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Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas, Trends and Designs

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At Westside Tile and Stone, we believe in more than just current design trends. That’s why we offer such a wide range of high-quality kitchen backsplash tile styles from traditional to contemporary and modern–because we believe in the love of tile and timeless kitchen design.

Whether you need new tile for floors or walls in your home or commercial building, we carry the best in traditional and cutting edge materials as well as natural stone. In addition to being your go-to supplier for custom upscale tile solutions, we are your source for inspiration and ideas for your next remodel or build.

Read on for the latest and greatest in Kitchen tile backsplash ideas and styles to make your kitchen just as eye-catching as ever!

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends, Tile Ideas and Designs

Are you renovating your kitchen space or crafting a new home space? Backsplashes are a wonderful addition to liven up the wall space between your polished counters and new cabinets–creating a visual focal point and expressing your own personality. No matter your home’s interior design or your budget, there are a plethora of tiles and materials that will create a complementing backsplash in your kitchen space. If you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration for your new kitchen backsplash, get ready to bookmark this page!


If you’re aiming for practical and functional for your kitchen walls, tin tiles are an easy-to-clean option that are long-lasting and durable–giving your kitchen a commercial-grade edge. Plus, since tin is a monochrome metal, it can match just about any color pallette and complement any newly installed or existing ornamental details!



For kitchen designs that call for clean and minimal white walls, shiplap is a wonderful alternative to white tiles. Cost-effective and full of rustic charm, white shiplap will brighten and expand your space for meal prep and meal times that are easy and breezy.


3Accents + Patterns

Perhaps you want to make a statement with your kitchen walls and backsplash. Paired with clean lines and minimal cabinetry, patterned or accented tiles can liven up this living space and give your kitchen a unique touch. Whether you opt for an intricate pattern or handpainted design, these detailed tiles will add an element of the extraordinary to everyday living.


4Mirrored Tile

For a kitchen space that’s equal parts modern and quirky, mirrored tile backsplashes will serve as a chic yet fun design element that can’t be ignored!

5Geometric + Unique Shapes

Sometimes unique design is in the small details. If you want to steer away from the traditional tile shapes (i.e. squares, rectangles, etc.), geometric tile and patterns have the subtle, eye-catching appeal. They can add a dash of visual interest to a modern and minimal design scheme.

6Molded Panels

Add a tad of dimension to your kitchen backsplash and walls with either molded tiles or molded panels. This option is a wonderful way to show off craftsmanship and hand-carved artisan materials such as cement tile backsplash. However, we don’t recommend molded wall solutions for homes and buildings that are planning to be resold since this type of backsplash can be more difficult to clean and maintain over the years.


7Mural + Hand Painted

Let life imitate art by adding a hand painted scene or landscape adorn your kitchen walls. Not only will this express your own individuality, but this design element is bound to create a focal point and conversation piece when entertaining guests.

8Penny Tiles

Among one of the most trendy and classic tile options, penny tiles are easy to source and install, making this material perfect for potential resale value and homeowners who do not plan on renovating their kitchen often.

9Beveled White Tiles

Also known as subway tiles, these tiles have beveled edges that can turn an otherwise plain white backsplash into a more defined and attractive one. They also add a retro feel to your kitchen space without sacrificing elegance, ease, and timeless style. We recommend beveled tiles for an airy all-white kitchen, or a neutral contrast against bright or dark design elements.


10Hexagonal Mosaic

Open up your kitchen space with a hexagonal tile mosaic backsplash that’s easy-to-source and cost-effective. This geometric pattern can freshen up and add texture to a sparse living space, while also providing the opportunity to mix-and-match for a more eclectic design. However, even with more neutral color schemes, you can install white hexagon tiles with darker grout for higher contrast and impact. Sometimes unique is as simple as a shape. You can see more of our interesting mosaic tile options here!

