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The Many Looks of Ceramic Floor Tile

There is no denying that the world of ceramic tiles is spectacular and seemingly endless because of the extensive designs available.

That means if you’re looking for the best combination of aesthetics, performance, and style of flooring material that can fit your covering budget, there is no better choice than ceramic tile flooring.

Whether you want to breathe life into your bathroom or need to replace tile placement of front enter way, ceramic has a wide range of options. You can choose ceramic tiles according to the traffic level, color options, and, most importantly, their floor placement.

Many Looks of Ceramic Floor Tile

All you need is to pick up the right colors, finish, and patterns that can blend in with your home’s interior, style, and layout. Interestingly, you can choose ceramic tiles to revitalize floors, countertops, shower tiles, and pools.

Of course, shapes and patterns depend on your personal preference. As ceramic tiles come in a myriad of styles, there is a vast range of patterns and shapes you can opt for.

Let’s delve into the details and help you find everything else you need to know about ceramic floor tiles.

Experience the Vast Ceramic Tile Flooring Looks

Another defining attribute of this wow-worthy choice of tiles or flooring is its endless options of finish, color, and shape.


Ceramic Floor Tile Hexagon Design

Beautifull Bathroom Grey Tile Flooring

Ceramic Floor Tile Square Design

One of the best features of tile flooring crafted from ceramic is the freedom to choose the color of your choice. It comes in an array of beautiful colors that adds a unique appeal and offers an alluring look to your space. That means blue, green, black, grey, and classic white; the gorgeous shades can add sophistication and drama to your home.

You can go for a sleek and speckled look ambiance, pick black color ceramic tile flooring. However, if you want to make the room more vibrant and bright, choose a glossy white for a reflective and clean surface.


Ceramic Tile Flooring with white Hexagon Design

Ceramic Tile and Hardwood Flooring

Ceramic Floor Tile Shape

Shapes give your room a less busy and open look. And that is what makes choosing the right shape of ceramic tiles is of paramount importance. With tiles choice like ceramic, you’re in luck!

You can drastically change your space’s feel and look by choosing shapes like hexagonal, mosaic, circle, and diamond.


Ceramic Tiles Floor

Outdoor Ceramic Tiles Floor

Ceramic comes with limitless finishes and can completely alter the appearance of the flooring. If glamour and luxurious spaces are what admire you, the stone finish can add this texture to your space. Large ceramic tiles can mimic the natural stone finishes just like Sensational Slate and Marvelous Marble. The glossy-glaze finish of ceramic flooring creates a unique look and helps retain their appearance.


Moderne Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Bathroom Ceramic Floor Tile

Finding a perfect size is a breeze when you choose ceramic tiles. It is because they come in a wide variety of sizes. For instance, if you want square-shaped ceramic tiles, you can choose sizes like 24″ x 2418″ x 18″ and 12″ x 12″. All you need is to find the size that suits your room’s space.

If you’re looking for Ceramic Floor Tiles and Ceramic Wall Tiles, Westside Tile and Stone is the best ceramic tile store near you offering a myriad of styles and collections with unique patterns. Explore our Ceramic Tile Gallery.

Everything About Ceramic Floor Tile by Westside Tile Experts

A perfect mélange of cooling and heating of natural clay, ceramic tiles are strong, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain. According to our experts at Westside Tile and Stone, unlike wood, vinyl, and carpeting, ceramic has unsurpassed qualities when it comes to versatility, resilience, and durability. This is why people have been using ceramic floor tile for centuries to give an aesthetic appeal to their home’s interior and exterior décor.

Ceramic is not only an array of glazes, sizes, and textures that make ceramic flooring unique but also its low -maintenance. That is to say; if you install your ceramic tile flooring properly, it outlasts other flooring materials. The glazed ceramic tile flooring is resistant to stains, dirt, and odor, meaning keeping them clean with household supplies is hassle-free.

Moreover, ceramic tiles add a soft and timeless style to your home. Their natural tones can elevate the tile flooring look. The elegant colors and resistant nature make it a perfect choice for high-traffic areas. The ceramic tiles make the popular choice for the kitchen, bathroom, entryways, stairs for their unparalleled versatility and superior aesthetics.

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Interestingly, from unique designs such as diamond, irregular, to traditional shapes, including circular, rectangular, you can choose anything. Similarly, you have a plethora of beautiful choices for patterns, such as staggered joints or brick. As per Westside Tile experts, if you purchase Grade 3 or Grade 4 glazed ceramic tiles, you find them incredibly resistant to scratches. And that eliminates the worry of cuts and tears on your floor.


Are Ceramic and porcelain tiles the same?

Both ceramic and porcelain are human-made tiles, but they have a different genetic makeup. Some ceramic types are often stronger as compared to porcelain. Learn more about Ceramic Tile vs Porcelain Tile

What makes ceramic tiles a wise choice?

It’s easy maintenance and affordability make it a wise choice for your house.

Can I install ceramic flooring over another flooring?

Yes, you can install ceramic flooring over another flooring, but it is always better to seek the assistance of tile experts to make the right decision. Westside Tile and Stone is your right choice for ceramic tiles.

Which Ceramic Floor Look Will You Pick?

Westside Tile & Stone, Inc. offers an affordable ceramic tile flooring and design option with growing visual look. Contact us today to find out more information about ceramic tile or call us at 818.704.9222 (Canoga Park) or 310.276.9222 (Beverly Hills) for your next ceramic tile flooring project.

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