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No Matter Where It Is, Porcelain Tile Always Performs

Porcelain Tile Design Ideas

Where can you find a flooring that will breathe a beautiful new look into any area? Or a durable flooring that is high-performing and long-lasting for specific rooms. One that low maintenance while meeting the expectations and needs of the home. Look no further than the current revolution in porcelain tile.

From ultra-fine porcelain clays that have been fired at high temperatures, porcelain tile is dense and less porous than natural stone and come in a range of colors that can match any décor and style. From backsplashes and countertops to floors and walls, there isn’t any other material that offers as many benefits as porcelain tile.

Porcelain Tile from Backsplashes and Countertops to Floors and Walls

From Cooking to Eating

Porcelain offers a textured finish that is perfect for kitchen flooring. Porcelain provides a textural element, glazed with a matte finish, ideal for a room that is exposed to dampness and will see its share of accidents and spills. Easy cleanup, easy maintenance, perfect for the kitchen and dining areas where dogs and kids are all about, porcelain is the tile you want in a high traffic area. When a tile breaks or cracks, a professional installer and remove and replace the tile to match the tiles around it without further damage. Porcelain tile complements evert lifestyle with aesthetic beauty, style, and remains practical.

Kitchen Porcelain Tile

From Entrance to Kicking Off the Shoes

Porcelain isn’t just found in your grandmother’s house anymore. It has come back to life mimicking marble, stone, and other surfaces for only a fraction of the cost. From the formal entryway and foyer to the mudroom, your flooring sees a lot of traffic. It is ready to greet your guests and visitors while tolerating the family members’ constant comings and goings. You need a flooring that is meant to be walked on with grace or with robustness. Porcelain flooring is the perfect fit for both. Porcelain lends a natural look of beauty in the foyer to provide a slip-resistant surface in the mudroom. This water-resistant material is the ideal flooring for any architectural design and style.


From Formal to Relaxing

Porcelain tile can provide a look of elegance with salient veins and a high gloss appearance, making the formal living room floor beautiful, bright, yet stunning, and welcoming. The move to the family room with grains and realistic knots that give way to traditional hardwood looks in brown hues and other various colors and shading that pull you in to rest and relax. Sit back, visit, and rest in a room that feels like there isn’t a care in the world.

From Formal to Relaxing tile design ideas

The Bathroom

With the new high-tech looks of porcelain, the bathroom floors can be as stunning as the rest of your home, from floor-to-ceiling. A realistic stone-look, porcelain tile as the look of direct quarry material, but with a variety of hues that create a design of character and realism. The durability and longevity of porcelain with the look of natural stone.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

From Playtime to Bedtime

Porcelain tiles have overcome the disappointment of the imitation looks that yesteryear left. It is keeping a natural stone appearance with the durability that can withstand the playroom and provide a calming presence and feel for the bedroom. The modern porcelain tile collections of today have been designed by artisans that are replicating iconic stone like granite, limestone, marble, and travertine in durability that withstand the kids. Yet, available in colors, designs, and hues that create a bedroom where peace, quiet, and rest are dominant.

Bedroom Tile Design Ideas

Outdoor Tough

Keeping your outdoor living area with an earthiness feel and look, porcelain pavers are the perfect touch. With colors that speak nature in coppers, rich browns, they are subdued colors, yet eye-catching. Resistant to mold and moss, two ever-presents growths year-round, porcelain is easy to clean and maintenance, keeping your outdoor living area a place to relax.

The skid-resistant surface applied to porcelain tile will make your outdoor floor area safe, and with a non-porous surface, the winter cold, wet, snow won’t be treacherous. This stain-resistant and chemical-resistant material won’t require sealing; again, the minimum maintenance that lets your outdoor areas be the relaxing areas.

Outdoor Porcelain Tile

A Few Last Words

Porcelain has come a long way over the years. Today, this is a material that is suitable for every room of your home and the outdoor living areas too. Surround yourself in a material that looks elegant and luxurious but can withstand the activity of a busy family. If you’ve not considered porcelain, maybe it’s time you have. For more information about the Porcelain tile flooring, Call Westside Tile and Stone today at 310.276.9222 or 818.600.6150.

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