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Ceramic Tiles

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Remodel your kitchen or bathroom or any room or space in your home with a beautiful ceramic tile that creates a dynamic style of strength and much durability. Ceramic tile is often used for flooring, fireplaces and showers and walls. It is made of natural products including quartz sand and clay. Clay is featured by restricting water flow and is used in the construction of dams, bridges, and canals. These are originally used by ancient Romans in a functional manner, but it was soon become a decorative element that introduced to tiling. You will find a great and huge selection of ceramic tile for a tile backsplash, floor tiles, wall tiles or even tiles for ornamentation n every size, shape, and color at our tile store which is unmatched in its utmost quality, variety, and affordability.

How is Ceramic Tile made up of

Ceramic tile is a mixture of natural clay with the coloration of red and earthy origins. Being made up of natural clays, these tiles have high durability and are naturally resistant to fire, frost, moisture, and stains. Earlier the artisans make ceramic tiles by hand with wet clay given a shape with the help of wooden mold and then left to dry or fired in a kiln. But these days ceramic tiles made through a process known as dry pressing or dust pressing which does not require much labor and time. In this process, clay is fired at a high temperature to reduce the moisture content, normally reduced to about 6 percent, then the glaze, a glassy looking substance of different choices including matte and high-gloss, followed by the different patterns or shaped body which is called bisque is then applied and then the finished product of ceramic tile occurs.

Benefits and Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile material is an ideal choice for use in extreme conditions in comparison to metals and plastics, over a prolonged period of time. The general properties of ceramic material come with the following advantages:

Durability: Ceramic Tile is great for high footfall areas because of its strength and ability to wear.
Versatility: Available with a variety of size and patterns in ceramic tiles, design flexibility and choices is much easy to attain for any application.
Stain Resistant: Ceramic tiles which are coated with glaze does not face any issues of stain if any color slpits.
Scratch and Crack-resistant: The glazed ceramic floor tile is so hard that withstand high pressure or in touch with any heavy substance.
Frost-resistant: Small-format Ceramic tiles are the ideal floor covering for wet areas when laid professionally, hence a perfect option for Bathroom Tiles, but not much reliable for outdoors where the moisture level is high.
Resistant to Fire: While processing, it is fired at a high temperature which allows it to not get burned easily, hence, perfect for use at fireplaces.
Environment-friendly: Ceramic tiles can also be disposed of as building waste and the natural components of tiles occur naturally in unlimited quantities.
Allergen Concern: The surface of ceramic tiles, whether glazed or unglazed, is a hard, solid surface, that does not tend to attract dirt, mites, pollen, or other microorganisms that cause a large number of allergies, hence ideal to install as Kitchen Tiles.
Hygienic & Easy to maintain: To use after applying sealant once every four years, tile requires only the regular cleaning and wiping with a mop or sponge that any flooring surface would require and with the installation of grout, ceramic tile becomes impervious to water damage or any breakage.
Cost Effective: Considering both initial costs and for longevity, Ceramic tile overall offers the best affordable flooring surface. While the initial installation costs may be slightly higher because of applying sealant which would be a good investment to last longer, and further a limited upkeep and maintenance and very minute repair in any abnormal circumstances of breakage clearly judge the overall cost-effectiveness of Ceramic Tiles.
Easy Installation: The installation process for ceramic tile floors is an easily completed project and can be a do-it-yourself.

Ceramic Tile Applications:

Ceramic Tile is a widely used material for interior applications, due to its various advantages, low cost and aesthetic appeal, including :

Choose Westside Tile and Stone for Ceramic floor tiles

Our showroom offers a wide variety of Ceramic Tiles in stock with thousands of patterns and designs, as well as different kinds of shapes, sizes, and thickness. Tiles can be made of new or recycled glass, porcelain, and clay. It is fun to look at all the ceramic tiles shown in tile stores. It’s hard to decide between all the beautiful choices we have.

Some of our most popular and time-tested products are ceramic tiles. Beautiful, easy to install and maintain, these stunning pieces can make any wall or backsplash become a true artwork.

Ceramic Tile Design / Ideas Gallery


Ceramic Tile Design Ideas and Photo Gallery

Ceramic Tile mostly used in Kitchen flooring, Bathroom flooring, and other spaces. Checkout Best Design Ideas of Ceramic Tile.

