Options

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile is one of the best options to make your bathroom wall attractive and elegant. These tiles are water resistant and need very less maintenance. You can purchase these tiles in different shapes, sizes, and textures at our tile store. It gives a look of marble, slate, travertine, and wood. Ceramic tiles amazing hexagonal, chorus patterns completely makeover your bathroom. Above all, these tiles are available at very less cost any easily available. We suggest you take help our professionals while installing the tiles because it can be very tough to install by a person who is not aware of this process.

Glass Tile

Do you want to give exotic look to your bathroom? It is very popular nowadays among people. It can be used as the partition between wet area and dry area. glass tiles are water resistant and can be cleaned very easily. You can use glass tile in various shapes and color you want and can be installed in graceful and beautiful patterns. Recycled glass tiles are used as an alternative to bathroom walls. Installation of this tile needs a trained workman to fix it properly. the only issue is its cost.

Stone Walls for bathrooms

If you are nature loving people and want to keep a piece of nature at your home then go to stone walls without giving it a thought. Its natural texture makes it look very pleasant and energetic. If these tiles fade with the time passes by, you can renew these tiles by polishing. Its variations are limited as compared to other tiles but its limited varieties are enough to attract you. You should take care while cleaning the tiles because it is highly reacted to acid and its stains can’t be removed easily. These tiles are expensive.

Glass Block for separations

Glass block is very popular bathroom wall these days. Its glossy contemporary look and capacity to pass on the light make it unique. Basically, it is used to create walls and windows which look quite different and virtuous but glass block is quite expensive as compared to other wall materials and its cost varies on the complication of the work. While installing this block, one has to be quite alert and professionals cost are much higher. For better results, our company Westside tile is the best choice to make.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile is quite famous for experimenting with different looks. It is the perfect choice for wall coverings. If you like to some creativity in your bathroom walls you can get a customized design of whatever your choice is. It is a high-density material and also gets recycled mosaic tiles for your bathroom walls. Bouncy yellows, greys, and whites of the mosaics are few colors which people like the most. People prefer 2-3 color schemes with different patterns on the walls which make it look quite attractive but you are advised not to use more than 3 colors and keep it more eye-catching. It needs high maintenance and checks the sealant time to time.

Subway Tile

The Bathroom is the area you can’t miss the decor you want. Subway tile is now days are very much in fashion. White subway Bathroom Tile is expanding its charm from time to time and gives it a contemporary look. It’s original and reliable look is fine enough to grab the customer’s attention. Subway tile vibrant colors such as warm orange, vibrant yellow and warm white are very much in fashion nowadays to give your bathroom a fashionable look. It’s been available in various shapes such as rectangular, hexagonal and square shapes.

Travertine Tile

In the recent trend, many homeowners have started liking to natural stone and are using it for bathroom wall tile applications such as wall mosaics, vanity tops. Travertine, the perfect natural stone is popular for its elegance and its attractive range of color variations and patterns. It is the best way to use travertine tile finishes either hone-finished or tumble-finished for bathroom wall tiles to give a matte finish stone appearance.

Pebble Stone Tile

Pebble stone brings the beauty of nature to your bathroom wall. You can get a customized look on your bathroom wall with the use of Natural and unique shapes of the pebble mosaic tile. Applying pebble tiles on bathroom wall gives comfort and durability and requires less maintenance.

Bonus tip: Always use sealant for Bathroom Wall Panels

When you choose a wall then its safety must be your first and prime concerned. It doesn’t matter what kind of wall you choose for your bathroom. The main thing is that you choose proper sealant for this purpose. Sealant plays a major role in helping the tile to keep enough moisture and bring water to the halt from going in between the cracks in the wall. Just make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and use silicone caulk for the best protection of the wall.

Remodel your Bathroom Wall

Laying a strong foundation for your bathroom wall tile design

Laying bathroom tile is easy as other tile installation. The main steps you should follow are 1, you lay out tile pattern, 2 apply mortar, 3 adjust the tile properly, and 4 let the tile dry, 5. After 24- hours, grout the tile again. The only difference between bathroom tile installation and other tile installation is the type of backing we use. Some backings are not capable to hold the moisture as we need in the bathroom area. You are advised to use cement backer board for the bathroom wall projects.

Step-1 Create a Tile Pattern

When you want to create a tile pattern just make sure which room you are making a pattern look. You have many options while creating it such as if you want a single pattern in your room or you want to do some creative work then go out with two or more than 2 patterns you like. You can try some different shapes together like Square and semicircle shapes of different colors and hexagonal shapes with other shapes.

Designers recommend smaller tile for bathroom walls

Many people ignore the how important the length of the tile is but trust our words it is. Most of the designers advise people to use smaller tiles for bathroom walls. The main reason for using smaller tiles on walls is its safety because water is used in access in the bathroom area and moisture present in bathroom area effects grout and strength of the tiles weakens because of the moisture so smaller tiles can be fixed easily with this problem as compared to bigger tiles.

Step- 2 Remove the Old Tiles

If you want to remove the old tiles, it requires the strength and muscle power to remove it. While removing the tiles, first two or three tiles need muscle power it is easy to remove other tiles because one by one the mortar get weakens but after some time you need a crowbar or a trim crowbar only if you want it to be more delicate and a metal scraper or a flathead screwdriver to remove each tile.

Step- 3 Prepare the Wall

After removing the old tiles from a device like a crow bearing, we know the professionals remove the tiles with a lot of care but still you can notice some damage to the walls. First of all, you have to make sure that damaged wall should be patched up well. You need to patch up the hole with care and remove the leftover the adhesive and use a level to see if the wall is fine and it is all ready to lay the new tiles. The most important thing is that there should be no debris left behind and the wall must be smooth to work on.

Step- 4 Laying the Tiles

The most important part of tile installation of tile is laying the tiles. There are many ways to lay the tiles. The things you need while this process is mortar and peel and stick tiles. Mix the mortar according to the instruction given then apply the mortar on the area you are working on. If you want it in an easy way so try simple mat. It is a big roll of double-sided tape that adheres the wall and then you can easily stick the tiles and with the help of simple mat, you will get your job done in very less time. You are advised to keep your tile design with you and work accordingly. You have to take care when you apply the tiles near switches and on the edges of the wall because they need to cut accordingly space.

Step- 5 Grout the Tile

The grout takes almost 24-hours to get fixed and on the hand simple mat fix instantly. After the process grout the tiles and make sure that the space between the tiles has been fixed properly. Remove the unwanted grout by the help of cloth, brush or sponge and do this with soft hands and then allow the tiles to set for two or 3 days.

Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Very few people understand the importance of bathroom and take its design seriously. The Bathroom is very important part of our daily life and it should be well maintained and grace its beauty with the help of innovative tile design ideas. There are different kind of wall tiles with the lot of variety of colors, textures, and styles and the best way to make your bathroom look worthy. There is a number of varieties of tile ideas for bathroom wall, and backsplashes such as stone, porcelain, glass and few other tiles through to stylish and natural; a classic white tile look, or a combination of black and white monochrome in the bathroom. These are attractive options we have today and whether you want to go with the new patterns like herringbone, hexagonal or glass tile option or you want to go with the traditional square look, any size of a bathroom can be completely transformed with our fresh tile design ideas. When you are thinking to remodel your bathroom, a unique bathroom tile design will make your bathroom really stand out and it is very easy to create a great tile design using our true methods and materials with our design experts help.

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