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Today, homes are using glass tiles everywhere. This cost-effective design element is popular for backsplashes in the kitchen to the shower surrounds in the master bath and places that you may not have thought about. With the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, where you once would have found porous ceramic, the non-porous glass tile has taken over. They are durable and resist anything that a bathroom or kitchen has to give. Including bacteria, mildew,
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Classic and versatile, subway tile remains relevant today over a century since its debut in the New York subway system. These tiles have been featured in residential and commercial properties for years besides being upgraded to meet the current market’s style sensibility. Today subway tiles exist in hundreds of choices in all colors, sizes, textures, and shapes. Undoubtedly, choosing from these options can be daunting. You do not have to worry anymore. This guide has
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Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, or floor covering, ceramic tiles make an ideal choice for their high water resistance, simplicity, and superior durability. Many people opt for ceramic tiles for their flooring because of the glaze and beauty they add to the interior. Plus, solid colors and unique simulations of natural stone make it the top choice for countertops. Interestingly, the installing ceramic floor tiles also qualify for a DIY that, as a homeowner,
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For The Love Of Granite Tile Many can agree that nothing beats the classic look and natural sheen of granite tile. Whether you are contemplating granite floors, countertops, walls, and/or backsplashes for your interior space(s), the choice is smart from a stylistic and functional perspective. At Westside Tile, we provide upscale tile and natural stone solutions for property owners and builders just like you. Would you like to learn more about the amazing benefits associated
Granite Tiles FAQs
If you are questioning about granite flooring and countertops, this FAQ will help you to clear up some of the confusion about granite. Granite tile is an excellent material for floors and your countertops for many reasons. Read all FAQs about granite tiles. What is Granite? Granite is composed of several minerals, including quartz, feldspar, and mica. These minerals composition usually gives granite a red, pink, gray, or white color with dark mineral grains visible
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Modern kitchen remodels are popularly making the use of granite as the material for kitchen countertops. Being a durable and beautiful stone that does not require heavy maintenance, granite is perfect for the many types of uses that kitchen countertops serve. Only a little care and maintenance would ensure that your granite countertops stay in good shape, which includes taking care of issues like stain removal, surface wipe-down, and sealing. The Right Procedure for Granite
Granite Floor Tiles
Granite Floor Tiles, famous for its durability and density is an adaptable and budget-friendly option for your flooring. Nature has bestowed us Granite with amazing neutral colors such as white, brown, beige and black as well as blues, reds, and greens in grain, or crystal patterns which can be dense and tight or loose and dramatic. The common finishes are polished, honed and fired. The vital aspect of the remodeling process is designing the flooring


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