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Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas In Trend

Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas

Why has mosaic tile become a hot trend in home designs lately? These days new decorative mosaic tiles transform traditional tiled walls into extraordinary statements. Mosaic Tile offers wide array of tile patterns from subtle patterns to funky, retro patterns paired with the various finishes, allowing you to customize your space in a multitude of ways. A kitchen designed in all-natural white and marble is glamourous, but there is something about the mosaic tiles that make a backsplash a breathtaking focal point in a kitchen.

With the different colors and styles of tiles today, a kitchen can become high-style with cabinetry and countertops that blend, match, or offset. You can create a one-of-a-kind statement can be created from so many different colors, shapes, and textures on the backsplash or an accent wall with mosaic tiles available from Westside Tile and Stone.

Top 6 Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas In Trend

1Inspiring Combination of Glass, Marble, and Textured Metal Tiles for Your Unique Style

If a modern look is your preferred style, there are tiles available to create the aesthetics you desire. Our interlocking mosaic tiles feature a combination of glass, marble, and textured metal tiles that creates a stunning finished look. Match with white countertops and a white sink, making the backsplash the focal point in the bathroom. Create the feel and look of height with a vertical run of interlocking tiles with low ceilings.

Inspiring Combination of Glass, Marble, and Textured Metal Tiles

2Blend the taste of Traditional and Contemporary

If your style is a mixture of contemporary and traditional, that is the new look today, and with a perfect blend of both, you create a good design in mosaic tiles that is your personality. Choose classic-inspired marble tile that goes with the contemporary cabinetry and accessories—pulling the gray and white iconic look of marble with an updated pattern to create a fresh look on an accent wall and backsplash for timeless aesthetics.

Blend the taste of Traditional and Contemporary

Reach out to the Westside Tile and Stone to choose the different patterns, sizes, and colors in Mosaic Tiles you like the best or to create your own custom design with our design experts

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3 Eye-Catchy Chevron Pattern in Mosaic Tile

Blend traditional with transitional designs using mosaic tiles. Marry mixtures of various shades of grays in various shapes of tile with creamy white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. All pulled together with golden floors. It takes this space to an awe-inspiration that incorporates every element, using warm colors with the stainless steel appliances.

Eye-Catchy Chevron Pattern in Mosaic Tile

4 Sleek and Subtle Tones of Modern Glass Mosaic Tiles

A kitchen with sleek modern cabinetry and clean lines can boost color with a patterned glass tile that raises the design another level. With glass front or open cabinetry and a solid-colored countertop, the modern glass mosaic tiles with texture add visual interest. The overall boost to the entire kitchen blends well with the subtle gray and white tones, giving it a chic touch, taking the kitchen from stark and sterile to bright and welcoming. Mixing modern designs with different patterns is bold but artfully unified.

If you’re looking for Mosaic Tiles, Westside Tile and Stone is the best Mosaic tile store near you offering a myriad of styles and collections with unique patterns. Explore our Mosaic Tile Gallery.

Modern Glass Mosaic Tiles

5 Dazzle up your Space with Geometric Pattern Mosaic Tiles

A polished white mosaic tile can give your kitchen an elegant backdrop subtly and provide that popping touch that makes it the centerpiece with a distinct geometric pattern in gray and white marble. You can spice up the bathroom or kitchen design by incorporating these mosaic tiles with the countertops, geometric floor tiles, or patterned wall tiles.

Geometric Pattern Mosaic Tiles

6 Neutral Polished Finish Mosaic Tile Backsplash

For a modern tile design, choose a mosaic tile with a unique diamond or geometric shape with gray and white marble alternating to complete the polished finish. They can be used on countertops and the wall with a pattern or create a geometric look on the floor.

Neutral Polished Finish Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Closing Thoughts

Kitchens are a haven with a splish-splash mess of food and grease and bacteria around the sink. Today, the backsplash is no longer a useful feature. It is a way to ease the cleanup and making the kitchen healthy and safe. With the decorative mosaic tiles available today, that easy cleanup feature is hidden with show-stopping colors and designs.

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