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Concrete Tile


concrete tile

Concrete Tile Design

California is the perfect setting for Concrete tiles or Cement Tiles, why do you ask? Because our customers are always looking for the Saltillo look in a much stronger and more durable product. This is where Concrete tiles, notably Arto-Brick comes into play for their combination of colors, sizes, and shapes make their presence felt in a variety of applications throughout the homes in Southern California. Is it cement tile or concrete tile? To be exact, these tiles are concrete in that they are made from a combination of cement and aggregates.

Since these tiles are handmade and are made up of fine aggregates, we often refer to these tiles as cement tiles. The handcrafted elegance of these products, along with the rugged durability and unmatched versatility for Floors, Hardscapes, and Walls makes these cement tiles perfect for any application you may need.

The tiles are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures which make them perfect for the California home. These handcrafted tiles can be used for Balustrades, Brick Veneers, Pavers, Pier Caps, Pool Copings, Wall Caps and many more applications with their wide variety of colors and textures that are sure to create the look and feel you desire.

Perfect Use of Concrete tile flooring

Concrete Tile Kitchen Flooring

Concrete kitchen floor is suitable for heavy traffic areas as it can withstand the regular wear and tear. If you are looking for a low maintenance kitchen flooring, Concrete tile is ideal choice for it. Concrete tile Kitchen flooring is tough and durable and is sure to stay with you for years to come!


Concrete Tile Flooring on Outdoor Patios

Concrete tile is solid and long-lasting option for Outdoor patios in practically any climate. Concrete patio is the most popular choice for outdoor patios. Concrete tile is now available in wide array of pattern and design options. For quality installation of concrete flooring at market competitive rates, consult Westside Tile and Stone.

Concrete Tile Flooring on Outdoor Patios

Concrete Tile in Living Room and Bedroom

Concrete tiles, which are a mixture of cement and other aggregates, provide the best option for floor tile in Living room. Concrete floor is one of the uprising trends when it comes to tile flooring in living room. Concrete Tile floor can enhance the overall living room appearance. Westside Tile and Stone offers several Concrete Tile Shapes and Sizes.

Concrete Tile Flooring in Living Room and Bedroom


Concrete Tile Gallery


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