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No doubt, making your interiors appealing, exquisite and beautiful with gorgeous tile fittings is mandatory, but at the same time, exteriors also need proper care, designs, and patterns to glow. It is necessary to give your landscaping area, open terrace, and outer courtyard well-designed look with the help of amazing exterior tiles collection and patterns.
Just like for interiors there comes a bundle of tiles options available for exteriors in an exotic array of colors, styles, materials, and textures. Outdoor tiles need to be strong enough and durable to withstand the elements and can bear the hardness of weathers. Means, these should be strong enough to withstand whether it is storm, heavy rain or snow.

There are many benefits of using outdoor tiles such as these provide your space with attractiveness and functionality. However, you need to bit careful while choosing the right material for your exterior tiles. Keep it in mind these tiles must have an inherent quality, attraction, and durability. So, if you are not sure where to find the right choice, then all you need is to visit our tile store. We have a range of outdoor tiles available at our shelves in all variety of patterns, materials, colors, and designs. We sell beautiful tiles in whole Los Angeles County and its surrounding areas. So, whether you need classic style or vintage, we have everything for everyone at affordable prices.

Outdoor Tile Materials

While talking about the material options for outdoor tiles, then there are endless options available to choose among the best and the trendiest. Each type differs in characteristics, and may only work at certain places according to requirements. Thus, it becomes tough for one to choose the best. Well, you don’t need to worry as we have vast ranges of tiles and we make sure to select only the best that you deserve and can state the requirements of your outdoor areas. We have the top tile materials and only provide the top-class products.

The outdoor tiles should be capable enough to bear the toughness. This means they should withstand extreme heat, snow, and heavy rain. However, all of these depends on where you use them. Every client has different preferences, needs, spaces, and budget requirements. Many other customers demand something attractive and functional at the same time.

There are numerous types of great outdoor tiles which include, Porcelain, Ceramic, Concrete, Saltillo, Natural Stone, etc. All have their characteristics and have their beauty and glow for specific areas. It is very much essential to know what material is best for what area. So, don’t worry if you are not an expert in this task as our team of experts knows how to choose the right kind of material according to your preferences and taste keeping your budget in mind.

Outdoor Patio Tiles Materials

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a choice that offers you a lot of options and versatility. These are considered as the best well-suited tiles for outdoors. Porcelain tiles are no doubt best-regarding durability as it is manufactured in extremely high temperature which makes them stronger and denser than other materials. Along with that, due to their property that they won’t strain and have low water absorption rate, these are considered as the best waterproof tiles. This is one of the reasons why people like to install these outdoor floors and walls.

Moreover, Porcelain tiles are resistant to freezing temperature, and so it is the best option for those areas where the temperature remains cold. Since porcelain is well-absorbent for dye, so it looks more real and can save much cost. Additionally, it is a good idea if someone can’t afford natural material and looking for something less pricey, low-maintenance and sturdy at the same time.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of styles, designs, colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. However, when it comes to outdoor tiles, then these perform well more than you think. If you have decided to use them on the floor, then it is essential to not use where people tend to stand for long periods of time. But if you have chosen it for the outdoor floor, then make sure these are sealed to prevent staining. However, these tiles can be installed to add a splash of colors to the floor. However, our collection of ceramic tiles are the perfect choice for the outdoor spaces.

Concrete Tiles

It is essential to bring the exteriors at par with the beautiful interiors to complete the overall appealing look of your home, To have decorated outdoor is of great importance if you are frequently hosting parties in the backyard, patios, and in the front yard. You can immensely enhance the overall look of flooring with beautiful concrete tiles. No doubt these tiles look super exotic in outdoor flooring as these come in various styles, color palettes, and patterns. But make sure you are well aware of the maintenance tips as these are difficult to maintain, especially if you are using them for outdoor spaces.

Saltillo Tiles

Saltillo tiles are one of the great options for outdoor spaces. These look incredibly versatile and durable to install. As these tiles are handmade, so no two of the living spaces can be exactly alike. These are considered as one of the best and durable tiles for outdoors and easy to clean.

