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5 Darling Tile Ideas to Remodel Your Kitchen

Darling Tile Ideas to Remodel Your Kitchen

Almost all American homeowners have plans to renovate and update their homes, starting with the kitchen. Transforming a kitchen can be done easily and quickly by starting with a tile kitchen backsplash. The only tricky part of that is choosing which tile! That is the place that can give a kitchen that WOW factor.

With all of the tile options available today, the choice can be hard, but with this article, we have provided ideas and information to make it easier. If you’re looking for modern and sleek, or bold and geometric, or chic and classic, there is a tile kitchen backsplash design that will blend, create, or add pop to your renovated kitchen.

1The Modern Farmhouse

Chip and Joanna had our attention when they used subway tile in the kitchen, and that Modern Farmhouse look. Every kitchen in every house that the looks just never tires. The mixture of classic with modern with industrial all comes together for the perfect backdrop of the family kitchen. It is clean and crisp. It isn’t anything fancy, just comfortable, natural, and practical. From cooking a holiday meal to doing homework or family game night, the tile choices for a modern farmhouse keep your kitchen cozy and down-to-earth.

The contrast of fresh white and matte black isa big part of this kitchen and paired with rustic wood, brushed brass, and open shelves, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Large pendant lighting over the breakfast bar and cook island with a white apron farm sink make this kitchen not feel like a kitchen.

The Modern Farmhouse Tile Ideas

2Moody Blues

Blue skies and blue seas are the inspiration that artists dream of having. Moody blues dominate industries because it is the color of calm and soothing. A frosty ice blue or a dark deep midnight blue, it is a color of nature,and kitchen backsplash tiles in these hues can create a kitchen that is warm and welcoming. A kitchen where you settle your hunger and relax as the colors of Mother Nature surrounds you. Pair a blue marble tile backsplash with bold blue cabinetry and slate gray kitchen countertops. With oak plank kitchen floor tile, this kitchen is one of comfort for the body and the soul.

Moody Blues Tile Ideas

3Worry Proof Wonders

With all the worries we have in life, the kitchen should be the place that puts those all to rest. Worry-proof Wonders is 100% waterproof porcelain tile, and when paired with a Premium Natural Quartz ckitchen countertops, the stress of having a beautiful, easy-to-maintain kitchen is eased. Adurable surface that is low-maintenance and yet makes your kitchen look like a dream come true. The scratches and stains, the damages, and dents are all a thing of the past with this backsplash tile. Piece it together with countertops and kitchen floor tile that work as hard, and your kitchen will no longer be a place where you work, but a place where you create.

Worry Proof Wonders Tile Ideas

4Sun Washed Chic

Pale whites and golds matched with earth tones will give your kitchen that California aesthetic, laid-back, soft, and warm kitchen. Lighter colors make a kitchen look expansive, and with sun-washed hues of Scandinavian designed tiles, the airy and bright look will make your renovated kitchen pop and welcoming.

Add cabinetry of natural tone woods and kitchen floor tile of hardwood-inspired tile, keeping the walls white and the kitchen countertops ina gold undertone for the warmth every kitchen should offer. The Sun-Washed Chic look is clean and practical, a low-maintenance that goes from a family meal to entertaining guests with ease.

Sun Washed Chic Tile Ideas

5Marine Inspired

Whether you live close to the beach or not, with the Marine Inspired line of tiles, you can bring the beach and the beautiful turquoise ocean colors to your kitchen. The Azul Scallop porcelain tile speaks volumes of ocean beauty with a fish scale look and a blue hue that is the eye-catching WOW factor you desire.

Pair this beautiful tile with cabinetry in gray and white, and the backsplash will be the pop that every kitchen should have. Cabinetry in natural wood surrounding white kitchen countertops will make this kitchen look clean all the time.

Marine Inspired Tile Ideas

Remodel Your Kitchen With Inspiring Kitchen Tiles At Westside Tile & Stone

The kitchen’s impact comes from the tile kitchen backsplash. The tile kitchen backsplash is asignificant impact and what stems from the rest of the overall design. When paired with the right wall tile, your kitchen can’t help but come to life and welcome everyone to come in.

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