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Terra-Cotta + Saltillo Tile Inspiration For Any Homescape

Quintessential Southern California Saltillo Tile

In Southern California, Saltillo tile also known as terra-cotta tiles, is a popular option since it emulates the Spanish-style architecture that is rampant on the coast. In the upcoming year, saltillo and terra-cotta are expected to continue trending, and we have the inspiration and trustworthy suppliers to bring your Mediterranean-esque tile design to life!

Saltillo Tile


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Looking for more inspiration? Keep reading to find out more about how you can incorporate saltillo tile throughout your home in style!

Warm Foyers + First Impressions

Give your guests a visual warm welcome complete with rustic charm. Saltillo tiles are perfect for foyers, making residents and visitors alike feel at home instantly. Blame it on the rich, earthy tones, naturally worn appearance, and a warm splash of reddish-brown. As if the aesthetic value wasn’t enough terra-cotta tile is also easy-to-clean if/when someone tracks mud, water, or sand inside.

Transition In Style

Saltillo is more than just visually alluring for interior spaces. This particular tile solution also allows for easy, stylish transitions from your home’s interior to its outdoor spaces such as yards or patios. For homes with views of gardens, it’s especially useful to make the change between your indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly.

Rustic + Luxurious Living Areas

Although saltillo and terra-cotta tiles provide a rustic, naturally weathered look, they are also capable of communicating warmth and luxury in common spaces, especially in coastal homes. Consider layering a vibrant runner or jewel-toned area rug over the saltillo tile in your living spaces in order to bring out the rich color and quality of your flooring.

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Your Spanish Style Kitchen Awaits

Although monochrome kitchens are modern and sleek to boot, for some they might be a little too stiff. To add a bit of sunshine and warmth to your kitchen space, saltillo tile is a rosy, durable tile solution that’s cheaper than natural stone. Terra-cotta brings cinnamon-flavored tones to kitchens, complementing exposed beams and white walls or backsplashes. For a kitchen that’s effortlessly comfortable and cheery, saltillo tile should be any homeowner’s main contender.

Cozy + Rosy

Hardwood floors and carpet are the two norms of bedroom flooring. Dare to be different with saltillo and terra-cotta tile. Not only does this tile option add a splash of vibrant color to your bedroom(s) without overpowering the space, they can also be paired with various prints and styles for ultimate kitsch–where modern meets retro to Old World and back again!

Stunning Yet Practical Washrooms

Because saltillo tile is so easy to clean and maintain, it is perfect for bathroom spaces that are consistently exposed to heat and moisture. Not only this, but terra-cotta flooring in your bathroom can best complement any elaborate ceramic tile designs in showers or backsplashes.

Saltillo Tile Pros + Cons

Still wondering whether or not to choose saltillo or terra-cotta for your next tile overhaul? Here is more information about this tile material to add to your pros and cons list, so you can make the most informed decision for your homescape!

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  • Did you know that terra-cotta is one of the oldest tile materials in the world? Saltillo tile is traced back before the birth of Christ–when it was sun-dried rather than oven-fired as it is these days. Homeowners can choose between glazed or unglazed, depending on if they want a rustic, weathered look.
  • Although saltillo and terra cotta are durable tile solutions, finding a quality source can be tricky. We suggest only purchasing saltillo tile from a reputable supplier you can trust. Also, be sure to partner up with a builder/contractor who is experienced with installing this tile material.
  • Although many homeowners can get away with unsealed saltillo or terra-cotta tile for their patios or walkways, this tile material’s durability and aesthetic value are maximized when properly sealed–especially for kitchen flooring. Furthermore, saltillo tile floors should be resealed every 3-5 years to prevent any major cracks.

Quick Saltillo Tile Facts

  • Install Yourself? No
  • Best Uses: Flooring, Countertops, + Walls
  • Pros: Natural Beauty + Long-Lasting
  • Cons: Wide Variations In Quality
  • Price Range: $3–$7 Per Square Foot

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