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Sonoma Tile

With more than 20 product lines, Sonoma Tiles use creative alchemy to combine traditional ceramics with materials such as glass and stone, all within a single cohesive design application.

Sonoma Tiles Features and Maintenance

Sonoma tile is resistant to common staining that presents a problem for other surfaces. You can wipe most spills with a soft cloth or paper towel. Use a recommended stain remover if there are marks that are hard to remove either because of the chemical content or they have been there for a long time.

Tiles require minimal care and cleaning even when dust has gathered on a surface, mainly because they do not absorb debris. A soft mop or rug is usually enough to remove most kinds of dirt. Unlike linoleum or carpets, tiles do not harbor microorganisms and allergens, so you can keep your house or workplace free from such concerns.

Sonoma tiles can add value to your home. Market prices for houses with tiles in different areas, aside from the bathroom, are typically higher than those with plain cement walls or floors. Many people prefer to buy tiled houses because they do not have to spend more for wallpaper, linoleum, carpeting, or even wall hangings. Some residents cover their walls with paintings, mirrors, blinds, or curtains, and their floors with carpets and rugs, to make them look more interesting as they can look boring unadorned. Lovely designs and colors you can find on modern tiles have the right properties to make your place look classy and attractive without resorting to other decorations. Contact us at westside today for any information on the latest Sonoma tile designs.

Sonoma Tiles Applications

Tile has always been widely used for finishing bathrooms. From simple homes to the classiest hotels and resorts, powder rooms have the most intricate tile designs. These types of bathrooms can keep their appeal with appropriate cleaning and polishing. Now modern builders are using these materials to decorate other parts of their residential or commercial projects because of the advantages modern tiles offer.
When applied correctly, Sonoma tile designs can make surfaces look interesting and attractive. This goes for any part of a property, from the bathroom to the pantry, from the walls to the swimming pool. Some hotels and business buildings use tiles to make their lobbies look shiny and attractive. With the nearly unlimited tile color and design selections available today, just about any combination is possible to achieve appeal and uniqueness.

Beauty is not the only positive factor for wall tiles. They help property owners save money because they do not usually require replacement, unlike wallpapers and paints. Tiles typically require one polishing right after installation, then basic care can keep them shiny and looking new. There are also tile designs with matte finishing for places where shine is not applicable. Some vehicle showrooms, for example, have matte finish tiles to prevent surfaces from reflecting too much light. The effect is the shiny cars seem to move away from the floor or walls.

Using wall tiles for decorative purposes has increased in popularity. Many modern home designs, buildings, and other places of business are now becoming more open to using tiles in different areas of their property. Westside Tile and stone offer good-looking designs in different sizes and unique shapes. The components are top quality to make them last longer. Some tiles even have properties to resist staining or easy chipping.

If choosing the best shop floor tiles has been a disaster for so long, that won’t be the case any longer. With so many options to choose from and the huge array of color & textures available, it is very difficult to make one single choice. But, not anymore as we offer the best floor tiles you might ever imagine.

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