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Granite Floor Tiles

Granite Floor Tiles, famous for its durability and density is an adaptable and budget-friendly option for your flooring. Nature has bestowed us Granite with amazing neutral colors such as white, brown, beige and black as well as blues, reds, and greens in grain, or crystal patterns which can be dense and tight or loose and dramatic. The common finishes are polished, honed and fired. The vital aspect of the remodeling process is designing the flooring on which success of the project depends. Tailor your choice of color or grain or size of granite tiles for Granite floor tile design to synchronize with other colors or a pattern you’re using in the room and which complements your home architectural style.

Granite Floor Tiles

Granite Floor Tiles

How to choose the right Granite Floor Tile

The choosing of right Granite Floor Tile is a challenging task before users, here are a few clues:

Thickness & quality criteria

Granite floor tiles are available in standard thicknesses in 3/8, ½ and even ¾ inches. The thicker tiles are stronger, heavier and better quality but more expensive. Use thicker tiles for heavy loads and long-life flooring provided your flooring design permits and you can afford the price. Otherwise, go for thinner tiles.

A grade of Tiles

Casual type granite floor tiles are made mostly for homeowners. We use granite tiles for flooring prone to heavy loads. The purchaser should decide the grade of tiles as per its use and architectural style.

Color is important

You have to select a color that best matches your home or business and design scheme in your brain/your architect. To create an exotic interior of your house, select stylish and bright color modern granite floor tiles which suit your walls also. Dark color tiles make the room brighter, but most of the people prefer light colors.

Choose the right finish

Just like colors, to choose a right finish, i.e., flamed, polished or honed, is an individual’s choice and choose the granite floor tile accordingly.


One should never forget the suitability of granite tiles before their selection and confirm its wear & tear parameters for the flooring.

Test and experimentation samples

Before purchase, you must test some samples by standing on granite tiles, rubbing with a hard object, understanding patterns in the presence of family members. Also, place samples of granite tiles at home and check these withstand the test of time and are environment-friendly.

Take professionals to help

The professionals can help you in selecting the granite floor tiles.

Granite Floor Tiles Design Collection

A few collections of granite floor tiles design are as below:
Baltic Brown granite: a blend of browns and black with small flecks of lighter gray and tans, mostly black granite with small gold or white flecks, is available in tiles suitable for both interior and exterior projects recommended for flooring of bathrooms, kitchen, etc.
Blue Pearl granite: is from Norway features shades of blues, grays, and beige and an excellent choice for both commercial and residential projects including floors used specifically to highlight the flooring.
Giallo Veneziano granite is from Brazil with a rich golden background and black and gray veins, recommended for commercial and residential projects including floorings.
Impala Black granite: is from South Africa features shades of dark grays and blacks with low variation in pattern recommended for use indoors and outdoors for a variety of projects including flooring and landscaping project.
Tan Brown granite: features dark brown, black and grey flecks suitable in a variety of interior and exterior projects including floors and other architectural features.
Verde Butterfly Granite: is an exquisite blend of greens, grays, and whites with darker black veins ideal for kitchen and bathroom flooring for both commercial and residential applications including exterior projects.

Granite Floor Tiles Installation

Prepare sub-surface before laying granite floor tile by removing any old tiling, paint, residue, adhesives, or sand down old wood floors & patch up any scratches or hole and ensure it is free of any debris. Start laying down tiles from a corner with the plastic spacers. At the end of the floor, cut the tiles on the wet saw. Then lay the cut-piece. Mix the workable mortar as per specifications, lay down an even thin layer over the surface. Lay down a backer board on horizontal surfaces like floors and counters and screw down tightly which will give your granite flooring a hard, stable platform. Apply the mortar for the tile installations covering small areas at a time at a consistent depth and level. Start laying tiles starting from the corner and curing may commence after the initial setting period. Force the grout (matching the color of tiles) into space between tiles as you remove the spacers and allow it to cure for 72 hours. Also, seal the tiles with grout sealer.

Best Granite floor tiles Contractor

Westside Tile and Stone, a CTEF Certified Installer (CTI), is the best-experienced granite floor tiles contractor knowing skills meeting with industry standards and best practices. We have trained masons who possess in-depth knowledge of laying of granite tile flooring, in grade and levels, proper grouting, seal materials to match the color of tiles and proper curing skills for all types of residential and commercial installation.

Contact us today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or visit our tile store and explore the fascinating collection of granite floor tiles. We work with the residents of Agoura Hills, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Calabasas, Encino, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, Malibu, Northridge, Pacific Palisades, Pasdena, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, West Hills, West Hollywood and the bordering neighborhoods in Southern California.

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