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Westside Tile and Stone, Inc is frequently featured in the media. Click on the pages below to see media coverage of Westside Tile and Stone.

Granite Slabs vs. Granite Tile Countertops

Posted by siteadmin on November 20, 2018

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Every now and then professional and non-professional remodelers are looking for materials to remodel their properties and Granite never ceases to impress. From a wide variety of colors to textures and patterns, no wonder it is so popular for remodeling. When it comes to Granite tiles and stones, there are two options available, Granite Slabs and Granite Tile Countertops. They both have a huge difference in terms of price with the Granite slabs being the
Granite Floor Tiles

Remodel your Flooring Project with Granite Floor Tiles

Posted by siteadmin on October 29, 2018

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Granite Floor Tiles, famous for its durability and density is an adaptable and budget-friendly option for your flooring. Nature has bestowed us Granite with amazing neutral colors such as white, brown, beige and black as well as blues, reds, and greens in grain, or crystal patterns which can be dense and tight or loose and dramatic. The common finishes are polished, honed and fired. The vital aspect of the remodeling process is designing the flooring

Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2018

Posted by siteadmin on May 28, 2018

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Now the days have gone when people used to give importance to floor tiling forgetting about kitchen backsplash. The trend of modern kitchen backsplash is floating among the people nowadays to protect the walls and give a complementary look to overall kitchen appearance. With constant innovative kitchen designs and ideas in trend, kitchen backsplash and wall tiles become the most important elements that play a key role to give your kitchen an inspired look. Westside

Common Mistakes to avoid when installing Saltillo Tile

Posted by siteadmin on May 24, 2018

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Mexican Saltillo Tile Saltillo tile being a natural, attractive and rustic looking tile is a popular choice for flooring but installing Saltillo tile can be a tough job, as these tiles are elegant and any harmful material if sprayed on the tiles, can damage it. Although Saltillo tile is built to run last long it requires some protection on your part for common uses as outdoor living space, on patios, kitchen and bathroom flooring to


Posted by siteadmin on March 1, 2018

Category: Media Coverage
Westside Tile & Stone, Inc was opened more than ten years ago with the concept that it would be a different type of tile store. Their goal was to focus on not only on the materials it displayed but also on the education needed to properly install the tile as well. Some of the tiles that are displayed in the store have been sourced from all over the world in order to present their clients
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