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2020 Tile Trends For Your Home Or Building

The Future Of Tile

With the New Year just around the corner, you might already be planning your next remodel or new construction. Breathing new life into your interior spaces is an opportunity to opt for cutting edge functional designs when it comes to flooring, walls, and countertops. At Westside Tile, we provide impeccable tile solutions that are equal parts stylish and functional. From classic to modern and contemporary, we have the upscale tile trends that will fit your design scheme.

To learn more about the latest and greatest tile trends for the upcoming year, keep reading this blog compiled by our tile specialists. Ready to shop for your new luxury tile. Click here.

Get Inspired With These 2020 Tile Trends

When imagining your new dream homescape, what does the tile look like? If you’re drawing a blank or want to try something new, check out the following 2020 tile trends to get ideas for your flooring, countertops, walls, or even backsplashes!

1Go Green

As we all individually and collectively continue to battle climate change this upcoming year in 2020, floral-inspired tile will remind us to prioritize Mother Earth. Many new tile collections from this season incorporate vines, fronds, flowers and other foliage in earthy and vibrant colors alike.

Latest Green Tiles Trend 2020

2Speckle Your Style

From terrazzo to larger, erratic patterns and even geometric speckles, this current trend of speckled porcelain tile is inspired by postmodern art, fusing nature and technology for 21st-century sensibility and style.

Speckled Tiles Trend 2020

3Emulate Rare + Precious Stones

Nowadays, tile technology has reached a level of sophistication in which the majority of manufacturers can now produce a tile that mirrors the iridescent quality of precious stones. Furthermore, this style and technique are environmentally sustainable by giving homeowners and builders the aesthetic value of these natural resources without actually mining them from the earth. Already, many interior spaces incorporate these precious stone tiles in master bedroom showers and accent walls throughout living rooms and areas.

Precious Stones Tiles Trend 2020

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4Add Three-Dimensional Flair

Available in countless designs such as classic patterns and/or modern waves or ridges, 3D tile gives homeowners and builders the opportunity to add visual depth and interest within monochrome color schemes.

Three-Dimensional Tiles Trend 2020

5Pair Timeless Colors

Believe it or not, the new ‘in’ colors in tile design is sage green and warm terracotta tiles in Orange, used separately and together. These colors work well with retro-modern geometric designs as well as 3D tile, so homeowners can get the best of both worlds–the past and the future.

2020 Tile Trends Geometric Pattern

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6Mix Unexpected Materials

Although this trend is not exactly new, manufacturers are finally catching up by providing more options when it comes to the tile that looks like other materials such as wood or concrete. Newer tile designs even blend wood and fabric or marble tiles and terrazzo! The beauty of this trend is that it provides a fresh take on an interior space without dating it.

2020 Tiles Trend Mixed Materials

7Play With Psychedelic Patterns

Many ceramic tiles now sport designs that pay homage to the 60’s and 70’s psychedelic culture with fun geometrics, surreal patterns, and bright colors. Give your contemporary space a splash of nostalgia with this groovy tile trend?

Ceramic Tiles Trend 2020

Do you still have questions about current and upcoming tile trends for your interior space(s) in 2020? Feel free to visit any of our showrooms to peruse our selection of tiles or contact us with any direct inquiries by calling 818.704.9222 (Canoga Park) or 310.276.9222 (Beverly Hills).


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