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Common Mistakes to avoid when installing Saltillo Tile


Mexican Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile being a natural, attractive and rustic looking tile is a popular choice for flooring but installing Saltillo tile can be a tough job, as these tiles are elegant and any harmful material if sprayed on the tiles, can damage it. Although Saltillo tile is built to run last long it requires some protection on your part for common uses as outdoor living space, on patios, kitchen and bathroom flooring to suffer from many problems, including staining, cracking and more. Westside Tile and Stone, a professional Saltillo tile contractor and installer in the greater Los Angeles area, suggest you few things that need to be considered while dealing with Saltillo Tile to start using your floor in right manner and enjoy its benefits for years.

Ignoring Tiles Sealer

It is always necessary to go for sealed tiles rather than saving money as we all know raw clay is highly absorbent. However, to keep the tiles at the place, you need to go for some more sealer on Saltillo Tile Floor in the future which would cost you.

Dirt Particles

Most important to make sure to keep the surface smooth, dry, free from all dirt and grimes and perfectly prepared to seal otherwise the bonding process won’t be done, and the grouting job will be harder than usual.

Applying Uneven Tiles

Saltillo tile being a natural tile stone mostly comes with many rough surfaces pieces of tiles and applying these uneven parts will create a floor which is uneven in spots. So don’t forget to apply an extra layer of thin-set mortar to make tiles evenly.

Tile Spacers

Similarly, it is crucial to avoid spacer as these tiles are handmade and designed to install easily. If you will use a spacer while installing, the tiles will start getting spreading and failed to achieve the rustic look that Saltillo is famous for. So you need to avoid it.

Use of Excess Water

No need to soak tile as it can encourage the problem of efflorescence for life. So it’s better to avoid the excessive use of water while installing.

Acid or any Corrosive material

Last but not the least, it’s better to avoid any dangerous chemicals or acid for cleaning.

So, we suggest you avoid the common mistakes above to maintain the rustic and natural look of your Saltillo tile floor that no other tile flooring can give. For more information on Saltillo tiles, you can visit our tile store near your location. Contact us today or call us now at 818-704-9222 and 310-276-9222 for a free consultation.

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