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Oceancare Products High Performance Penetrating Sealer



The High Performance Penetrating Sealer from Oceancare Products is a solvent based sealer that penetrates and protects grout, natural stone, porous masonry materials, terracotta, and quarry tile. The High Performance Penetrating Sealer forms an invisible breathable barrier onto the tile that resists both oil and water and provides a superior stain protection. One of the great advantages to this specific Oceancare Product is that the low residue formula is designed to be easier and faster to apply than most traditional solvent-based penetrating sealers. A serious benefit to the High Performance Penetrating sealer is that you are able to apply it on cured, damp, dry, and un-cured grout directly after it has been installed. This is a rare benefit for a penetrating sealer to have.

  • Penetrates and protects grout, natural stone and other porous materials
  • Low residue formula for easier and faster application with glass and porcelain tile
  • Seal the same day you grout
  • Maintains natural look with no sheen
  • Low V.O.C formula is SCAQMD compliant
  • Coverage 32 FL OZ = 125-625 sq. ft. 1 GAL = 500-2500 sq. ft.


It is always extremely important when introducing a new element such as a sealer onto a tile to test an inconspicuous area first to determine the suitability.

  • Make sure the surface to be sealed is thoroughly clean and free from wax,
    sealants or coatings of any kind.
  • Evenly apply sealer with a low-pressure, solvent resistant sprayer or natural fiber brush.
  • Allow sealer to penetrate for 1-3 minutes. Do not allow unabsorbed sealer to dry on the surface.
  • Buff unabsorbed sealer from the surface with a clean, dry cloth. If dried sealer residue is present on the surface, apply additional sealer, agitate and buff dry.
  • Apply second coat as soon as a surface is dry to the touch. Depending on surface porosity, additional coats may be necessary to achieve desired result; multiple light coats will perform better than one heavy coat.
  • Cure for a minimum of 24 hours before water exposure.

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