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What is included in this purchase:

WarmWire floor heat cables are an economical way to utilize a radiant heat flooring system as a means of warming floors and providing years of lasting comfort. This floor warming system offers underfloor heat that helps keep bathrooms, kitchens, and entry ways dry and safe. Make your home cozy with SunTouch heated floor system. There is no practical technology for passively shielding a heating element to virtually eliminate H-field EMF. The only effective approach is “active shielding”. This means canceling the H-field of one heating element with the H-field of another parallel element. SunTouch electric heated floors use this approach with a complex wire made of two sets of heating element constructions; running them in parallel with a patented helical twist.

Key Features

  • WarmWire is easy to install and can fit rooms of all shapes and sizes
  • Space the wire depending on your warming needs
  • Grounded from end to end
  • Safe for use in the shower
  • Ultra-low EMF

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