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Floor Tiles

There is no denying that the world of ceramic tiles is spectacular and seemingly endless because of the extensive designs available. That means if you’re looking for the best combination of aesthetics, performance, and style of flooring material that can fit your covering budget, there is no better choice than ceramic tile flooring. Whether you want to breathe life into your bathroom or need to replace tile placement of front enter way, ceramic has a
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Replacing or upgrading your floor is a smart investment, but you would be more concerned with the look and feel of the new flooring. Tiles remain a top choice for most homeowners planning on renovating their flooring. But picking the best tile design for your home, let alone knowing the most popular ones in the current market, is quite a challenge. This post eases your mind by compiling the 2020’s hot-selling floor tile designs that
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Are you looking for a new kitchen tile flooring? There are many choices and options available today, and it can be challenging to choose the right one for any room. The kitchen floor tile may be the hardest to choose because of the heavy traffic that most kitchens get daily. There are natural stones with beautiful cuts of limestone, marble, or terracotta, or there are several man-made materials, such as ceramic, concrete, or porcelain. With
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We well know the merits of having ceramic tile in the bathrooms and kitchens of Beverly Hills, and now, Westside Tile is showing there are virtues of having ceramic tile in the living rooms of Canoga Park, California and around the country. Starting with the durability that ceramic tile offers and topping off the list of virtues with the ease of maintenance. For the busy home filled with activity and high traffic, Westside Tile and
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Where The Love Of Tile Meets The Love Of Earth At Westside Tile And Stone, we’re passionate about tile design in residential homes and commercial spaces that add beauty and function to any room. That’s why we also take special pride in offering tile materials that reduce the carbon footprint of your interior spaces. If you’re looking for some Eco-Friendly Tile Flooring solution for your kitchen or bathroom, we provide an array of styles in
Floor Tiles
Tile For A Lifetime Whether you’re remodeling your home or upgrading a commercial space, tile experts know that you want flooring and walls that are durable and long-lasting. At Westside Tile And Stone, we live by the words “For the love of tile” because tile is our passion and area of expertise. Besides an array of options when it comes to styles and designs, there’s a lot more behind tile specifications such as material, hardness,
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