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Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tiles can set the tone for the whole space. A dynamic flooring pattern or a deep wall color can make the difference as you remodel your bathroom. Details around accent items like cabinets, sinks or faucets can help give that special touch that makes bathrooms stand out from the rest. Tile is a premium product and as such represents an impressive upgrade over any other floor. As the bathroom needs a water resistance floor so tile is the perfect option for the bathroom in homes or in commercial spaces. Generally ceramic tiles are used in bathrooms as it is anti-bacterial in nature, one can choose also any of the vast options in tiles available at our showroom. Not only is tile easy to maintain, but it also adds considerable value to your home, while beautifying it as well. Our inspiring Bathroom Tile Designs Gallery is comprised with beautiful bathroom schemes in each style and budget to get a sense of what you desire for.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


A shower is the one area which should be the most intimate and relaxing area of your home. Westside Tile & Stone Inc. offers a variety of tile ideas for your shower designs. If you like a bright and spacious bathroom with an airy feeling, then walk in shower is the perfect thing what you need and with the help of a lot of inspiring ideas for glass tiles we provide, you can give a neutral and bright look to your bathroom. Also, you will find a lot of variations in modern porcelain tile, Handmade tile shower, slate tile and many more at our showroom to make your shower look more eye-catching.


When it comes to the floor area of a shower, our showroom provides array of designs and patterns in ceramic, travertine stone and glass tiles as these are the best option for floor tiles because of waterproof in nature. You need to give back wall of your shower a unique style to make your complete bathroom attractive, for which you can create a mosaic tile pattern in shower back wall or a marble tile and many more ideas. Beside this, you will find a lot of shower tile ideas at our showroom while taking care of all issues with shower area in mind like drainage, plumbing, and fitting of bathroom accessories.

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Modern Bathtub Tile Ideas


Designing a new Bathtub with a high-quality tile material become an easy task with our expert ideas and advice. Our design gallery offers lot of variations in tile and stone for Bathtub designs in different shapes, styles and materials and consequently in every budget. As Freestanding baths are popular in trend these days, you will find here different tile materials having different benefits for your bathtub.


Acrylic tile, porcelain mosaic tile and travertine tile are the best option as these are warm to the touch, have durability and cost-effective in nature as well as come in every style and shape for your every need and can be repaired quite easily. With the help of the design experts at Westside Tile & Stone, you can custom design your Bathtub surrounding wall that fits your specific needs.

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Bathroom Tile Trends and Ideas

The only disadvantage is the cold feel. Nobody likes to walk on a cold floor in the morning. Have you ever considered heated tiles? It’s just one solution our design experts can discuss with you. Contact us today for more information on how we can help transform your bathroom ideas into the reality. From modern bathroom tile designs to bathroom color schemes solution, we’re available here to help you create a perfect bathroom in the heart of your home.

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