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Living Room Tiles

Shop Living Room Floor Tiles

Select tile flooring ideas for your living room from a vast array of styles, colors, finishes and tile designs

Classic Glazed Flooring

Premium collection of refined glossy finish that highlights the floor preciousness and brightness.

Contemporary Aesthetic Surface Living Room

Create modern and minimalist environment with uniqueness of porcelain that is luxurious and extremely durable.

Elegant Slate Pattern Tiles

Warm and Cold shades of Slate that depicts the chromatic and extensive surface for living room

Shop Living Room Wall Tiles

Choose wall tile ideas for your sleek modern living room with range of textures, finishes and patterns

Neutral Tile Accent Wall

Create modern living room features a large tile accent wall.

Dramatic Glossy Black Tiled Wall

Tile cascades down the wall provides a dramatic backdrop for the sophisticated style over a sectional sofa

Glass-Tile Dazzles Living Room

Modern covered patio living room playing up its soft blue glass tile walls which is a true outdoor retreat

The living room is one of the most frequently used and visited rooms in any home. It is the perfect room to make a statement based on your choice. Our tile design options for your living room area comprise a large number of designs to create your dream living room without breaking the banks.

Looking for the ideal living room tiles bring out the best in your living room? Are you searching for topnotch living room tile designs to make your living room exquisite? Do you want to hire the right living room tile contractor that will provide the best living room tile ideas to you? Rest assured; our collection of living room tiles contains a wide variety of patterns and styles for new living room look.

Why Choose Tiles for Living Room over other Finishes?

Deciding on choosing the right finish for a living room could be challenging. However, choosing tiles over other finishes like wood has several benefits as explained below:


Living room tiles are, unarguably, the most durable or longest lasting flooring materials on the market today.


Tiles are beautiful and improve the overall aesthetics of the living room.

Indoor Air Quality

The process of manufacturing tiles gets rid of any volatile organic compounds; hence, using tiles guarantee high-quality indoor air without emission of any dangerous chemicals or organics into the air.

Low Maintenance

Living room tiles are cost-effective to maintain. With a dish soap, soft cloth, and warm water, you can have your tiles cleaned.


Tile manufacturers of Westside Tile and Stone, Inc. are available in all regions of the Southern California, United States, and installation materials are also available.

Resistance to Micro-organisms

Tiles are non-porous; therefore, bacteria, germs, mold, and dust mites cannot grow or live on its surface.

Choose Living Room Tile Materials


Ceramic Living Room Tile

Made from either white or red clay, ceramic living room tile transforms the look of the living room by adding a touch of elegance and aesthetics. The tile also comes in different sizes, textures, and shades. It is durable, beautiful, and affordable.

Cement/ Concrete Tile

This type of living room tiles is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. Concrete living room tiles are also versatile allowing embeds, cutouts, 3D sculptural designs, and more. You can customize the color of cement or concrete tiles to blend with your décor. It makes your living room more appealing and perfect for everyone.

Porcelain Living Room Tile

Transform the look of your living with high-quality porcelain living room tiles. The tile is highly impervious and durable. It can withstand the heavy traffic usually experienced by the living room. It is easy and cheap to maintain and can last a lifetime.

Slate Tiles for Living Room

Made from natural sedimentary rock, slate tiles are durable and available in diverse colors and textures. Create a natural stone look in your living room and complement the décor in your home. You will feel completely relaxed and have a pleasant experience in your home.

Marble Living Room Tile

Make a perfect statement with durable and natural stone marble tiles specially made for your living room. Marble tiles have a reputation as one of the most luxurious products for your living room. These tiles stand out in any living room with their beautiful veining and color options.

Granite Living Room Tile

Granite living room tile offers the strength, resiliency, and the perfect aesthetics required to make your living room the best it can be. It is your best bet for a beautiful living room that lasts for a lifetime. As a natural stone product, the natural appeal of granite living room tile remains the focal point of attraction in your home.

Travertine Living Room Tile

Experience the natural beauty from one of the most popular natural stones around. Travertine living room tile offers strength, exquisite look, durability, and style. Add a touch of nature to your living room and see the turnaround it would add to your living room. The tile comes in diverse, beautiful variations to match your décor.

Shop Our Wide Range of Living Room Tiles

Creating an amazing living room gets better with an extensive collection of living room tiles and living room tile designs that will transform the look of your living room as well as improve the functionality of your living room flooring.

When you are searching for the perfect living room tiles, you do not have to worry; we have different styles, patterns, shapes, and effects in store to meet your needs. With an extensive collection of diverse living room tiles, implementing the right living room tile ideas is only a piece of cake. Whether you want tiles with gloss or matte finish with a regular shape or other shapes like hexagon, we have got you covered.

We also have different patterns of living room tile designs for you. Shop our wide range of living room tiles. We are the perfect best tile store near me providing you with different possibilities. We are the leading living room tile store that offers you the widest collection of tiles to make your dream living room possible without hassles.

Living Room Tiles Ideas


Country Wood Effect

Experience the feel of natural wood by choosing the living room tiles that combine the features of wood and porcelain. This is aesthetics meet functionality as the features of the country wood effect cut across the two materials for the best result possible without requiring the extra care and maintenance of the natural wood.

Premium Tile Living Room

Get the best value for money by purchasing top-of-the-range living room tiles that offer the best quality and topnotch beauty. Create that modern look in your living space choosing from a wide array of patterns and colors to blend with the décor of your room. This tile is simple but elegant and will transform your living room.

Vintage Living Room

Nothing can be more nostalgic like the appearance of a rustic aged timber combined with the strength and appeal of porcelain. Create the view of natural timber in your living room by choosing from an extensive collection of patterns, effects, and styles.

Natura Effect in Living Room

Feel the peace that travertine effect brings with bone and beige color options. With high its resistance to slip, you can explore the full potential of porcelain tile about its beauty and naturalness.

Best Tile Store for Living Room Tiles Near Me


As the best tile store in Southern California for exquisite living room tiles, we make the dream of many people to create a perfect ambiance come true. Westside Tile and Stone creates value by providing clients and every living room tile contractor with the right living room tiles to create their dream living space.

As a leading tile supplier, we have stores in Canoga Park and Beverly Hills; stop by and shop for your favorite living room tiles and designs. Create the living room that is best for you and everyone that visits your home. Go and connect with our Living room tile store near you.

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