11 Blue + White Tiles

Timeless and intricate all at once, a kitchen backsplash crafted from a breathtaking Chinoiserie or Moroccan inspired blue and white pattern can richen your kitchen space, giving it a worldly air and even exotic touch within a standard all-white design scheme. This is a wonderful option if you want to add just a small touch of color to the room, since the bright blue patterns and scenes will pop from the white background and give your kitchen a vintage sensibility.


12 Herringbone Tiles

More often than not, a herringbone pattern will transform any standard or simple kitchen into a space that boasts more visual interest and depth. Pairing this pattern with dark grout is an excellent way to highlight this unique tile backsplash scheme. This option also creates clean lines that complement Art Deco design with their subtle elegance.


13Pale Yellow Tiles

There is no doubt that pastels are not only trendy but cozy when it comes to interior design. Pale yellow tiles can brighten up your kitchen without overpowering the space with color, and this option complements classic French-style kitchens and Art Deco design. Give your modern and contemporary kitchen a subtle warmth with a backsplash of pale yellow!

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14 Moroccan Tiles

Add a zesty hit of color, print, and vibrancy to your kitchen with Moroccan tiles that will undoubtedly create unique visual interest in this ordinary, everyday space. With so many patterns and colors to choose from, Morocan tile backsplashes give homeowners the opportunity to not only completely customize their space but express their personality.


15 Stainless Steel

If you spend more time in your kitchen cooking and prepping meals for family and guests, then you probably understand how messy this space can get and how tedious it can be to clean a tile backsplash regularly. For an ultra-practical and functional option for your walls and backsplash, stainless steel is easy to install and clean–transforming your space into a commercial-grade kitchen that fuses modern design and function.

16Glossy Black Tiles

Chic and timeless, glossy black tiles create stark visual contrast and interest when paired with white grout. This option also pairs well with gray kitchen cabinetry as well as white fixtures and appliances. For extra design savviness, we suggest hanging any stainless steel cookware against a glossy black backsplash for extra modern appeal.


17 Golden Vein Marble

Add a touch of glamour to everyday living with a gold veined marble kitchen backsplash–the epitome of luxury and elegance. Perfect for sophisticatedhomescapes yearning for a contemporary touch, this variation of marble also has cheaper faux alternatives for classy kitchen designs on a budget.

18Harlequin Tiles

Forget visual interest–opt for an optical illusion with a harlequin tile backsplash. Not only do they look great in black-and-white, you can also mix-and-match colors for a more interesting, eclectic pattern that adds whimsy and coziness to your kitchen space.

19White Marble

For kitchens with a classic or even transitional design, a white marble backsplash will add a sophisticated touch that will never go out of style. We recommend incorporating white marble tile with solid color cabinetry (such as gray or green) for subtle elegance that transcends your average everyday kitchen. However, keep in mind that this tile material will require extra cleaning and care to maintain over the years. To see more of our marble tile options, click here.


20Gray Subway Tiles

A modern take on the classic white subway tile, a gray backsplash will contrast well with darker grout and complement white kitchen spaces with stainless steel appliances.

21Gray Marble

To create a more dramatic effect within your elegantly crafted kitchen space, gray marble will set a unique mood for your kitchen walls. Great for monochromatic color schemes, gray marble also pairs well with black-and-white color schemes with plenty of natural light.


22Scalloped Tiles

Retro and kitsch, scalloped tiles can add a fun twist to your kitchen walls with their unexpected curved silhouettes. Chic yet full of personality, scalloped tiles add originality to your space and look great in an assortment of colors–from white to pastels and even black! For extra depth, choose a contrasting to grout to accentuate this unique shape!

23Brick Tiles

Timeless with an industrial feel, a brick inspired kitchen backsplash is a chic yet cost-effective design feature for any modern kitchen design. For extra eye-catching sheen, consider a brick tile pattern with a bold metallic finish to streamline your industrial inspired homescape.


Do you have any additional questions about the best tile material for your kitchen backsplash by your local designer kitchen backplash in the greater los Angeles area? Feel free to stop by our showroom or contact one of our tile specialists by calling (818) 704-9222 (Canoga Park) or (310) 276-9222 (Beverly Hills).


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