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Pebble Tile Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Give a unique and elegant look to your home with use of Pebble tiles. Extensively, Pebble tiles are used in outdoor areas such as entrance way or walkways of residential and even very popular for commercial exterior also. Pebble Tile can be used in an assortment of ways from your residential kitchen, bathroom, living spaces or exterior designs to large scale commercial projects. There are many areas you can define for use of Pebble tiles, like

  • Floor Tiles Pebble tiles are one of the great choices for flooring purpose. You can choose the color of your choice.
  • Shower Tiles We can use Pebble tiles in showers. Pebble tiles can be found in single or larger pebbles. It is also available in slabs.
  • Kitchen Backsplash Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, these Pebble tiles can be used for giving extensive look to backsplash. It gives a rustic look to the rooms.
  • Bathroom flooring Pebbled tile brings nature into your bathroom. Choose river rock pebbles, a great looking tile that is perfect for bathroom flooring.
  • Outdoor Pebble Tiles increase the grace of the outdoor areas, such as pool or fountain, sidewalk or walking area for your home. You can use the tiling to create the floor for your outdoor space that does not only give beautiful look but also comfortable.


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