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Introducing 5 Stunning Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs & Patterns

Best Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs and Patterns

Create a kitchen backsplash that is your personality, blending the styles of yesteryear with today, adding a touch of chic character, using classic materials. Even the most modern designed kitchen can have a bit of the past with vintage-styled backsplash, making your kitchen the full display.

Placing modern elements beside the retro look with the utmost modern appliances and fixtures in the midst. Creating a shabby chic look or go with a minimalist look, both are complements to the fashionable colors available for Kitchen Backsplash Tiles that whispers nostalgic and vintage with any of these mosaics:

1. Kenzzi Zoudia

Kenzzi Zoudia shadowing a porcelain tile that is centuries old made, an encaustic-style with a background of creamy white, featuring a geometric pattern with a beige and gray star pattern. A return to the 18th century Gothic Revival that creates a transitional kitchen with a playful pattern backsplash that gives any kitchen a visual interest with a nod to the past that has united a chic cooking space with these blended designs.

Kenzzi Zoudia Tiles Kitchen Backsplash ideas

2. Bianco Dolomite Chevron

Bianco Dolomite Chevron is a stunning combination of gray-and-white in a classic marble tile that is timelessness. A contemporary design with Chevron pattern on this natural stone offers touches of black that will give an all-white kitchen a pleasant break. For a retro-inspired kitchen, this polished marble from Turkey will be a striking addition. Take the 1950s design of black and white or go with elegance and sophisticated style.

Bianco Dolomite Chevron Tiles Kitchen Backsplash ideas

3. Bianco Quatrefoil Polished

Bianco Quatrefoil tile is a subtle, beautiful pattern of mosaic tiles with classic white marble background and a geometric pattern that accents it with sophistication. A versatile tile that is perfect for any room, and a standout in the kitchen as it blends or contrasts with the appliances, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and walls.

Bianco Quatrefoil Polished Tiles Kitchen Backsplash ideas

4. Danza Arabesque

Danza Arabesque tile gives a sophisticated look of gray-white combined in a marble tile with unlimited dimensions with the darker marble outline. This Moroccan tile backsplash will complement any kitchen color scheme, and the unique design and shape are perfect for any decorative choice in a backslash.

Danza Arabesque Tiles Kitchen Backsplash ideas

5. Pure 3d Mix

Pure 3D Mix is from Portugal, starting with a white ceramic tile that features a glossy finish with four three-dimensional patterns in a patchwork style. Bringing about the 1970s fashion with an eclectic and expressive, pieced work that has been around for centuries. A modern tile, this oversized 4×12 shape can be installed in a variety of ways. Choose a classic running bond or a stacked bond in all white that will refresh the space up and when paired with luxurious wood countertops, gives a nice pop that can be a theme of bohemian, contemporary, or global.

Pure 3d Mix Tiles Kitchen Backsplash ideas

Finding The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash Tile For Your Home

Planning a kitchen remodel or new build is exciting and yet, challenging. It can be easy to overlook some things, like the backsplash and walls. These are two areas that shouldn’t be a blank canvas that nobody notices.

Use a retro-vintage-inspire combination for the backsplash can add that pop that gives the kitchen a new look without overpowering the design. Or go with a unique patterned tile that makes your kitchen stand out from any others, a geometric pattern that complements the colors and design you have with just a touch of funky.

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