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Pebble Floor Tile Installation

By carrying the full collection of Pebble Tile and their various offerings we are ensuring our customers that final installation is as unique and stunning as they envisioned it to be. Pebble tiles do look beautiful when fitted in the home. Do you want to change your flooring? Yes. But you are afraid of mess up. No need to worry. Westside Tile and Stone services will help you to create a new floor. There are few steps:

  • First, Use a tape to give protection to the drain and side walls.
  • The next step is to not go when spreading the thinset since it will easily fill the gaps between the tiles and make it difficult to clean. Spread the thinset on the shower floor with the flat edge of a 25’*25” square notched spade.
  • Put the 1st sheet of Pebble tile into a thin set, press thoroughly the sheet near the walls.
  • Continue to spread more sheets and interlock them, mix thin sheet as needed. If there is no extra space for complete sheet then remove the extra stones and trim the mesh backing with a knife and scissors.
  • Pebble tile must be sealed before grouting. Check the instructions of your selected dealer and make sure the tiles are fixed properly.
  • Spread grout across the tile employing a grout float. Hold the float at 45* angle, working the grout into the areas between the stones. If using regular sandal to grout the tiles, you could use that to set them as well, or premixed tile glue. If you do it again, just put a small dab of polyurethane construction adhesive on the back of each stone to cement it in place, and then put the grout for the real holding power. It needs a large amount of filling to avoid sealing.
  • Clean the tiles properly with the help of a wet sponge. Let the grout cure completely according to package instructions.
  • At Last, it is important to reseal the pebbles along with the grout to prevent mildew and stains. For the best results, implement the instructions for the explicit sealer used.


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