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Saltillo Tile

Saltillo Tile Octagon

Saltillo Tile Octagon

Saltillo Tile & Terra Cotta

With many homes around Southern California boasting a Mediterranean feel, many of our customers request Saltillo Tile, Terra Cotta, and Decorative inserts such as Mexican Talavera Deco’s to be put in their homes. The Spanish Villas in Southern California are predominantly installed with the traditional Saltillo Tile or in some cases even Terra Cotta’s. The biggest difference between a Saltillo tile versus a Terra Cotta tile is the make-up of the material. Saltillo Tiles are made up primarily of Silica Sand. Its color can vary widely depending on the amount of mineral and metal particles that are found within the clay and sand. The color variation of Saltillo’s is extremely wide with ranges from orange, orangish-red, to brownish orange color hues, and even yellowish tones. Terra Cotta Tile is refined clay that has been partially dried and cast, molded, or hand-worked into a desired shape. Since Saltillo Tile and Terra Cotta tiles have no glaze on the surface of the tile, it creates a highly porous and delicate material. Saltillo Tiles and Terra Cotta are quite prone to staining and water ingress and therefore should be sealed for protection.

Saltillo Tile Sealer

The breathability, look, and slip resistance of a Saltillo Tile or Terra Cotta is hard to maintain. It is extremely important to use a high quality invisible impregnating sealer. Throughout the years we have experimented with several sealers and concluded Dry-Treat products are the best. They are safe and suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces in commercial and residential surfaces. The Saltillo Tile Sealer that is recommended from Dry-Treat is Meta-Crème or Stain-Proof Original. Because their permanent and invisible formula offers a fifteen year warranty against oil based stains when performed by an accredited Dry-Treat applicator. Since many customers choose to install Saltillo Tile and Terra Cotta tile on their kitchen floors. It is extremely important to use the appropriate sealer in order to maintain the look and quality of your tile. The kitchen is one of the more trafficked rooms in a household. So, the wear-and-tear of a porous material such as a Mexican Saltillo Tile will eventually show on the material. Many of our customers love the way a Saltillo and Terra Cotta looks and feels over time since it develops a slight patina on the surface. The ability to include Talavera Tile and Talavera Tile Designs as decorative inserts is one of the reasons why Spanish Homes and their distinctive look are very popular within our region. Mexican Talavera Tile adds an influx of color and decoration when being blended with a Saltillo or Terra Cotta. Talavera Tiles are used very often as decorative inserts on floors, or around exterior fountains. Certain Talavera tiles with a porcelain body can also be installed as a decorative tile or accent on a pool water-line. The beautiful range of colors and designs set Talavera Tiles apart from other decorative tiles that are on the market today.

Saltillo Hexagon Tile

Saltillo Hexagon Tile

Saltillo Tile Maintenance

One of the biggest factors to consider when installing Saltillo Tiles is the maintenance. It is required to uphold such a porous and soft material. It is dually important that prior to sealing your material to make sure that the surface is free of wax or any topical coatings. Saltillo Tiles that are sealed with any dirt or markings on their surface are impossible to be brought back to a clean and stain-free surface. A PH Neutral cleaner should always be used when maintaining and cleaning your Saltillo Tile and Terra Cotta Tile. The purpose is to prevent any staining and residual effects some acidic cleaners may have. We at Westside Tile & Stone, Inc. are always making sure that our customers are properly informed. They will know the positives and negatives of putting certain materials in particular environments and their residual effects over time. Installing Saltillo Tile floors in a high trafficked room like kitchen will speed up the wear and tear on materials. And it cannot be avoided. Sealing the Saltillo Tiles with the proper sealer is extremely important to protect the stone due to its high porosity. For example, the Dry-Treat Meta-Crème and Stain-Proof Original. The patina or sheen that develops on Saltillo Tiles and Terra Cotta’s are normal wear-and-tear. It is considered to some as an improvement in the overall look of the materials. It is very important to be aware that since Mexican Saltillo Tiles and Terra Cotta Stones are such porous and soft materials, they will etch very easily over time and cannot be restored fully to its original look.

Saltillo Tile Installation

Saltillo Tile in Los Angeles is always a popular choice of material to install in a Spanish themed home. The majority of Saltillo and Terra Cotta installations take part in kitchens, exterior patios, and even stair-cases. Saltillo and Terra Cotta tiles are available in a wide range of sizes such as Hexagon, Octagons, and rectangles. They can be used to create numerous patterns. As you will see in the pictures below many Saltillo and Terra Cotta installations are done with Rectangular shaped tiles. And then people installed them either in an off-set pattern or herringbone pattern. The ability to mix and match the different sizes and create different patterns is a huge benefit for the consumer. Because they have the ability to choose a size that fits their style and unique features of their home. One of my favorite sizes in a Saltillo Tile and Terra Cotta tile is the 8”x16” rectangle. They can create a herringbone pattern on the floor. As you can see in a couple of the pictures below, several installations used the herringbone pattern on a kitchen backsplash and floor which turned out absolutely stunning.

Please make sure to stop by our Award Winning Showrooms to pick out your next Saltillo Tile Floors and Saltillo Tile Sealer. We carry a large array of Mexican Talavera Designs in stock at our Canoga Park location in several popular sizes. Mexican Talavera tiles are very popular decorative items. They are used as accents when installing Terra Cotta tile or Saltillo Tile Floors. Stop by today or give us a call if you have any questions in regards to Saltillo Tile prices, Saltillo Tile Sealer. Or just basic information on recommended Saltillo Tile cleaner and how to properly apply it on your material.

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