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Tile Application – Concrete Tile Applications

Tiles can add stunning aesthetic to a place regardless of being residential or commercial. With easier maintenance and durability, tile floors and other applications are quite common nowadays. In the following post, we specifically discuss concrete tile floors and other applications like kitchen countertops, backsplash and fireplaces.


Why Choose Concrete Tile Applications?

Concrete tile applications are fairly becoming more common due to their many user-friendly features. These tiles offer more versatility due to the beautiful cuts and imprinted patterns. A wide range of colors is also available.

Multiple Concrete Tile Applications

Concrete tiles can be used for multiple purposes with a vast amount of benefits.

Concrete Tile Application for Residential Outdoors

Whether you are looking to enhance your patio, fireplace or pool deck, concrete floors are the perfect options. With their wide range of colors and cuts, the customer can create an aesthetic of their choice. Whether you are building or remodeling, it is quite easy to find designs that match your taste or existing theme.

Concrete Tile Application for Residential Indoors

Residential indoors include varying locations where you can apply the concrete tiles. From your bedroom to kitchen floor, concrete tile application can be used. Concrete tiles are also a good option for kitchen countertops and backsplashes. With the versatility or design available with concrete tiles, you can choose the style of each room according to your preferences.

Concrete Tile Application for Commercial Purposes

The benefits of concrete tiles are well-known to the commercial sector as well. Concrete floors are quite common in cafés restaurants and resorts. The reason is that they can be easily installed to match varying commercial design themes, are durable and easier to maintain in an area that requires frequent cleaning.

Concrete Tile Features

Concrete floors are not just available in a wide range of designs but have multiple more benefits that make their use so common for varying purposes:

Slip Resistance

Floor tile is often regarded with apprehension given the slippery aspect. However, a concrete tile is manufactured using materials that create a resistance for slipping. Therefore, a concrete tile floor is safe for installation.

Easier Maintenance

Maintenance may depend on where the concrete tiles have been installed but are fairly easier. A floor tile may become prone to ducts and grime. However, with regular cleaning, it is quite easy to maintain the appearance and durability of concrete tile floors. It is recommended to use clean water and microfiber mops to manage the cleaning. You may also mix neutral cleaners with water for more effectiveness.

Environmental Friendly

You can carry on with your passion for green living installing concrete floors. Whether they are installed in outdoors or indoors, they are quite energy efficient and improve the quality of air. With concrete floors, you will have no need to add any further coverage like carpets or rugs either.


A concrete tile is a mixture of cement and other aggregates. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance steps, a concrete floor can last longer than other options. This helps you save money in the long run. For maintaining the durability of the concrete floor tile, you may have to invest in resealing at some point.

Westside Tile and Stone

Westside Tile and Stone offer quality concrete tile application in the Southern California including Los Angeles. The company offers a wide variety of designs and colors to suit floor tile applications for residential, commercial and outdoor purposes. Available at market competitive prices, Westside Tile and Stone ensures that you can install the best quality floor tile that offers an intelligent combination of beauty, functionality and durability.

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