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How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

Perfect Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where families gather for laughter, meals, talks, and even homework. The kitchen is where guests often gravitate toward to share in laughter and visiting. The kitchen is the one place in the home where everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed. It is also the place with heavy traffic. When it comes to remodeling Kitchen Flooring, backsplash or countertop, the options in kitchen tiles are vast, and whether your shopping for a new build home or a remodeling job, it can be overwhelming. Read the article to get more information that can help you choose the perfect kitchen tiles, right
tile material and patterns, and trendy kitchen tile ideas.

Tips To Select The Perfect Kitchen Tiles

You need durability, yet you want it to match your design and style. With all the choices in colors, samples, and texture in Kitchen Tiles, you can quickly feel as if you are lost.

The tiles for Kitchen wall and floor you choose is essential because this is what ties your kitchen with the rest of your home. The flooring and backsplash make the most stand-out statement for the overall feel and look of this space. A direction is needed to avoid having a disjointed kitchen. Here, we offer you three key areas of focus that will guide you to prevent that disjointed feeling and bypass what can be a challenging process:

1. Easy Clean

Whether your kitchen has heavy daily traffic, or it is a quiet kitchen, easy cleaning is an essential factor for consideration. The kitchen is where you prepare and cook meals, maybe even enjoy eating there. It is because of this that makes cleanliness a priority in this room. Discuss your desires and needs with a kitchen tile expert and ask to see their line of kitchen flooring tile that decorative and easy-to-clean.

It should be a tile that doesn’t crack or stain easily, like clay and limestone. Both have a natural stone appearance after being fired. More expensive, but a great alternative to traditional ceramic tile is Quarry tile. Your kitchen will be durable with a striking appearance when paired well with cabinetry and countertops.

2. Cabinetry Matching

The countertops and cabinetry are the focal points of a kitchen; they are what defines your kitchen’s appearance and design, with the cabinetry finish being the determining factor in choosing the right kitchen tile. Select a kitchen tile that will create a cohesive and harmonious design while being durable and functional. Both make an impact, so have a sample of our cabinetry when you shop for the kitchen tile flooring.

3. Durability Goes A Long Way

A kitchen renovation is investments, and durability is key to getting the most from that investment, especially when choosing the kitchen tile flooring. Choose tile that will work with how you use your kitchen. Kitchen tile is all a resilient material, but they still need attention to get the most lifespan possible.

PRO TIP: Purchase kitchen floor tile that specifies it is a ‘floor tile.’ Choose a floor tile that has a small raised pattern or is textured, making it more durable and safer for the kitchen. Kitchen tiles need to be beautiful but sustainable for daily wear and tear.

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How To Choose The Material For Kitchen Tiles

If you’re designing your dream kitchen or simply updating your current kitchen, you must choose the right material for kitchen tiles. Today, there are vast choices in kitchen tiles to select. Let’s take a look at what is on the market today:

Natural Stone Tiles

It is a more expensive material, but the beauty and the individualism of natural stone speak volumes that justify the expense. They do require special care, but when you follow the recommended regiment, they will always look beautiful. Some choices in natural stone are:

Marble tiles

Marble is characteristically in grey and white tones. Still, dark and colored shades are available too, giving a striking contrast for any kitchen, especially with the natural veining that can be dramatic or subtle, depending on which slab you choose. Not recommended for kitchen flooring due to the slick surface it creates.


Limestone available on a full scale and comes in beige, cream, grey, and dark colors that allow you to create any variety of looks. If you’re using this stone for flooring, choose the hard grade, not a softer version.


Travertine comes in tones of beige and grey or warmer hues. The surface has natural surface voids that can be filled with grout to smooth the surface.


Slate is a textured surface that, when used in flooring, provides a boosted grip and, when used on the walls, makes an attractive focal point.


Granite being a durable and beautiful stone that does not require heavy maintenance, is perfect for the many types of uses that kitchen countertops serve.


While traditionally granite was the number one choice for kitchen countertops, Quartz Countertops options have veered towards White quartz counters and more monotonic colors. We carry a wide selection of brands when it comes to Quartz slabs; Cambria quartz, Caesarstone, Eurostone, Pental tile, Silestone quartz, and Qortstone.

Manmade Tiles

For the budget-conscious choice, manmade tiles are a great option. A variety of colors in patterns or plain, and man choices of finish will fit any design scheme. Some of the choices in natural stone are:

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are an affordable choice that works on walls but not recommended for flooring. No sealing required, and maintenance is simple. They don’t require sealing and are simple to keep clean.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles will add a glimmer to your kitchen with multi-colored mosaics, giving it a particular focus unexpectedly for a kitchen.

Gloss tiles

Gloss tiles this reflective tile is great for the wall brightens and enlarges a kitchen with ease in keeping it clean.

Matt tiles

Matt tiles for a more subtle look, matt tiles provide contrast with the other kitchen surfaces, such as an all-white kitchen, these will give it a pop. Wiping down may not always be enough.

Once you’ve decided on Natural or Manmade tiles, there are other choices to make. These are the final decisions that will create the look you want for your new kitchen.

Tile Dimensions

The first decision is the length, thickness, and width of the tiles. They will be between ½ inch to 1 inch thick, and they are either 3”x3” or 24”x 24”. The thicker they are and the bigger the square, the more they cost. Tiles are available in the hexagon, octagon, and rectangles.

Kitchen Tile Ratings

Your next decision is the tile rating, a way to measure the durability. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are rated a three which can handle light to medium foot traffic. Experts recommend ceramic and porcelain tiles for wall applications instead of flooring.

Choose the Right Color, Texture, And Finish

The final decision is the color, finish, and texture for Kitchen tiles. Choosing a finish that complements your kitchen’s overall style, offer minimal maintenance and a high level of safety, like a slip-resistant surface. A high gloss finish would look suitable as a backsplash, or perhaps you’d prefer a matte finish. If the kitchen is on the small side, remember dark colors make a room look smaller.

Inspiring Kitchen Tile Ideas For 2020

Make your new kitchen pop by creating harmony with delicate décor and exciting features. In a kitchen with a Mediterranean theme, inject a bold essence or complement a Scandinavian-themed with an unexpected touch to the Kitchen tile flooring. Some other ideas for today’s tile flooring:

1 A Sleek Style

It is harmful to the overall kitchen décor to ignore the flooring or not give it proper attention. A kitchen floor is a high-traffic area where spills happen. Cold beverages, hot food, dropped dishes, the kitchen tile flooring must endure a lot. Bright colors will bring it to the forefront where your guests notice upon entering and inject energy. Bold colored chairs can make the perfect contrast those bold colors and patterns or go with a slight white texture mixed with sporadic dark tiles will keep your design minimalist.

Sleek Style Kitchen Tile Design

2 Easy Clean-up Kitchen Tiles Design

Keep in mind the type of activity your kitchen will see and choose a tile color, print, and style. There is an enormous variety available today with plenty that work well with a house full of children and pets where clean-up is easy.

Easy to Clean Kitchen Tiles

3 Create Paradise By Blending Colors

Today, a kitchen floor doesn’t need to be uniform! Incorporating different styles can give your kitchen a look of paradise with patterns. Mixing different patterned tiles or different colors of tiles will provide it with a distorted consistency. Match the countertops with the floor tiles and watch paradise magic happen.

Blending Colors Kitchen Tile Ideas

4 Marbles Are Magnificent

Sometimes, simplicity says it all, and marble can do that with a touch of elegance and magnificent with colors in pale and rich mixed to add class to an otherwise dull space. Plain marble makes a perfect contrast for countertops, creating a beautiful, charming, and electric look.

Marble Kitchen Tiles

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