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Granite Slabs vs. Granite Tile Countertops

Every now and then professional and non-professional remodelers are looking for materials to remodel their properties and Granite never ceases to impress. From a wide variety of colors to textures and patterns, no wonder it is so popular for remodeling. When it comes to Granite tiles and stones, there are two options available, Granite Slabs and Granite Tile Countertops. They both have a huge difference in terms of price with the Granite slabs being the costlier option. There are still a lot of color and texture options available in Granite Tile countertops but they are fewer than Granite slabs. Let’s have a look at the difference between Granite slabs and Granite tile countertops which will help you to decide better.

Difference between Granite Slabs vs. Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops

Granite Slabs

Granite Slabs

Honestly, both are tremendous ways to add granite beauty to the home. However, in order to help you to choose which decision between the installation of SLAB versus TILE is right for you, we are presenting a number of the pros and cons of using granite slab and granite tile countertops as follows.

1. Cost:

The choice between Granite Slabs and Granite tile countertops is largely determined by the type and amount of remodeling budget. The price varies largely from Granite Slabs to Granite Tile Countertops with the Tiles costing around $10 – $30/ square foot while the Slabs costing around $80 – $150. The installation of Granite tiles countertop might just be a good option if you don’t want to blow your budget as they are cost-effective.

2. Quality:

The Quality of granite slabs is unmatched in comparison to granite tiles as it is heat resistant and is so easy to clean. It also has more thickness than Granite tiles.

3. Grout:

When using Granite tiles for countertops, it is absolutely essential to use grout in between the tiles when you are installing the countertop. The encounter of grout with a full slab is only at the back edge where it meets with the backsplash. It is highly recommended to apply sealer in order to retard the staining of Granite. But, there are some varieties of Granite which are stain proof and don’t really require a sealer. The care and maintenance of grout are essential as it is prone to dirt and due to its property of being porous can absorb unnecessary moisture or break down. It needs to be regularly cleaned and well-maintained.

4. Ease of Installation:

If you have any prior experience in laying tile, you may as well be good to go. But we recommend you to hire professional contractors to take care of the job if you are even a tiny bit unsure because uneven or wrong installation can damage the job. Similarly, the granite slabs must be installed by a professional as well. In contrast to the tiles, the installation of granite slabs is relatively easier and takes much less time than granite tiles. So, the installation costs of granite tiles are higher than those of granite slabs.

5. Care & Maintenance:

Both Granite slabs and tile countertops are durable when they are properly taken care of. They are heat resistant. But, the grout on tiles needs regular maintenance which isn’t required by granite slabs. However, slabs may subject to cracking if installed on uneven surfaces.

6. DIY Project:

Granite tiles or Granite slabs countertops can be easily installed in homes if you are a skilled homeowner. But granite slabs require professional help as it is not a single person job.

To sum up, no matter which granite size you select for your remodelling solution whether tile countertop or slab but it is always required to regularly seal the granite and consider the installation work performed by professionals or a DIY intender with a high level of tiling experience. For more information on Granite slabs and tile countertops, Westside Tile and Stone is always here to help you or you can visit our tile store near your location. Contact us today or call us now at 818-704-9222 and 310-276-9222 for a free consultation.

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