These super-beautiful tiles can easily blend nature with home living. However, the striking colors of these tiles go hand in hand with greenery around the patio, courtyard, and porch. You can have a range of colors, sizes, and shades available with endless possibilities.

Natural Stone

Natural stone floors are undeniably the most striking material that you can have indoors. So, if you are planning to have the best natural look, durable tiles and enduring solution, then stone flooring is the best and excellent option.
The reason to choose stone tiles is these don’t limit their refinement to a specific period, with the help of proper up keeping, these can stand for more than 30 years. As we all know the outdoor environments are super harsh and floors can get exposed to extreme winds, and sunlight. However, most of the flooring options could withstand, but stone flooring being as natural material repel all these changes. Well, these are expensive but comparatively, offer an excellent choice.


When it comes to choosing the right outdoor patio tiles, then you have a lot of options available to select the best. However, it is essential to select the right type of tiles which can perfectly complement your outdoor areas.

  • The Outdoor Patio Tiles are easy to install and can remain with you for years. But here are few things you need to consider while choosing the right option. Such as:
  • The outdoor tiles should be durable enough to bear the hardness of weathers.
  • The tiles should provide porosity and while at the same time should not be slippery

What are the types of Outdoor Patio Tiles?

Here comes a variety of options available when it comes to outdoor patio tiles. Such as:

Granite :

You can have a variety of color patterns, and designs available for granite tiles. These tiles are strong enough, durable and resistant to severe temperatures.

Marble :

Marble is one of the second hardest stones and the most durable and less porous. You can have them in various patterns, forms, and colors but these need to be sealed. You can have white to black and much more patterns with polished finishes.

Slate :

This material is softer but durable at the same time. In comparison to granite and marble, then the slate tile is more delicate and comes in a variety of color variations, and textures. You can have grey, orange, brown, and green colors.

Limestone :

Limestone tile is famous for its light-colored appearance and is very porous, so there is always a need for sealing for protection. Similarly, you can have a bundle of color patterns available to choose the best suited.


Just like Limestone, Travertine tile is also porous and visible pitted, so you must have sealed tiles. You can have ranges of vibrant colors from white to deep brown, and the list goes on.

Benefits of Outdoor Tiles

No doubt, outdoor tiles are one of the hottest topics nowadays, and surely there is a reason for this. So, let’s find out why people are more tend to have beautiful installed outdoor tiles.

o Strong :

The outdoor patio tiles provide you toughness, durability, and thickness of the same standards of indoor tiles.

o Stain Resistant:

The outdoor tiles that we sell such as porcelain are non-porous and offer you great strain resistant for a vibrant outdoor look.

o Frost Proof :

The tiles at our showroom guarantee you 100% frost proof as these have low absorption rate.

o Calibrated and Rectified:

The best thing about our tiles are these are amazingly rectified which offer even edges and help in creating narrow grout joints for a clean and modern look.

o Scratch Resistant :

The material that we use to manufacture tiles is less exposed to scratches. So, you can fully trust us.

o High Load bearing capacity:

For patios, it is essential to withstand heavy foot traffic and weather conditions. So, we make sure to manufacture such tiles that can offer you high load-bearing capacity.

o Resistant to Mould :

Most of the materials can easily be affected by mold, especially in winters. However, this is not the case with our porcelain tiles. These are resistant to moss and can easily be cleaned out.

o Can be cut :

The tiles that we provide can easily be cut off into different shapes, and a range of profiling options are also available.

o Anti-Slip:

All kinds of tiles that we provide are slip resistant and offer excellent protection. We can use these tiles on patios, steps, and terraces, etc.

o An array of designs :

Our showroom has a vast range of tiles and so are varied in sizes, colors, styles, and material. We have best quality porcelain tiles that are easier to clean and maintain.

Characteristics to Look for in Outdoor Patio Tile

There are following features that you should look for in Outdoor Patio Tiles, and these are:

Durability :

You need to make sure whatever type you choose; it should stand up to the elements. You can have a huge variety of tiles like slates, ceramic, and porcelain and solid stones like marble, limestone, etc.

Should not absorb much water :

The tiles should not absorb much water and should be able to withstand extreme changes in temperature. While talking about low water absorption, then Porcelain is a perfect choice.

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