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Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

The Glaze coating on Ceramic Tiles forms of liquid colored glass coating which is applied to the bisque surface under very high temperature and creates the tile texture, style, color and body protective from staining. Glazed Ceramic tile comes in wide options of colors and designs. Glazed ceramic tile is generally used for residential purpose only, such as bathrooms, kitchens, walls, and countertops. Glazed ceramic is used for ceramic wall tile as these are stain resistant, has an ability of fire Resistance as well as Fade resistance to direct sunlight. Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles are easy to clean and slip resistant.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Clean ceramic floor tile is able to retain its glossy surface and has a long life expectancy. There are many varieties of Ceramic floor tiles. They differ in size, shape, design, pattern and make. However, no matter the type of tile or the use of the tile, it should be taken good care of. This is why clean ceramic tile is a key component of both the beauty of a house and the health of a family. Ceramic tiles are a great flooring option for moderate traffic areas specifically for certain rooms, including the floor tiles for bathroom, living room, and tiles for kitchen flooring, but for high footfall areas or for commercial use, another new form of ceramic tile that is porcelain tile is better to choose. Check out the differences between porcelain tile and ceramic tile to pick the right option for your flooring requirements. Porcelain ceramic tiles are also an excellent choice for patio tiles.

Ceramic Tile Collection

Our ceramic tile store offers a wide collection of ceramic tiles for every purpose. Visit our showroom for exploring the entire collection, some of our top collection include:

Artisan Ceramic Wall Tile Collection: A look of handmade tiles features a rippled-wave surface and produced with the unmatched Artisan collection.
Broadway Ceramic Wall tile Line: The glossy soft edges blends with all color schemes make this a classic and modern tile selection for bathrooms, kitchens, or commercial walls.
Serenity Ceramic Wall Tile: Create stunning feature walls, backsplashes and bathroom walls with countless design possibilities of the Serenity ceramic wall tile collection which can also coordinate with the Serenity Glass Wall Tile and Serenity Glass Mosaic collections.
Riviera Ceramic FLoor TIle: Comes with a rustic stone look, this neutral and authentic collection is ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors.
Irish Ceramic Floor Tile Collection: A rustic wood look comes from the woodlands of Ireland with endless possibility for any home space.
Lantern Mosaic Collection: Available in four sophisticated colors with a unique color blend, this ceramic mosaic tile collection gives a classic modern touch to any home.

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

Your ceramic tile in the bathroom must be beautiful and practical. The beauty and the variety of textures, shapes, adding colors, styles, keeping all of the original ceramic tile to make the bathroom ceramic tile designs with tile construction is critical, but Westside Tile and Stone Design experts are much skilled in finishing the edges. When you are especially considering bathrooms wall tiles, then ceramic wall tiles are a great option for giving your bathroom a new exotic look. A ceramic wall tile is virtually a surface without maintenance.

Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas

Shower with ceramic mosaic tile floor provides a solid grip in slippery shower area. Even it’s in a steamy shower environment, the moisture will not bother the ceramic tile wall at all. In fact, one should opt Ceramic for shower wall and floor tiles because of its water-resistant nature. Ceramic floor in the shower area is easy-to-clean as compared to glass tiles in trend these days.

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplashes and Countertops

Installing a ceramic tile backsplash and counters in your kitchen, besides adding style to your kitchen design also protects from food staining as Ceramic is stain resistant in nature. Generally, Porcelain Ceramics have glazed coating and can add sparkle to kitchen countertops. Mostly Homeowners prefer Ceramic Backsplashes with bold designs, patterns, and colors.

Interior designers always use decorative tiles in their designs, and homeowners are learning to express their beliefs and personalities through the tiles they choose. Most tiles will fade over time if they are not cleaned regularly, especially those with painted images or designs. A Ceramic Fireplace provides enrichment in the styling of your home and makes it a beautiful alternative to the more common metal fireplaces. Because of the reason for their phenomenal ability to heat and radiate and made from formulated clay to prevent it from cracking and losing, makes Ceramic a practical choice to use for fireplaces. It is important to have clean ceramic tile because it keeps your home beautiful and the family healthy and happy. In the end, it also can save money and time, because well-groomed tiles will last longer and will need to be replaced less frequently, saving on cost, labor, and annoyance.

Ceramic Tiles Installation : Upkeep and Maintenance

Installing ceramic tiles are far easier and can be a DIY project as compared to porcelain tiles. Besides a good installation, it is important to effectively clean and maintain a tiled floor to sustain the life and natural beauty of tiles. That can be achieved with the correct use of products and good cleaners that are non-grease, and non-soap based, which can cause problems in the cleaning process and can trap dirt also. Explore the tips and guidelines we share for DIY installation of Ceramic Tile Floor.

Best Ceramic Tile Store Near Me

With vibrant tones, natural elegance and charismatic textures, ceramic tiles from Westside Tile & Stone, Inc. provide an affordable tile flooring and design option with growing visual appeal. Contact us today to find out more information about ceramic tile or call us at 818.704.9222 or 310.276.9222 for free consultation.

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