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The Schluter-TREP-FL is a decorative stainless steel stair-nosing that has a protruding rounded edge that is meant to be integrated into stairs that are covered with stone or tile. The stainless steel profile is meant to protect the front edge of the stairs and also add a degree of safety by improving the overall visibility of the stair edges. The Schluter-TREP-FL has a wide range of uses including residential areas that are subjects to light foot traffic to heavily trafficked areas such as office or public buildings. One of the great benefits of this profile is that there are matching end-caps that are available.


The installation of the Schluter-TREP-FL should start with picking the correct profile depending on the thickness of the tile that is to be used. For a more in depth look at the installation methods and guidelines on how to install the Schluter-TREP-FL please visit


The Schluter-TREP-FL is available in two finishes, brushed stainless steel and stainless steel. In certain cases, the suitability of this profile should be verified based on any anticipated chemical, mechanical, or any other stresses. The Schluter-TREP-FL in the stainless finish is roll formed using 304 stainless steel. The profile is created to sustain high mechanical stresses and is especially well suited for any applications that may require resistance against chemicals and acids. The Schluter-TREP-FL is perfect for the food industry, public swimming pools and hospitals, along with all residential applications.


The Schluter-TREP-FL is a maintenance free profile and requires no special upkeep and is resistant to fungi and mold. The profile can be cleaned using common household cleaning agents. If the stainless steel surface is exposed to an aggressive substance it should be cleaned periodically using a mild household cleaner. The proper cleaning agent should be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid in order for it to be effective on this type of material. The regular cleaner will reduce the risk of corrosion and keep the neat appearance of the stainless steel

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