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Latest Bathroom Tile Trends and Design

Many of our customers are always asking us prior to their bathroom remodel what the latest bathroom tile trends are. Bathroom Tiles are very important aspects to consider when one is remodeling own bathroom or even an addition to one’s home. Flooring is an important aspect to look into when deciding what type of materials to use for the project. The style of home will generally dictate what type of style of materials will fit into their bathroom. Generally the open-ended questions of “what is hot?” and “what is currently in style?” might not always be applicable depending on the style and configuration of a particular bathroom.

Latest Bathroom Tile Trends\

Oceanside Tessera Veil Blend with Caeserstone Counter – Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

Remodel your Bathroom by Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

Top Bathroom tile trends for 2020 for Bathroom tile flooring and wall tiles brought about many varieties of glass tile along with a heavy direction towards contemporary tiles. Many of the current bathroom tile designs also brought back the classical and timeless look of the white marbles. White marbles are very popular since their timeless look is one that will always be popular and is sure to make a bathroom look spectacular. The latest bathroom tile trends also brought us the “Zen” and “Spa-like” feel. This style includes many pebble tiles, slates, and claddings that are typically found in a day spa or luxurious massage parlor. Don’t wait and explore our Bathroom Tile Gallery for amazing Bathroom wall & floor tile design.

Glass tile is becoming popular for latest bathroom tile design trends

The bathroom tile trend of using elegant and stylish glass tiles has only recently been featured in trade magazines and in the latest advertisements for the tile industry. The quality and selection have widely increased in the past couple of years and have led the way to be specified and used more and more. Manufacturers such as AKDO, Oceanside Glass Tile, and Trend Glass Group have begun releasing more and more options in not only mosaics but large field tiles as well. The ability to mix and match field tiles with mosaics continues the bathroom trends of more modern applications with fewer grout lines and more continuous lines. Villegas’s the USA and Artistic Tile are one of the few manufacturers who carry a full collection of large-format glass tiles that are perfectly suitable for shower walls and kitchen backsplashes along with their complimentary mosaics in the same colors. The ability to have a large format glass tile is exactly what our customers and designers are looking for. They want to recreate some of the trends that are found in so many popular magazines such as Architectural Digest and in the homes of the nation’s top designers. The Wolfgang White from Artistic Tile is one of the whitest glass tiles on the market, and their large 14”x20” field tile is perfect for an ultra-modern shower. We are happy to feature one of the largest showrooms in Los Angeles that specializes in glass tile for all applications, such as bathroom tile, backsplash tile, and even glass pool tile. Westside Tile and Stone design experts are always available to you for the most inspiring Bathroom Tile Ideas and design that give your bathroom a new era of spa and relaxing environment.

Glass Bathroom Tile

Villiglass USA Large Format Glass Tile

White Marble Tiles, the most popular Bathroom tile trend

The latest bathroom tile trends also include numerous white marble stone. Marble tiles have been used as bathroom tiles for hundreds of years. The classic and timeless look of white marble is sure to make any bathroom a stunning masterpiece, especially if it includes the numerous options that are available when it comes to mosaics and specialty trim pieces. Many of our vendors, including AKDO and Artistic Tile, have a full collection of Bianco Carrara and Calacatta Gold mosaics and moldings to add and accentuate one’s installation. They include these marbles in many of their water-jet mosaics such as their Claridges Mosaic which includes the mother of pearl shell mosaic. The Claridges Mosaic is a modular water-jet pattern that is supposed to create a seamless installation of feature walls in a bathroom or even a fabulous tub surround. The white marbles are one of the most popular marbles because of their classic look is one that will never go out of date and for their large wide variety of accent pieces that are available. I love the fact that we can use a 12”x24” Bianco Carrara Marble on a shower wall and accent it with the Carrara Hexagon Mosaic on the shower floor and tie everything in together. Small bathroom designs are used perfectly in conjunction with Bianco Carrara for its bright and warm color is perfect to brighten up a dark small bathroom and give it plenty of life. Many of our customers looking for white marbles in small bathroom designs are pleasantly surprised by how much brighter their bathrooms turn out once installed with white marbles.

Glass Bathroom Designs

Bianco Carrara Marble in 6×12 with Glass Tile

“Zen-like” style, one of the top trend for bathroom tile design

Bathroom tile designs and bath trends that have recently been in demand have been for Master Bathrooms or Powder -Rooms that have a “Zen-like” feel or a resemblance to a spa. Bathroom designs that feature this type of look and feel are generally using a combination of slate tiles and pebble tiles to achieve this desired effect. Pebble tile from Island Stone has been one of our fastest-growing products for their large selection of pebble tiles make it the perfect material for any Zen color palette you may have. Island Stone also carries a large variety of stacked pebble in their popular colors of Timor White, Medan Charcoal, and Sumba Speckled. The stacked pebble collection is a perfect fit for the “Spa-like” feel in a bathroom for the installation in a shower allows water to drip down the pebbles and create an extraordinary look that is unmatched with any other bathroom tile. One of my favorite aspects of designing one of these new “Zen-like” bathrooms is that it allows for plenty of materials with texture to be introduced into a bathroom. Island Stone has a wide range of Cladding materials that are perfect for a customer looking for a very rustic shower and wants to add some intrigue to it. These claddings are an amazing look in a bathroom searching for this latest bathroom tile trends for its texture and color tones fit this style and theme perfectly. Artistic Tile is a distributor of Zebrano vein-cut marble which is an absolute marvelous stone to work with for not only is it brushed, but its rich color tones are an amazing fit for customer searching for the spa-like feel bathroom with the Zen-like features. It has a large variety of tiles that fit bathroom trends that are geared towards this specific look. The Kyoto Collection is a Japanese made porcelain tile that is a 2”x9” textured porcelain with a stunning glazed surface.

To see the above Latest bathroom tile trends, Westside tile and stone try and keep ourselves up-to-date in regards to trends in all aspects of the highest quality tile material and is your only bathroom tile store for buying the tiles with the latest trends in Los Angeles.

Please make sure to visit our award winning showroom to have us help you select the inspiring bathroom tile designs with the latest trends and high-quality material for your next in-home spa in your very own bathroom. We are happy to offer our clients the newest and greatest bathroom trends and help them re-create these applications in their own homes. Contact us today or call us now at 818-704-9222 and 310-276-9222 for a free consultation, you can also visit our tile store near your location.


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