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Guide To 2020 Kitchen Tile Trends, Designs, Finishes, & Patterns

No matter what house you’re in, the kitchen is a major hub of traffic, family get-togethers, parties, and of course, messes! Most notably in the design world is your tiling or kitchen flooring – these will stand out the most. There are so many different styles of kitchen tile – how do you figure out the one best for your specific home design? Not only on the floor but what will you do about the kitchen backsplash tile? Read on to learn about the top 2020 trends, designs, finishes, and patterns for your kitchen floors and backsplash tiles.

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The Top Trending Kitchen Tile Finishes & Material

The appearance of your tile can change immensely just by the type of finish or material you decide to go with. Finishes, simply put, are different effects that sit on the surface of the kitchen tiles and alter its appearance. Finishes are generally divided into porcelain, ceramic, and other types of man-made and stone tiles. First, we will take a look at stone finishes and then man-made tiles.

1. Stone Finishes

Below is a list of the most popular stone finishes and how they work.


Polished stone finishes are passed through multiple polishing wheels with increasingly finer pads; utilizing water and a polishing compound to help. Working well in both traditional and formal home styles, polished tiles are shiny, smooth, and add a sense of luxury to any area. One type of stone that commonly has a polished finish is marble.

KItchen Tile Trends

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The perfect mix between polished and honed, satin tile finishes are produced almossut the same way as polished, but fewer polishing wheels are used. This makes for a much softer look of tile.


A much more contemporary tile design – honed tiles go through the same polishing process as satin and polished, but with even fewer polishing wheels being used. They reflect very little light and have a very casual feel to them.

Honed Tiles Design Ideas


This finish includes running the stone under wheels that have metal bristles in order to achieve a finish that is almost orange peel-like in texture. This relaxed finish handles a lot of wear and tear.


For people who are a fan of rustic decor, tumbled tile is your best option! In order to obtain the tumbled finish look, the tile is placed in a drum with aggregate and shaken. This produces a worn-down stone with a rougher surface and more rounded edges. The tumbled finish hides imperfections very well and increases traction.

Tumbled Tile Design Ideas


Absolutely nothing is done to the surface of natural tiles. So, what you see is what you get! Rough and unfinished, natural stone makes your space look cozy and outdoorsy. A popular type of unfinished stone is slate. Browse our selection of Slate tiles.

Kitchen Natural Tile Design Ideas

2. Ceramic And Porcelain Finishes

These two tile designs are both clay-based and kiln-fired. Generally, porcelain is a bit more expensive. They are considered as both a type of ceramic – a category that includes all rigid tiles shaped by natural earthen clay, then hardened by heat. Let’s check out the most popular finishes for both ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.


Polished ceramic and porcelain tiles are double-fired and contain the desired color or pattern and then topped with a clear coat. They then go through the same process as stone tiles – passing under polished wheels. The tiles are then sealed to retain appearance. They are made to mimic the look of natural stone.


Created with a glossy glaze rather than a polishing wheel process, glossy tiles (depending on the texture) can pool in certain areas creating a thicker gloss in some areas of the tile.

Ceramic Tile And Porcelain Tile Glossy Design Ideas


Just how they sound, matte tiles are covered in a non-shiny glaze applied by either a waterfall stream glazing method or by an inkjet machine. It’s a very modern and contemporary look that doesn’t reflect light.

Matte tile Design Ideas


This type of tiling style is perfect for wet areas like bathrooms and entryways. An anti-slip tile is created by adding fine sand or grit to a matte glaze, which creates a rough and gripping tile texture.

Anti-slip tile Bathroom Design Ideas


Textured tiling is created by pressing materials into the mold – giving it a textured effect (like natural wood or stone). To achieve the desired look, it is then glazed and fired.

3. Other Types Of Tiles And Kitchen Flooring

Besides stone, ceramic, and porcelain, there are plenty of other kitchen tile options. Let’s take a closer look at a few more:

Waterproof Vinyl Kitchen Flooring:

This flooring style has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is 100% waterproof, durable, upscale and trendy, and very low maintenance. You’ll see WPC vinyl floors in many wooden trends such as distressed and hand-scraped looks as well as large planks. They are the fastest-growing floors in the market, particularly in kitchens!

Waterproof Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

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Wood-Looking Tile With Laminate Flooring:

This was the original kitchen tile that looks like and mimics wood very well. It continues to be a hot kitchen trend in 2020, and it’s responsible for many inexpensive wood-looking flooring.

