Tumbled Slate

Slate is known for its distinctive layered composition. Slate Tile is made up of thin sheets of clay, dried mud and even volcanic ash. The unique layering of this material gives the slate its aesthetic and natural look.  The beauty of  slate tile is its mixture of colors with swirling arrays of blacks, blues, coppers, dark greys and many more which make it the ideal stone for a natural looking floor for your home or even exterior.

Tumbled Slate has gone through the “tumbling” process which gives the corners and edges of the material a worn and antique finish. Tumbled slate is very popular for kitchen backsplashes, shower accents, and even showers. Not all tumbled slate is suitable for showers due to the high oxidation that is found in certain slates such as ; Black & Gold, Earth, Iron Mould, and White Gold. The high oxidation will cause running or bleeding of the color due to rust.