Voguebay Tile 2011 Collection

These pictures make up the brightest and newest collection from Voguebay glass and tile. These wonderful glass tiles come in a full palette of colors and are available in all of these wonderful sizes. The Bamboo glass collection would be the perfect material for a customer looking for a Japanese theme or for a new contemporary or modern installation. The new Bubble glass mosaics now come with a variety of crustaceans and seashells that are sure to brighten up any bathroom installation. The Voguebay Watercube collection is a very popular collection with our customer for its uniqueness and color options are sure to make any installation pop and stand out. I absolutely love the new Passion Collection for its unique look makes the glass look like cat-eyes and water-drops.  These pictures of these installed collections make this material really pop and show its richness in color and texture. Please make sure to stop by our award winning showroom to view this new collection first hand.


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