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The Versatility of Ceramic Tiles

Versatility of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile has become the most demanded material for flooring over the past many years all over the world for its amazing versatility. Besides its timeless beauty, this product that comes from the earth is found not only in homes, but in offices and commercial structures around the world. Ceramic isn’t just for flooring either, it is used for walls, backsplashes and countertops today as well because of its varied variety in colors, sizes and patterns.

Ceramic tile is one of the finest materials that come with a wide array of shades red, blue, green, grey, brown, hazel, golden and many more diverse colors. There is lot of options for finishes and patterns in Ceramic tiles including patterns of flowers, glossy and matte finishes, squares, hexagon and many other shapes and layout. Ceramic tile can be chosen according to the décor of the room. It is easy to pick any one that suits every décor as the variety is unlimited. These are the reasons that many people choose Ceramic tiles as top priority over other tile options.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If it is easy to clean and maintain on countertops, think what it means to have ceramic floors and walls? Simply wipe down with a damp rag makes keeping your home clean so much easier. Thus it is good option to use from the kitchen to the bathrooms, bedroom, around the swimming pool and in hospitals and offices.


Ceramic tile is a durable material that has almost an endless lifespan, making it the perfect material for commercial and public buildings with heavy foot traffic.

Fire Resistant

An inflammable material that makes every home, office, or other structure safer.


Ceramic tile resist bacteria, germs, and moisture, making it the perfect hygienic material for bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools in private homes, offices, and public structures.

Different Types of Ceramic Tiles

Over the centuries and all around the word, ceramic tiles have proven its versatility by the many ways that consumers have implemented it into their designs. A building material that offers colors, designs, and textures with a wide variety. The different options of ceramic tiles for the countertops, backsplashes, walls, and ceramic floor tiles allow you to think outside the box, even create a box that is unique to you. The many multiple choices in ceramic tile to use:

Glazed Ceramic Tile

Glazed ceramic tile is made from clay and water that when mixed and dried together, nullify any moisture content. When the tile’s surface of colored glaze is coated, that unique glazed appearance is strong and makes a statement on walls or any surfaces that enhance any décor.

Wall Ceramic Tile

Choose a glazed or matte finish ceramic wall tile to get that exquisite finished product on walls. Not the best product for floors because of the sleek and slippery surface, it is a beautiful touch for countertops and walls.

Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain is the most popular or all ceramic tiles because of the unique ingrained features and it’s durability for wear and tear. A moisture and stain resistant material makes it easy to clean and maintain while providing an elegant in appearance in the home or office.

Explore our ceramic tile gallery designed to inspire you for your entire floor tiling choice and requirements.

Embrace the Durability and Versatility of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice in flooring material for commercial, public, and residential structures because of the durability and variety. Colors, designs, and finishes that go with any décor plan and style with a list of benefits that is almost endless:

  • Strong: Ceramic is an extremely strong material making it the perfect choice for high traffic flooring.
  • Stain Resistant: Ceramic is a stain resistant material making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Scratch Resistance: Ceramic is a hard material that is resistant to abrasions and scratches.
  • Light Weight: Ceramic is 7.5 mm thick, making it easier to work with than mosaic, easy to lay, quick to occupy.
  • Easy Cleaning: Ceramic has a low absorption of water making it easy cleaning material.
  • Bacteria Resistant: Ceramic is bacteria resistant, making it a healthier choice for homes, business, public structures.
  • Insulating: Ceramic tiles provides a natural insulator.
  • Fire Resistant: Ceramic tile is a fire resistant after being fired at 1900oC.
  • Acoustics: Ceramic tile has a damping factor making it a great acoustic material that eliminates echoes.
  • Safe: Ceramic tile is salt glazed making it anti-slip and non-skid.

the Durability and Versatility of Ceramic Tiles

Westside Tile and Stone showcase the best ceramic tile designs and styles with a huge ceramic tiles collection available in stock. We offer you 100% top quality product like no one else in the market.

1. Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic tile is the most favored because of the endless possibilities for using this natural material. It provides beauty, durability, elegance, and uniqueness. Choosing the right ceramic tile for the right use is important though, as ceramic tile flooring is different than ceramic wall tile, starting with thickness.

Ceramic wall tile is a maximum thickness of 6 millimeters and while ceramic floor tile is a maximum of 9 millimeters thickness. Ceramic floor tiles need to have that extra thickness because of the traffic it takes every day. Ceramic floor tile is fired longer than ceramic wall tile to make it more durable and strong. Yet, both floor and wall ceramic tiles come in a wide choice of colors, patterns, and shapes.

Westside Tile & Stone offers a wide array of ceramic floor tiles in most modern and dynamic shapes and colors to enhance the ambiance of any space of your home. Some of these collections are Pura Ceramic Wall Tiles, Encore ceramics, Solistone Ceramics, Adex Ceramic Neri collection with different shapes and patterns like Square and Hexagon patterned ceramic tile, Red and Grey Ceramic Floor Tiles and many more which are available with different finishes. Surely these tiles will add something more to your place. So what you are waiting for? Shop tiles from the best ceramic tile store in the greater Los Angeles area.

2. Ceramic Bathroom Flooring

Because ceramic tile flooring is not only beautiful, but durable and easy to clean, it makes the perfect material for a bathroom. Ceramic tile in the bathroom adds beautiful elegance and increases the value of your home. For a bathroom that is used daily, the bacteria and germ resistance make it the perfect material and with the addition of non-slip bathmats, makes it safe when wet and as you exit the shower.

3. Kitchen Counters

Ceramic tile is a natural material that can be found in any interior decoration, providing a classic, clean, elegant and aesthetic appearance at a low cost. It is all of this that makes popular in kitchen around the world. The mixtures of different colored clays and other natural materials that are then glazed, make it not only beautiful and durable, but decorative and unique, perfect for the kitchen counters. A material that is moisture resistant, stain resistant, and most of all chip and scratch resistant, ceramic tile is the must-have in kitchens today.

4. Ceramic Tiles Backsplash

Choosing a ceramic tile for the backsplash adds a unique touch to your kitchen décor. Because this is a small area of your kitchen, but it is also a main focus, the eye catcher that needs a pop of color and uniqueness. Ceramic tile is ideal for the backsplash because it economic, yet elegant, resilient yet beautiful, and can complement the countertops and floor, or provide that offbeat look from both.

5. Ceramic Outdoor tile for Deck and Patios

When the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed, ceramic outdoor tiles can be a beautiful addition to any patio. Using the thicker ceramic tile for floors, it has been fired longer, making it durable, yet the colors and designs gives the ability to make the patio have a unique appearance. Choose a non-glaze version for safety, ceramic is a natural material that can withstand Mother Nature with its water resistance benefit.

6. Commercial Use

Ceramic tiles are a natural material made with clay, minerals, and water, fired at high temperatures give it strength that can handle heavy traffic and use daily. It is bacteria and germ resistance, an important feature in today’s society and with the added moisture resistant, it becomes a safe surface for public use.

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