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Concrete Tiles

concrete tile

Concrete Tile Design

Concrete tiles are best known for their unmatched durability that has been used in houses and buildings since the end of the 19th century. The mixture of cement, sand, and water and their preparation in a specific pressure makes them extremely long lasting. Since concrete tiles have color inlaid in them, they are called encaustic concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are pretty versatile. From homes to offices to dams, they work everywhere due to their strength. They come in the incredible amount of colors, designs, and patterns. You can choose the perfect one according to the requirement of your surroundings. You can find concrete tiles in any color or pattern in our tile store.

Cement tile and Concrete Tile

Many believe that concrete tiles are simply made of cement. However, they are a mixture of multiple ingredients. While the main binding agent is cement, it also includes sand and rocks or crushed stone of different kinds. Different kinds of concrete tiles use different amounts of cement proportion. A right percentage of Portland cement comprises from 10 to 15 percent alkalis, sulfates, and chlorides are what make up the best concrete tiles. Through a process called hydration, a hardening process of cement and water to make concrete gets stronger and continues for years. The strong concrete tiles look like plastic when they are freshly made. However, once they set, they are the hardest and strongest material you’ll ever find.

Why Choose Cement Tiles

It is due to the long list of Benefits of Concrete Tiles, that these tiles have been becoming a popular option for builders. With all these benefits below, it’s hard to say no to concrete tiles.

Firstly, Concrete and Cement Tiles are super versatile and strong. This alone makes them a great choice.
Concrete Tile is allergy free. Some floors have the tendency to provide breeding grounds for pests and germs. Concrete will never let that happen. For this very reason, it is impossible for concrete tiles to have mold growth.
Concrete Tile comes in the countless number of colors, designs, and patterns like hexagon floor tile, diamond shaped tile pattern, etc. which makes each design as unique in its own style.
Concrete and Cement tiles are admired for their crack resistance nature. They are also water-resistant in nature and gives a waterproof finish on the floor.
These tiles do not emit volatile organic compounds which makes them just more environmentally friendly.

Concrete Tile Applications

As mentioned before, cement tile, or encaustic concrete tiles, have multiple uses. There is vast cement tile applications means it can be used anywhere in your home or even inside commercial buildings. When it comes to remodeling your home, you could get concrete tiles on floors and walls of any section of the home. The cement floor tiles add a modern touch to the house if used on the floors. They can also be installed outdoors too, in your garage or on the pavement of your garden. You can immensely improve the appearance of your outdoor patios with concrete tile floors. All these purposes can be fulfilled in commercial buildings as well. The long-lasting factor of cement tiles makes it the best option for commercial use. Let’s go with the unlimited benefits of Patterned Concrete Tiles and transform any section of your home into your dream space, such as these:

Residential Purpose

Commercial Purpose

  • Bars, Cafe & Restaurants floors and Walls
  • Hotels and Resort floors and walls
  • Retail and Office floors and walls
  • Spa floor and walls
  • Entryways or Walkways

Concrete Look Tile

Concrete tiles come in various styles. You can definitely find some concrete look tiles that match your vibe. For instance,

If you want a chic and classy look, you have the polished concrete look tile. It has a smooth effect with a subtle concrete pattern.
Concrete look floor tiles are perfect if you want something strong and simple. They will also be easy to clean.
Then there are the concrete look porcelain tiles. Once again, these are among the simpler options and offer consistent color and provide durability for the life of the project.
If you want a more designed pattern, go for the concrete look subway tiles.
You can find all these and many more designs in concrete look tiles in our Concrete Tile Store.

Concrete Tile Design Ideas/Galleries


Concrete Tile Pictures Gallery and Design Ideas

View Concrete tile Pictures and design patterns. Concrete tile is very usable tile for Concrete Countertops & Concrete tile flooring.

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Choose our Cement Tile Shop

If the question in your mind now is, which is the best tile store near me, we have an answer to that, too. Choose Westside Tile and Stone as your concrete tile store. We have been concrete tile contractors for a long period now. Our experience has helped us get hold of the best encaustic concrete tiles in countless patterns and designs. Shop a huge variety of concrete tiles at our showroom that offers the utmost quality cement tiles at very reasonable rates.
Choose our available cement tiles in stock with a wide range of patterns and any sizes for immediately shipping right away and for the best tile experience!

Our Concrete Tile Collection

Our concrete tile store offers cement tiles for every purpose. You can visit our showroom for viewing the entire collection. Some of our top collection pieces of concrete tiles include :

  • Rustico Tile Collection: It is a handmade rustic style concrete tile. It goes with the shades of grays and blues to maintain its rustic vibe.
  • Arabesque concrete tile Pattern: It is a Moroccan style pattern. The gray-toned tile pays tribute to the Spanish and Moorish people. It is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and for outdoor purposes.
  • Encaustic Cement Tile: The basic encaustic concrete tiles are available in many modern patterns as well. You can get a chevron, a geometric pattern or something abstract as well.

Concrete Tile Design Ideas

Concrete Floor Tile Ideas

The tone of the tiles depends on the aesthetic you want. If you want something rustic, go for dark floors. For that gray toned cement tiles will look great. You can get polished concrete tiles for a smooth finish on the floor and for easy cleaning as well. It is also the better option for commercial purposes. Lighter tones are better if you want a bright home.

Concrete Wall Tile Ideas

You can get adventurous here. Go for subway concrete look tiles. Rustic patterns will also look great. Go for mosaic style tiles. It will add an interesting feature to the wall which will make your entire room look modern. The tones can vary from browns to grays or even black. Darker colors will be better for the walls.

Cement and Concrete tile Installation: Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to concrete tile installation, keep in mind the following tips to ensure perfect tile installation:
First of all, if your tiles are light colored, use a white colored setting material. Similarly, use a darker setter for darker tiles. Install the tiles by following the instructions. Use a wet saw if you need to cut the tiles. Once the tiles are set, clean them with a mop or cloth after 48 hours to get rid of any excessive grout. Make sure you seal your tiles in place with a sealer. In case of cracks, use a concrete patch material that you can find in the stores easily. Fill in the cracks and then, seal them in place.

Best Concrete Tile Store Near Me

With countless design options ranging from simple tones and curves to vibrant tones and bold designs, concrete and cement tiles from Westside Tile & Stone, Inc. provide an affordable tile flooring and design options, combinations, layouts, and applications. Since we are professional concrete tile contractors in greater Los Angeles area, we can offer you the best deals and varieties.

Contact us today to find out more information about concrete tiles or visit our tile store and choose the patterns, sizes, and colors you like best or to create your own custom design with our design experts help.

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