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Replacing or upgrading your floor is a smart investment, but you would be more concerned with the look and feel of the new flooring. Tiles remain a top choice for most homeowners planning on renovating their flooring. But picking the best tile design for your home, let alone knowing the most popular ones in the current market, is quite a challenge. This post eases your mind by compiling the 2020’s hot-selling floor tile designs that
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Create a kitchen backsplash that is your personality, blending the styles of yesteryear with today, adding a touch of chic character, using classic materials. Even the most modern designed kitchen can have a bit of the past with vintage-styled backsplash, making your kitchen the full display. Placing modern elements beside the retro look with the utmost modern appliances and fixtures in the midst. Creating a shabby chic look or go with a minimalist look, both
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Where can you find a flooring that will breathe a beautiful new look into any area? Or a durable flooring that is high-performing and long-lasting for specific rooms. One that low maintenance while meeting the expectations and needs of the home. Look no further than the current revolution in porcelain tile. From ultra-fine porcelain clays that have been fired at high temperatures, porcelain tile is dense and less porous than natural stone and come in
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Ceramic tile has become the most demanded material for flooring over the past many years all over the world for its amazing versatility. Besides its timeless beauty, this product that comes from the earth is found not only in homes, but in offices and commercial structures around the world. Ceramic isn’t just for flooring either, it is used for walls, backsplashes and countertops today as well because of its varied variety in colors, sizes and
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We all know that outdoor living spaces must be functional and attractive. But most importantly, the outdoor flooring must be sturdy and durable enough to withstand all the elements. Tiles for outdoor spaces can be a good option to upgrade a traditional concrete slab or brick patio and also comes with many more design choices. When it comes to choosing the right outdoor tiles, it can be challenging and confusing. This is because there are
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Perfect Kitchen Tiles
The kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where families gather for laughter, meals, talks, and even homework. The kitchen is where guests often gravitate toward to share in laughter and visiting. The kitchen is the one place in the home where everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed. It is also the place with heavy traffic. When it comes to remodeling Kitchen Flooring, backsplash or countertop, the options in kitchen tiles are
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Are you looking for a new kitchen tile flooring? There are many choices and options available today, and it can be challenging to choose the right one for any room. The kitchen floor tile may be the hardest to choose because of the heavy traffic that most kitchens get daily. There are natural stones with beautiful cuts of limestone, marble, or terracotta, or there are several man-made materials, such as ceramic, concrete, or porcelain. With
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We well know the merits of having ceramic tile in the bathrooms and kitchens of Beverly Hills, and now, Westside Tile is showing there are virtues of having ceramic tile in the living rooms of Canoga Park, California and around the country. Starting with the durability that ceramic tile offers and topping off the list of virtues with the ease of maintenance. For the busy home filled with activity and high traffic, Westside Tile and
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