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Straight Cut Slate

Prairie Straight Cut Slate Tile
Slate is known for its distinctive layered composition. Slate Tile is made up of thin sheets of clay, dried mud and even volcanic ash. The unique layering of this material gives the slate its aesthetic and natural look. The beauty of slate tile is its mixture of colors with swirling arrays of blacks, blues, coppers, dark greys and many more which make it the ideal stone for a natural looking floor for your home or even exterior.

Straight Cut Slate Tile Series

The straight cut slate tile series is made up of fifteen colors available in a variety of sizes ; 12×12, 16×16, 18×18, 24×24, 18×36, 13pc Patterns, and 23pc Patterns. All of these slate tiles are gauged, meaning they have been machine cut on one side of the tiles. Gauging a slate tile is done for multiple reasons ; it creates a defined thickness, and creates a flat surface for ease of installation. Gauged slate will still vary in thickness but the range of the thickness will be less random than an un-gauged slate tile.

Straight Cut Slate Tile Gallery

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