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The Schluter-TREP-G is designed to not only protect tiled edges on stairs, but also offer an easily visible and slip resistant wear surface. The profile is made up of an attractive and durable stainless steel that is made with a slip-resistant tread that makes it particularly well suited for areas that are subjected to heavy foot traffic such as offices or public buildings. The surface of the Schluter-TREP-G features a self-adhesive and slip-resistant treat that features an embedded mineral grain coating. One of the great advantages of this tread is that the slip-resistant treads can be replaced in the case of damage or wear. The Schluter-TREP-G is meant to be integrated into stairs covered with natural stone or tile, as well as into a screed or surface coating. The Schluter-TREP-G has a variant which is called the Schluter-TREP-GK that has the same profile but without the anchoring leg. The Schluter-TREP-GK is meant to be adhered onto existing steps in order to retrofit them and cover damaged edges. The biggest advantage of the Schluter-TREP-GK is that it can be used over existing stairs and eliminates the need to replace the entire step.

The Schluter-TREP-G is available in both 1 3/16” and 2 5/32” widths, while the Schluter-TREP-GK is available in 1 11/32” and 2 21/64” widths. One of the great advantages of the Schluter TREP-G and TREP-GK is that there are matching end pieces available for both profiles.


The installation of the Schluter-TREP-G should first start by selecting the profile according to the thickness of the tile. The next step would be to install the riser flush with the stair tread surface so no edges are exposed. For a more detailed list of installation instructions please visit Schluter’s website on the proper installation methods for these profiles.


The Schluter-TREP-G/GK is available in a stainless steel finish along with a mineral granted coated tread. The profiles are made with roll-formed stainless steel. The profiles are meant to sustain high mechanical stresses and therefore are well suited for business such a breweries, restaurants, commercial kitchens, public swimming pools, and hospitals. The profiles have the ability to be used for exterior and interior applications. The only profile that is not meant for exterior applications is the transparent tread which has limited resistant to UV lighting and therefore is recommended for interior use only.


The Schluter-TREP-G/GK are resistant to both fungi and mold. A mild household cleaner free of hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid should be used in order to maintain the neat appearance of the stainless steel and reduce the risk of any corrosion. The stainless steel surface will develop a sheen when treated with a chrome-polishing agent. One of benefits of maintaining this profile is the ability to replace the treads in case of damage or wear.

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