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5 Inspiring Glass Tile Backsplash Designs

Inspiring Glass Tile Backsplash Designs

Not every person that has artistic flare and style has an art degree, nor do you need one to flex your creative style when it comes to decorating your home. Sometimes, that unordinary, unusual element you see is just what is needed to make an impression. Some examples of that creative muse that provides inspiration to a roof are:

  • Create a long lasting arrangement of dried flowers and grass in a colorful vase,
  • Group black-and-white photos together on the mantel, a table, or a wall to create a nostalgic décor
  • Give a neutral colored couch that creative pop with a brightly-colored, funky-patterned pillow or throw
  • Placing that antique store find of an antique china set, a mid-century lamp, or an old rusty musical instrument or toy on a shelf
  • Using glass tile mosaics in unthought of places around your home

Ah, yes that last one caught your attention! Glass tile allows you to express a level creativeness you’ve had pent up inside all along. It adds sophistication to many different areas of your home. The bathroom, the kitchen, even in the living room or entry way. There are a myriad ways to add an extraordinary statement to your kitchen backsplash design, and one of them is to add glass tile. Glass tile backsplash allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design and style. This outstanding material forged by fire to artistic perfection, offering wide array of patterns and designs from neutral, muted, or brightly colored, each glass tile backsplash adds a sparkly touch and a unique remodel to your kitchen.

Westside Tile offers a virtual designer tool that can help you create a design for the glass tile backsplash in your kitchen, or that unique accent wall in the living room, using our pre-assembled mosaics. The end results are nothing less than stunning when you’ve incorporated any of these beautiful glass tiles.

1. Key Largo Interlocking Glass Tile Backsplash

Key Largo Interlocking Glass Blend 8mm is a contemporary and sleek color and style of elongated and rectangular blue tiles. With various sizes of four different shades, this crystallized glass tile will appear in a 3-D look with light catching it in just the right angles. This isn’t just for glass backsplashes, either. This gorgeous glass tile is ideal piece for the entire wall between the countertop and the ceiling. The textured glass combined with variegated natural stone is bold and dramatic, and the coordination that the pale gray color scheme cinches it altogether with your décor. The rewards you’ll reap are endless with the bold pattern created.

Key Largo Interlocking Glass Tile Backsplash

2. Iridescent Glass Tile

There is only one shine and sparkle like the Iridescent Glass Tile Backsplash. Each perspective look has a slightly different result. With the rich dark brown shades complimented with lighter random veins of cream that create a pattern in the ¾” square are beyond stunning when positioned in straight run.

Reach out to the Westside Tile and Stone to choose the different designs, styles and sizes in Glass Tiles you like the best or to create your own custom design with our design experts

Iridescent Glass Tile

3. Mochachino Glass Tile

The 3mm glass tiles in Mochachino Hexagon Pattern include various shades of beige, gray, and gold in indiscriminate swirls. The glow of cheerfulness presented in these stained glass tiles are subtle, yet eye catching. With neutral shades that complement a quartz countertop or custom wood cabinetry, the perfect answer for glass tile backsplash or in a master bath shower surround.

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4. Desert Mirage Subway Glass Tile

The is something about the Desert Mirage Subway glass tile that removes all fear of being bold and brave that will quench your colorful thirst. Cream-colored natural stone is incorporated with beige, dark brown, and light blue glass tiles that resulted in a beautiful glass-stone. The mix of materials in varied placement will give your kitchen backsplash a personality of punch of vintage-inspired colors.

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5. Metallic Gray Glass Tile Backsplash

Nothing creates a monochromatic look better than shades of grey for a kitchen backsplash design that results in a modern look. Make your kitchen a point of interest with this metallic glass tile backsplash and grout in a tone that is analogous to the cabinetry and countertop.

Give your modern kitchen and sleek design element with the Metallic Gray Tile made of crystallized glass. The contrast of a mid-tone gray and white grout lines, with the right touch of detail and pattern will complement your minimalistic cooking space.

Metallic Gray Glass Tile Backsplash

If the inspiration has hit you to update your kitchen with new backsplash, you can showcase your creativity with the trends in modern interior design and pull together a look that is unique and spotlights your personality! Starting your search online is the best way to find exactly the design and style you want from the array of glass tile backsplash ideas with the help of Westside Tile and Stone design experts. Since we are professional Glass tile contractor in the greater Los Angeles area, we can offer you the best deals and varieties. This is the key to bringing out the shy person’s artistic talent and touch in a bold and stylish way and the lack of difficulty will be your secret. Contact us today to find out more information about glass tiles or visit our tile store or call us now at 818.704.9222 (Canoga Park) or 310.276.9222 (Beverly Hills) for free consultation.

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