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Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2018

Now the days have gone when people used to give importance to floor tiling forgetting about kitchen backsplash. The trend of modern kitchen backsplash is floating among the people nowadays to protect the walls and give a complementary look to overall kitchen appearance. With constant innovative kitchen designs and ideas in trend, kitchen backsplash and wall tiles become the most important elements that play a key role to give your kitchen an inspired look. Westside Tile and Stone ensure you don’t miss any latest trend in Kitchen backsplashes, hence takes you out of style with some of the new trends Kitchen Backsplashes although classic in design with variation of materials wallpaper, fabric, metal, brick and a luxury installation of variety of tiles like traditional ceramic tile backsplash, natural stone backsplashes, subway, glass tile backsplash and many more.

So today we are going to discuss the kitchen backsplash ideas with a great mixture of trend and tiles to find out the latest kitchen backsplash trends 2018.

Top Trends in Kitchen Backsplash for 2018 with Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas

Here we are going to talk about the 20 most inspiring kitchen backsplash ideas and kitchen backsplash designs from our experts that represent the stylish kitchen backsplash trends 2018 and can add extra value to your kitchen beauty. Take a closer look and choose your favorite one for the kitchen!


1. Fabric Backsplash covered with Glass

An innovative and virtual looking backsplash idea that offers your kitchen exotically brand new modern look-Fabric Backsplash covered with glass. It provides conspicuous, up-to-date look with an ease of cleaning, no seam sealing, and no scratch off.

2. Larger White Subway Tiles

Now give wider look to the kitchen with larger white subway tiles. These enhance the functionality of kitchen by improving the classy look and providing super easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. Weathered Finish Splashback

Tiles with texture and an antiqued pattern give obsolescent look to your lovely kitchen and also a spacious kitchen feel.

4. Brightening mosaic tiles

Give your kitchen settings a sparkling, flashy look with mosaic tiles kitchen backsplash installation. Well said, if you are up for the budget and want something extra special, create a stunning custom design that is all your own with putting together Mosaic tiles. Lights underside storage cabinet gives versatile shine to bizarre mosaic tiles. Explore our Kitchen tile gallery for more trendy designs and ideas for Kitchen backsplashes.

5. Marble Wall

The coolest, calmest and sophisticated kitchen backsplash idea is installing marble backsplash and wall. No need to combine with other materials as marble itself possess enticing properties.

6. Encore Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Encore ceramic is one of the popular kitchen tile backsplashes that gives extra outweigh to the overall appearance. Ceramic tile backsplash is heat resistant, durable, and resistant to stain and glass.

7. Glass Tile Backsplash

Your kitchen needs more patterns and a splash of colors, for this, Glass tile kitchen backsplash with design flair is a great idea. Glass tile comes in a variety of styles, rectangular subway tiles to mosaic tiles.

8. Glossy Stone Tiles

The slippery nature of glossy stone tiles adds beauty to kitchen’s backsplash, Granite backsplash is one the most poular choice. Clean the soot effortlessly make them an ideal choice for fire space.

9. Metallic Finish

Piping up the divine look of tiles with metallic finishes largely available to give metal looking finish in accordance with trends.

10. Add More Patterns

It’s time to play freely with more patterns, colors and ideas to bring texture to your boring kitchen backsplash.

11. Black Color Cohesive with Countertop

You can combine black colour tiles with your kitchen’s countertop. Dark theme is in so why not to go for it.

12. Ceiling Height

Looking for the latest kitchen backsplash idea? It’s time to go for the ceiling height backsplash to give larger look to the kitchen.

13. Contrasting Square Tiles

Contrasting square tiles in the kitchen backsplash gives a complementary look to kitchen appearance. Marble wall, concrete tile backsplash and square backsplash tiles are a perfect definition of elegance.

14. Mixed Materials

The fashion is in for mixed materials used for the backsplash. Installing mixed materials tiles give colorful appearance. Combine metal, stone, glass, traditional porcelain tile backsplash and also wood backsplashes to bring texture to a kitchen.

15. Herringbone

Herringbone patterns give a surprising look in all sorts of settings, from modern to traditional.

16. Dark Grout

The trend of installing light colors tiles with dark grout is getting trendy because of its beauty and easy to clean.

17. Mirrored

The amazing mirrored finishing gives glossy reflective surface that gradually highlighted with natural light.

18. Painted Backsplash

A most cost-effective solution for new updated kitchen look is painted backsplash. A solid colour combo with stencilling is perfect for the backsplash.

19. Chevron Pattern

The chevron pattern never goes out of fashion when it comes to renovate kitchen backsplash designing.

20. Sapphire Colors

You can bring elegance to your kitchen by using sapphire colors tiles. This gives extra edge to overall look of the kitchen.

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen backsplash top trends? If yes, then Westside tile & stone is your kitchen tile store for buying the best quality tiles. So what you are waiting for? Contact us today or call us now at 818-704-9222 and 310-276-9222 for a free consultation. For more information on kitchen backsplash tiles, you can visit our tile store near your location.

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