Wood-Looking Tile With Laminate Flooring

White Subway Tile Kitchen Flooring & A Bold Pattern:

White subway tiles are no longer just used as a backsplash! In 2020, you’ll see an increasing rise of subway tiles used as kitchen flooring. The trend may fall off the wagon after 2020, though, because of the incredible amount of grout as well as many small tiles that can make your kitchen look small and overly-busy.

White Subway Tile Kitchen Flooring & A Bold Pattern

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Trending Kitchen Tile Designs, Colors, And Styles

It’s common to get confused when starting your tiling process – how will different textures and shapes mesh together? And, what are popular trends in 2020 that will continue to stay popular? Here are a few professional tips to get you started.

A Monochromatic Mix:

A clean and monochromatic kitchen tile design is popular and will stay popular. Pro tip: try incorporating different materials, sizes, shapes, and finishes to the floors and walls – this adds texture, dimension, and interest to your kitchen design (all while maintaining a clean look).

Monochromatic kitchen tile design

Coordinated Collections:

Almost the opposite of the monochromatic style, coordinated collections ensures that your design flows together using the same series on both the floors and the walls. Whatever style you decide to use – it will be nearly the same on every surface.

Coordinated tile design Collections

Trending Kitchen Tile Shapes And Layouts

There are so many exciting kitchen tile options – from shapes and colors to textures and designs! Keep reading to learn more about these styles and discover which kitchen floor tile option is best for you.

Circles For Your Backsplash:

For a small space, circle backsplash kitchen tiles really make an area pop. They are commonly found in mosaics and known as ‘penny tile.’

Hexagon Tile Flooring:

This honeycomb pattern truly speaks for itself – try sticking with a neutral color to get the most out of the pattern. Hexagon tile flooring is both vintage and modern, and they come in various sizes to fit any kitchen.

Hexagon Tile Flooring

Square Kitchen Tile:

One of the most popular kitchen tile design types, square tiles range in size, and they are the ideal canvas for textures, colors, and combines well with other shapes.

Square Kitchen Tile Design Ideas


Ilusion kitchen tiles are complex, yet they are boosting in popularity in 2020! Design graphics produce traditional tile shapes (like squares) and transform them (the illusion) into different and odd shapes.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash:

Mosaic tile walls and floors have been ‘in’ for centuries, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. These tiles are defined as being no more than 9 inches (generally) in any shape. They offer a wide array of different and incredible color schemes and patterns, giving you the liberty to design your tile backsplash how you want.

Trending Kitchen Patterns For 2020

Patterns are something you need to keep in mind when picking your kitchen tile design type. It’s really simple to make sure your kitchen tiles compliment the rest of your kitchen – it all boils down to you reviewing every option. The above-listed tiling options have so many varieties of textures, colors, and styles to suit your decor style. Let’s check out the top trending kitchen tile patterns for 2020.

Grid Tile Pattern:

Being the most straightforward and flexible tile layout, the grid tile pattern truly makes any space look beautiful, and allows versatility for color and tile type. Grid tile patterns can be monochromatic for a modern and sleek look or it can be more elaborate.

Checkerboard Tile Design:

The black and white checkerboard tile pattern is timeless and will give your kitchen a retro look. This style has been around for decades, and it won’t go out of style any time soon.

Running Bond Tile Pattern:

Working best with wooden floorboards, the running bond tile pattern is a very classic choice that clashes well with any interior home decor style. Wood running bond tile patterns create a sense of coziness in any home.

Chevron And Herringbone Tile Patterns:

This tile design really opens up a space and draws attention to a certain focal point. It allows you to add twists and turns to your design, which ultimately makes any area look more intriguing.

Chevron And Herringbone Tile Patterns

Patchwork Tile Kitchen Flooring:

Patchwork tile includes a different tile design on every single tile, and brings a modern twist to the mosaic look. These tiles consist of intricate patterns that mix and match all over your floor or backsplash. This is a busy look, so it’s recommended that the rest of your kitchen should consist of simplified lines and neutral colors.

Patchwork Tile Kitchen Flooring

Geometric Tiles & Pattern Play:

Hot in 2019, still hot in 2020. While it might seem to look like a random arrangement, it’s still flawlessly pieced together to create flow and simplicity. Geometric patterns work really well with hexagonal tiles to create the honeycomb effect.

Get To Cooking!

With all of these choices, you are bound to find the perfect kitchen tile or backsplash tile arrangement. Your kitchen is one of the most pivotal focal points in your house, and your kitchen tiles will help to express the entire area. With this guide, you’ve learned how to choose which tiling system works best for your home and how to choose durable and easy-to-maintain flooring that is also beautiful and healthy for everyone in your home. You now have the proper tools to create your dream kitchen design style!
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