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Kitchen Countertops

Looking for the most elegant, sophisticated yet stylish kitchen countertops? In order to get it right, Westside Tile and Stone is the best seller of high-quality kitchen countertop material. We offer a cost-effective Kitchen Countertop solution for homeowners to give an artistic addition to their kitchen appearance, that are easy to install, heat and stain resistant as well. Our tile store comprises a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles of countertops to give an exotic new look to your kitchen. We provide exquisite kitchen tiles and stone materials throughout the Southern California area. Browse variety of materials, we offer in kitchen countertops including ceramic or concrete countertops & natural stone like granite countertops.

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Tips for choosing the right Kitchen Countertops

Finding a perfect piece for your kitchen countertop could be a stress giving task. However, don’t need to be panic as we are going to share some of the amazing tips that can help you to choose the best kitchen countertop ideas for elegant designing.

Thickness and edges

The very first thing to consider is the thickness and edges of the tile material. The most favorable thickness is one inch for even quarter inch for installing standard countertops. However, the preferred edge option for tiles includes bullnose, squared, radius and double radius, etc.

Color variation

Colouring plays an important role in the overall appealing look of your kitchen countertop. It’s always wiser to go for the color variation and choose the most elegant color material.

Easy to clean

Always go for those materials that are easy to clean rather than those which cause you trouble after every minute as the countertop is the busiest part of a kitchen so it’s necessary to choose those materials which you can clean easily.

Low maintenance

The best material for kitchen countertop is those that demand low maintenance for life longing durability and reliability. Always go for those options in which you can wipe the surface with water and a soft cloth.

Shape and pattern

Thousands of options are available at the market which allows you to choose among different shapes and patterns. The shape could be round, square and patterns could be varied with the shapes.


It’s necessary to choose those material for your kitchen countertop that you can afford easily. You don’t need to put the burden on your pocket just for the sack of show off.


Always choose from a variety of sizes available, it can be tiny mosaics or can be 48 inches squares. The choice is always yours!


The grouting could match the overall appearance or contrast of tiles and stone material. However, it all depends upon what desire look you want.


The kitchen countertop could be inlayed near the range or can even installed up to the wall seamlessly just to match backsplash.

Bonus Tip:

Finishing plays a very important role in the overall look of a kitchen countertop so it’s necessary to consider options that include smoothly glazed, hand painted, matte, crackled, etc.

Top 10 Materials for Kitchen Countertops

To choose kitchen countertop material is one of the crucial as well as a tough task for a one. Tiled Kitchen countertop makes this task creative yet strong and long-lasting by using natural stone or ceramic tile countertop as well as granite or quartz countertops. Get to know the benefits and drawbacks of each type of tile countertop so that you can evaluate which material will go best with your space.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Countertop

Overview: If you are looking for something natural and less moisture, then Ceramic and porcelain tile is the most common and least expensive option.


  • Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are made from natural clay to remove excessive moisture.
  • These tiles come up with exciting colours and designs to give sophisticated look to a countertop.
  • These tiles are easy to maintain, clean and highly affordable.


  • The uneven surface of both these tiles isn’t ideal for cooktops.

Mosaic Tile Countertop

Overview: For the most beautiful and eye-catchy countertops, you can consider mosaic tiles kitchen countertop. These tiles come in a variety of designs and can combine with other tiles. The attractiveness of them can blow someone’s mind.


  • Mosaic tiles Kitchen Countertop are extremely decorative, can be combined with others to create texture and are the best way to add a certain amount of grandness to the kitchen countertop.
  • Mosaic is highly affordable tiles to be installed in kitchen countertops and other places.


  • The only drawback of these tiles is there require a lot of effort for maintenance.

Granite Countertops

Overview: Granite Countertops is considered as a queen of stone for kitchen countertops. It is highly durable and water-resistant. If you want to give a natural stone look to your kitchen countertop, then granite is at number one choice.


  • Cutting and placing hot items could not affect the quality and shape of the granite stone tile.
  • The colour of granite stone never fades off.
  • Installing Granite kitchen countertops results as a non-porous material.


  • Granite kitchen countertops need to be sealed once in a year, but that result in a good investment for long lasting effect.

Quartz Countertop

Overview: Quartz Kitchen Countertop is designed to look same like granite and provide same durability and performance. They are made from crushed quartz that pressed together with the help of resin.


  • Quartz Kitchen Countertop provide consistent and smooth surface making them highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Quartz tile Countertops is less expensive as compared to granite kitchen countertop.
  • Quartz tiles are highly non-porous and easy to repair.


  • The installation of quartz countertop is not as easy as granite tiles.

Concrete Countertop

Overview: While talking about elegant countertops, Concrete countertops comes to the top for any kitchen.


  • Concrete countertops upscale the appearance of the kitchen.
  • Concrete Kitchen Countertops is highly durable and high heat resistant.
  • Concrete Tile is easy to maintain and can offer unlimited beautiful options.


  • Concrete Countertops can susceptible to scratches and strains.

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Overview: If you want to add endless beauty and timelessness, the bright marble would be a perfect choice for your kitchen countertop.


