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Introducing 7 New Exclusive Floor Tile Designs In Trend

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Replacing or upgrading your floor is a smart investment, but you would be more concerned with the look and feel of the new flooring.

Tiles remain a top choice for most homeowners planning on renovating their flooring. But picking the best tile design for your home, let alone knowing the most popular ones in the current market, is quite a challenge. This post eases your mind by compiling the 2020’s hot-selling floor tile designs that will likely dominate the next five years. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Blonde Wood-Look Tile Floors

Blonde wood-look tiles are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for an option that can deliver natural wood’s warm and light appearance affordably. Blonde tile flooring makes your room feel larger and spacious, especially if you use large planks. Ridiculously durable and easy to maintain, these wood look floor tiles are your best bet for making your home appear welcoming, modern, and expensive.

They are available in three trendy versions, each distinguished by a unique character and style.

  • The rustic handscraped version offers the external appearance of long, ingrained scrapes with each plank designed to appear handcrafted and unique.
  • The wire-brushed alternative displays the indistinct look of intentional wire scratches that leaves the “wood’s” heart exposed.
  • You can also pick the distressed wood-look tile that displays wear and tear by mimicking knots, age, burns, wormholes, and scrapes.

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2. Warm-Toned Tile Flooring

A great way to incorporate a cozy, warm wood-like feel in your home is using the honey wood look tiles. Slightly darker than the blonde wood-look versions, this color classic is still trending in the 2020 flooring market and will likely remain relevant in the coming decades.

Honey wood look tiles are light enough to offer the perks of blonde appearance, but you will especially love the coziness of the slightly darker tone. They are also ideal for making your interior spaces appear more prominent and open.

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3. Neutral Tile Flooring

Contemporary designs heavily incorporate neutral colors, and this remains the case for trending floor tile designs. Neutral tiles complement virtually all interior design styles, whether you love a neat, minimalistic appearance or prefer to stuff your home with bright colors and kitsch accessories. They provide a warm and homely appearance besides creating an illusion of space in any room.

Unlike décor trends, neutral tile flooring will remain relevant for at least two decades, saving you from costly but unnecessary floor renovations. A home is meant to be a sanctuary, and neutral tones reinforce this atmosphere. And whereas these tiles come in varying tones, a gray, white, or blonde shade guarantees an elegant touch to your home.

Best Tile Flooring Ideas

4. High Color Variation Tile Flooring

If you are free spirit aiming to make a statement with design, high color variation tile flooring is ideal for you. Whereas traditional tiles often come with the same shade, this unique design portrays a variation of colors between tiles and even within each tile, offering you an excellent combination of a modern and traditional look.

This visually stunning flooring pairs best with simple, contemporary interior decor. It best suits large, open spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, and living room where your guests are more likely to admire it.

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5. Herringbone & Chevron Tile Floors

Herringbone and chevron tiles are increasingly becoming popular options for a standout, luxury, timeless floor look.

The herringbone pattern constitutes equally sized, rectangular pieces arranged in a staggered zig-zag pattern. The ends are cut at 90 degrees to stagger the pattern rather than create a V-shape. In contrast, the chevron design achieves a V pattern by connecting planks at 45 degrees.

Both designs require time-intensive and skilled installation, but chevron tends to be pricier due to the extra labor of cutting each tile at a precise angle. And whereas they may not last forever, they still occupy a top position in 2020’s flooring market.

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6. Mixed-Width Tile Floors

Mixed-width tile floors are the ideal trend for homeowners that hate uniform and mass-produced looking designs. These tiles come in various shapes and sizes, offering your floor a customized, modern, and unique appearance that catches anyone’s eye.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to defining your floor with mixed-width tiles. They are unlikely to be the staple flooring in the next few decades, but it’s an ideal option to watch out for in the next few years. Explore our inspired Floor Tile Ideas, Designs and Collections.

7. Faux Stone Floor Tile for the Natural Stone Look

If you love the natural look of stone, you don’t have to live dreaming about it. Still, you don’t have to spend a fortune on importing precious stone slabs.

With finely tuned tile imitations, you can experience natural stone’s natural look and feel without breaking the bank. This is what makes faux stone tiles a hot trend in this year’s flooring market. You can also use faux stone tiles to give your home’s vertical surfaces, including backsplashes and accent walls, a gorgeous and edgy makeover.

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