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Breathtaking Small Bathroom Tile Ideas for the Love of Tile


At Westside Tile and Stone, we’ve been partnering up with homeowners, interior designers, and contractors since 2005 to create indoor spaces that utilize tile to its full potential as a functional and stylish element in residential and commercial architecture.

When it comes to refreshing the bathroom space in your home or building, tile is a go-to flooring solution and design material that helps you make the most of your space. For smaller restrooms and powder rooms, the right choice in tile can not only make these spaces more eye-catching but also more expansive.

Keep reading to gain some savvy insight and tile ideas for small bathrooms!

Where Design & Function Meet Effortlessly | Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Without further ado, our dedicated team of tile experts has compiled the best in design ideas that will transform your small bathroom into a space that is not just relaxing but also expansive and inviting. Find your tile inspiration for the bathroom of your dreams with these design tips from our very own tile specialists!

1 White Tiles for an Airy, Open Space

A timeless favorite for designers and homeowners’ alike, white surface are best known for making space feel more open. That’s why classic white subway tiles have stood the test of time and remain a wonderful design element for more airy, bright, and spacious bathrooms.
Pro Tip: White bathroom floor tiles with small black insets can effectively ground the floor space, keeping it distinct from white walls.

tiles for small bathroom walls and floors

2 Stretch Your Space with Stretch-Bond Tile Walls

Using stretch bond tilework as a design element in your small bathroom can help space avoid becoming claustrophobic as it does with a grid pattern while also visually extending the amount of wall space.

Stretch-Bond Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

3 Dive Deeper With Chevron Stripes

Similar to a diagonal pattern, chevron stripes are a type of tile pattern that can truly elongate your bathroom, ultimately adding a sense of depth to space. Eliminate any excess visual clutter by pairing subtle chevron stripes with stark white floors and fixtures.

Pro Tip: Installing a glass shower door with more dynamic tile patterns can help contribute to more open and airy space.

Chevron stripes bathroom floor tiles

4 Brighten Up Your Space with Large, Light-Colored Tiles

When redesigning or building a new bathroom, keep in mind that light-colored tiles will be better at reflecting more light, which will widen and lengthen a space while intensifying any and all-natural light. If you want to do something different from the all-white design, we recommend trying light beige tiles for a modern yet minimal appeal.

tile ideas for small bathrooms

5 Go Big With Black-And-White Floor Tile

For a bathroom that’s equal parts sophisticated and chic, black-and-white tile can add space while also making a bold statement. However, keep in mind that floor-to-ceiling tile work can make a small space feel more claustrophobic than not. That is why we recommend for black-and-white tile schemes for floors, backsplashes, or halfway up the wall.

Bathroom floor tile ideas

6Expand Your Horizons with Larger Tiles

Typically, small spaces call for small tiles. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Large tiles can actually be great for tricking the brain into thinking space is bigger than it is, depending on the shape and other design elements involved. If your bathroom incorporates unique wallpaper or decorative wainscoting, large hexagonal tiles can anchor the space and pull all of the visuals together; making it seems roomier and cozier.

small bathroom tile ideas

7When In Doubt, Go Retro: Pink Tile

Choosing pink tile for a more vintage feel makes your bathroom floor its own focal point and can lengthen the space a result.

Pro Tip: When choosing pink tile, keep the rest of the bathroom’s design elements mostly white to make it appear more roomy and spacious in spite of its small size.

bathroom wall tile ideas

8 Extend Floor Tiles into the Shower

Rather than switching the tilework and design you incorporate in the shower stall, some interior designers and homeowners will extend the same shower tiles pattern throughout the entire room. This is responsible for creating a seamless, uniform design scheme that expands the feeling and appearance of spaciousness.

Small Shower Tile Ideas

9Reach For the Sky with Mosaic Tiles & Floating Vanities

Though we’ve said that larger tiles can create the illusion of more space, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo using smaller mosaic tiles. When installed in a bathroom wall tiles, small hexagon tile work can draw the eye upward toward the ceiling, thus opening up space.

Pro Tip: Incorporating a floating vanity in a bathroom with small mosaic tiles will take up less square footage–reducing even more visual (and actual) clutter.

mosaic bathroom tile ideas

10 Make a Statement & Space with Graphic Tiles

Graphic tiles can make a bold statement, which works when used sparingly for either the floor or halfway up the bathroom wall. We recommend relegating one’s use of graphic tilework to a small scale to prevent creating disorienting visual chaos in a space that’s supposed to be calming. However, extending graphics tilework partly up the wall can elongate the space if done right.

grpahic tile ideas for small bathrooms

11A Wrinkle in Time with Marble Tile

Large marble tiles is one of the best-in small bathroom flooring ideas for making your bathroom space appears wider. Also, if you opt for bold colors in your bathroom, using large neutral tiles with narrow grout lines will enhance the floor space without detracting from the unique color scheme(s) involved.

marble tiles for small bathrooms

12 Create Dynamic Interest with Diagonal Tile

For more modern bathrooms, tiles in a diagonal herringbone pattern will naturally draw the eye to the longest part of the room and visually create more room in an otherwise cramped space. Ask us about which tilework pattern is best for your bathroom space!

Diagonal Pattern for small bathrooms

13 Contrast & Expand With Black Floor Tiles

Just as a room with highly patterned walls will call for lighter colored tilework, white walls may call for a darker floor to create visual contrast and interest. Large planks of black floor tiles would feel overwhelmingly restrictive if installed for both the bathroom walls and floors, but keeping them confined to just the floor only enhances and accentuates the lightness and airiness of the stark white walls and fixtures.

small bathroom flooring ideas

14Add Light & Space with Glossy Tiles

Although we don’t recommend installing glossy tiles for bathroom floors, they can be a great addition to the walls for reflecting even more light and creating an air of spaciousness. They are also a great option for more modern, futuristic designs.

glossy tile ideas for small bathrooms

Frequently Asked Questions | Tile Design & Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you building or renovating a smaller bathroom space? You can still incorporate savvy and latest bathroom tile trends and designs to make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our clients about how to use tile flooring and solutions in their small bathrooms.

What color of tiles will enhance the size and spaciousness of my small bathroom?

One of the easiest ways to give your room a spacious look is to create more white space in the form of white tile, white paint, a white vanity, and etc. Naturally, this reflective noncolor recedes, making your bathroom floor appear more expansive.

What size tile is best for smaller bathroom spaces?

Most interior designers will say that you shouldn’t use large tiles (like squares as big as 60 × 60 cm or 80 × 80 cm) for a small bathroom floor since they will accentuate the smallness of the space. However, using smaller tiles will create more grout lines, which might crowd your bathroom. Overall, the size of the tile you use depends on many factors throughout the entire design scheme such as color, pattern, and shape.

Will tile walls make my small bathroom appear bigger?

When using tile for your bathroom’s walls, creating a point of visual interest is key. We recommend choosing one wall, backsplash, or just half of a wall so you don’t overwhelm the small space with too much tile.

What is the best tile for shower walls?

For most bathroom spaces, installing glazed ceramic tiles and/or porcelain tiles is a great option for maximizing beauty and function. We also carry glass tiles, which enhance shower walls and require very little maintenance.

The Best-In Small Bathroom Tile Ideas & Beyond!

Do you have any additional questions about small bathroom tile work and/or bathroom tiles design ideas? Feel free to contact our friendly and professional tile experts today or visit our bathroom tile store for a free consultation. For all things tile and the love of tile, call 310.276.9222 (Beverly Hills) or 818.704.9222 (Canoga Park).


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