Bathroom Tile Trends 2019

One of the most amazing ways to improve the look and aesthetic of your bathroom or other living spaces is to renovate. However, remodeling your bathroom can be quite confusing at times, whether you’ve hired a professional or you’re doing it yourself. With so many shapes, designs, and colors of tiles available on the market, it can be overwhelming to make a final decision for tile flooring or walls. In the world of interior design, bathroom tiles aren’t anything new. Because tiles are highly functional and versatile in nature, they still remain the best choice when it comes to bathroom renovation after all of these years. Tiles are low maintenance in terms of upkeep, as well as highly durable and resistant to water. These days, they are mainly used due to their aesthetic value and design opportunities.

Read up on the top 10 bathroom tile trends and ideas for the year 2019 to keep your living spaces fresh and modern.

10 Bathroom Tile Trends To Lively Up Your Living Space in 2019

1Matte Finishes Are Going To Stay Long

The popularity of matte finish tiles for the bath area is increasing at a rapid pace. They feature a very soft yet a powerful look, which can enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. The matte finish looks quite classy and elegant, providing a sleek and low-sheen look to the flooring or walls. These matte finish tiles are quite easy to maintain.

Matte Finish Bathroom Tiles

2Dimensional Wall And Floor Tiles

It is not only tile patterns and colors that are becoming more and more diverse. Their shapes are also changing, and one of the latest bathroom tile trends 2019 is dimensional tiles. There are varieties of geometric shaped tiles for bathroom walls and floors now available on the market. The most popular choice among dimensional tile shapes is the hexagonal shape–a retro style that’s coming back around.

Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

3Natural Wonders of Marble Stones

Natural elements always look amazing in any part of your home, including the bathroom. This year, the work of marble and stone is back in style in the world of bathroom tile. The best way to incorporate natural stone or marble tiles into your bathroom tile design is by mixing them with the wooden finish floor tiles.

Marble Bathroom Tiles

4Graphic Patterns With Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles can also be a great addition to your bathroom, whether they’re used for the floor or walls. Versatile in design and function, ceramic flooring and ceramic wall tiles remain one of the most popular choices for bathroom tile trends 2019. With patterned styles, you can give your bathroom a custom look and individualized character that reflect the comfort and beauty of your own home.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

5Inky Blue Wall Tiles

Blue walls in the bathroom can give off a cool, blissful effect. Though this color has been one of the most popular when it comes to bathroom interior design, it had disappeared as of late. However, now the indigo is back with the bang. Different shades and hues of blue can give your bathroom a stylish edge that leaves a beautiful impact.

Blue Bathroom Wall Tiles

6Herringbone Tiles On The Block This Year

The most amazing tile trend of the year is herringbone tiles. This simple yet elegant option is widely used for both flooring and walls, providing versatility along with an alluring and classic look that can truly transform your bathroom into a sleek living space.

Herringbone Bathroom Tiles

7Neutral Color Palette For Bathroom Wall Tiles

Who doesn’t love a classic bathroom with a neutral color palette? Well, it has its own charm and simplicity, lending itself to versatility with interior decorating. In 2019, neutral colors are back on the radar. Apply a neutral color palette to your latest bathroom tile design if you’d like to keep it simple yet elegant. The monochromatic look throughout the space can look amazing in any modern or contemporary bathroom.

Neutral color Bathroom Tiles

8Long + Narrow Subway Tiles

This year is all about the a-typical and unique tile shapes. If you want to give your bathroom an ultra-modern and ultra-sleek look, then try long narrow beveled subway tiles for your bathroom walls. This can make your bathroom look very urban and cutting-edge. Accentuate a particular bathroom wall with these tiles to add a different dimension to your entire bathroom.

Subway Bathroom Tiles

9Industrial Metal Edging

A metallic sheen or finish never goes out of style, and now this aesthetic is available to your bathroom tiles. This can be one of the most dynamic bathroom tile ideas you can implement when remodeling your bathroom. Metallic is reflective and shiny, which will give a super gorgeous yet edgy makeover to your bathroom. Not only will this particular option modernize your space, but metallic tiles also go well with neutral color tile flooring.

Metallic Bathroom Tiles

10 Wooden Effect Tiles

Lately, wooden plank tiles are gaining a lot of popularity for bathroom floors. They look very elegant and classy while accommodating a wide array of interiors. You can also easily customize the size of wooden effect tiles to get that perfect look for your bathroom floors. Though they provide the elegance of a wooden finish, these tiles remain resistant to water and more durable than wooden floors. Some are also available with grain effects that can enhance the organic texture of wood.

Wood Bathroom Tiles

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