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Granite Tiles

Granite Tile countertops

Granite Tile Materials and Features

Granite tiles are becoming more and more popular because of the durability and hardness of the material. What is great about granite tile is that they can be used in a variety of ways such as for walls, countertops, and flooring. The apparel of granite is beautiful, durable, and strong all at the same time, carrying the ability to withstand highly frequent usage as it is versatile in nature. Westside tile and Stone provide you superb range of colors and styles of Granite Tiles available in Stock of the utmost quality with deep density and high resistance that you will rarely find in different areas of greater Los Angeles.

Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops

Granite_Counter_Artistic_Tile_GlassGranite is naturally anti-microbial and stain-resistant, making it a safe surface on which to prepare food. Granite can be a beautiful addition to your home. The surface is easy to install as well as maintain once installed. It is ideally made for granite countertops in kitchens. Because granite is made of nature’s own material, you should expect to find some color variations. Natural material differs from manufactured material because you will never find a perfect match. The color variation creates the overall beauty of the material, giving more ability to mix and match your kitchen design.

Granite Stone Tile – Installation and Cleaning Tips

The important thing about granite tiles is that you must take extreme care when installing the tiles. For instance, before considering this type of tile, you should put a heavyweight on the moisture level of the area, slip resistance of the tile, and foot traffic it will receive. Particularly helping if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Tile installation can be a strenuous task. It would be better to hire a professional if you have any concerns about laying the tile.

Whether you are building a new or remodeling your home, choosing natural stone will add beauty, value, and longevity for the section you choose. Our showroom feature natural stones as marble, granite, limestone and travertine slabs and tiles from all over the world with utmost quality. Before you begin laying these stones, first ensure the area you wish to install is clean and dry. If you place the tiles on the areas that are wet, dirty, or uneven, you could damage the overall look or even the tiles itself. You should pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. When you have granite tiles, make sure, if anything is ever spilled upon it, you need to clean it up immediately. It will be cause for having to replace the tile in a short period if you leave anything on the tiles, in addition to affecting the natural beauty and finish of the tile.

When cleaning the granite countertops, you should also avoid using any types of harsh or acid-based agents and cleaners. After cleaning, you should also be sure to rinse the material thoroughly. Taking care of your tiles can protect your investment. Remember that the tiles always keep their natural beauty, and protect the finish used on the tile.

Granite Tile Flooring

One flooring option, which has been rapidly growing in popularity, is granite. Granite floor tiles offer durability and beauty that is unique and practical for use in almost any room of your home. In fact, granite floor tiles can be used in a variety of applications, and you are only limited by your imagination. Discover our inspiring Granite Stone tile gallery showing different materials and appearance with an array of patterns and styles which make them an elegant and practical choice for fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom floors, hallways, foyers, slabs and countertops in your home. The natural hardness of granite tiles makes it perfect for high traffic outdoor areas.


Kitchens are a perfect room to decorate using granite tile. Because granite is one of the toughest materials around, using it in a kitchen is an obvious choice. Granite tile countertops are excellent and are much more affordable than buying a slab of granite. Granite will not stain and resists grease, oil, and pretty much anything that can be spilled on it. It is also extremely heat resistant, so there is no fear of scorching the tiles with hot pots and pans. Cleaning and maintaining granite floor tiles is easy. Simply mop or wipe with warm water and use a stone soap occasionally to keep it sealed and shiny. In the rare instance that granite starts to wear, a natural stone professional can resurface the floor making it look as good as new.

Using granite floor tiles gives homeowners the opportunity to ass a bit of flair to their rooms. Since there are so many options, mixing and matching tiles will give your room a custom look all on its own. Highly sought after by prospective home buyers, granite adds instant value to your home. Homes that feature granite tend to sell faster and for the money than homes without. Granite floor tiles are an affordable, high-end flooring choice that will add great value to any home. Beautiful and durable granite flooring can be used for interiors and exteriors as well, but special care must be taken when deciding to use granite outdoors.

Polished granite floor tiles can become slippery when wet, so unpolished tiles work best. Use granite floor tiles to line a walkway or terrace and instantly add visual appeal to the outside of your home. Being so versatile, it can be used for almost anything, and any leftover tiles can be cut and used for backsplashes, fireplaces surrounds, or even cutting boards.

Granite tile Benefits and Costs

Granite tiles often come at a higher price than other types of tiles. However, many homeowners will be willing to pay the costs to have a beautiful and very durable material for any area of their home, particularly their kitchen. The costs of tiles generally run depending on where you buy it, the quality of the stone, and if you need installation with it. In general, granite tile will have different levels of pricing. Several things can affect the price of the tiles. For instance, fashion trends, soft materials, thickness, patterns, veins, color, and even the country the material came from.

Granite Tile Ideas/Galleries


Granite Tile Design Ideas and Photo Gallery

Granite Tile mostly used in Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Countertops, Kitchen Slabs. Checkout Best Design Ideas of Granite Tile.

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If you are in Southern California, Visit Westside Tile and Stone where you will find an unmatched selection of granite tile in the utmost quality of natural stone with different themes and structures from ancient Egyptian pyramids to modern commercial flooring.

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