  • The main benefit of installing marble kitchen countertop is its endless classic beauty.
  • Marble countertop provides cool temperature which makes it ideal cooktop.
  • Marble available at low cost and installation is easy.


  • Straining and scratching are the two drawbacks of marble kitchen countertop.

Glass Kitchen Countertop

Overview: There are many options available in the market for giving the most versatile look to your kitchen countertop appearance, Glass installation is one of them.


  • Glass kitchen countertop is getting popular day by day due to availability of different designs along with LED.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Highly durable and don’t prone to environment.


  • glass countertop can be harmful if the glass is not 100% environmental-friendly.

Laminate Kitchen Countertop

Overview: Made from layers of plastic that are bonded, Laminate offers plethora of colors, designs and elegant patterns for kitchen countertop that gives the appearance of stainless steel.


  • Laminate kitchen countertop is easy to install and clean.
  • It is highly budget friendly and provide elegant look.


  • Prone to damage and any scratches so avoid to use them as cutting boards and placing hot items directly onto the countertop.

Limestone Countertop

Overview: If you want to give natural beauty looks to your kitchen same like marble stone, then limestone countertops would be the best choice.


  • Elegance and beauty are the two factors that make limestone a lovable choice for a kitchen countertop.
  • It is highly durable and provides value to your kitchen.


  • Limestone kitchen countertop requires high maintenance.

Slate Countertop

Overview:Slate gives uniform texture to the countertop and considers as one of the durable countertop materials.


  • It is highly durable and vivid surface textures add in the beauty of the kitchen.
  • Slate countertop has no reflectivity.


  • Slate kitchen countertop can prone to scratches and cuts.

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Top Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Looking for the most amazing and top kitchen tile countertops ideas, then West Side Tile and Stone is here for you.

Wood Kitchen Countertops

An alternative to stone, wood countertops gives the extra-edge to the beauty of your kitchen plus a heavy-duty work surface. Wood Countertops can also be revived or refinished if they get damaged, stained, or gouged. The majority of wood countertops are made from traditional butcher block, getting popular these days because of budget-friendly furniture-like finish and a wide variety from subtly grained maple to exotic iroko

Solid Surface Countertops

A solid surface countertop is a top kitchen surface choice because of long-lasting and easy-to-clean features. These are available in a variety of styles and patterns such as granite countertops, marble kitchen countertops, and Limestone countertops as well.

Stainless Steel Countertops

A cool metal surface that lends a sleek and shiny counterpoint to contemporary kitchens.

Paint the Countertops

Consider painting kitchen counters, a cost-effective way to add the style to the countertops, such as, paint the countertop to give a granite finish, or satin-finish paint to give the look of stainless steel, or paint the countertop with a glossy, bright white to make the kitchen looks larger.

Tile Kitchen Countertops

For a cost-effective makeover of kitchen countertops, consider replacing the existing material with a tiled Kitchen Countertops, a versatile and budget-friendly surface which is also heat- and stain-resistant, and available in a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and add an artistic addition to your kitchen. When you want to give an exotic and elegant look to your kitchen overall appearance, Westside Tile and Stone offers a variety of materials in tile kitchen countertops including ceramic, porcelain, concrete tiles and natural stone tiles like slate and granite.

Best Collection of Tile Kitchen Countertops in Southern California

Looking for the best tile store near me where you can find the most beautiful, and eye-catchy kitchen countertop tiles collection? Then Westside Tile and Stone is the best tile countertop provider in Southern California. We have the best tiles collection and latest trends for countertops in our store to give your kitchen countertop the most exotic look like never before. Our tiles are of high-quality and meet the specifications of customers that you can rely upon. Not only are we bringing you the ultimate and high standard value for your money, but you can count on us to offer you creative kitchen countertops too. So what you are waiting for? Get the best tile kitchen countertop ideas from us. Contact us today for more detailed information on tile countertops, design, materials, kitchen countertop ideas and installation or you can call us at 818-704-9222 or 310-276-9222 for free consultation.

How to tile a Kitchen Countertop

Here are some of the steps of how to tile a kitchen countertop simply and easily.

Apply the thin-set:

In order to attach the backboard to the counter, you need to mix the modified thin-set and apply it to plywood with a trowel. However, you need to use the flat end of the trowel to push the set over the surface. Moreover, you need to notched side of the trowel to comb through the thin-set to get the uniform thickness.

Lay the backer board:

Now lay the backer board panels on plywood’s top and thin set.

Screw the backer board into the plywood:

Once you have done with lay the backer board, it’s time to screw it on center in the field. Moreover, it’s necessary to screw the edges as well.

Tap the field Joints:

Moving one, once you did with the backer board and is adhered, you need to tape the field joints with the backer board tape (alkali-resistant). You need to apply thin-set into the joints and then put the tape on the top.

Set the tiles:

Once you did with chalking tiles, it’s time to cut the tiles and mix the thin set.

Apply the thin set:

It’s time to put a thin set in the backer board and start placing tiles one after other.

Tap the tiles:

Gently tap the tiles with the rubber mallet, clean the excessive thin set and it’s done.

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