Schluter Shower Niche Inspiration Gallery

Our customers are always looking for new and exciting ways to spruce up their bathrooms and showers with niches. This is a great blog article that I found which features plenty of different styles of niches that can be used inside the bathroom and shower. As you can see, there are plenty of niches made with a variety of glass tiles. We are one of the largest Oceanside Glass Tile distributors in the Southern California and are proud to offer some of the same stunning tiles found in some of these niches. Glass Tiles have erupted in the market place with their use up dramatically from the occasional glass tile backsplash or decorative insert. Nowadays many customers are using glass tile in a variety of places such as pools, showers, and spas. One of the benefits of using an Oceanside Glass Tile is that their material is completely suitable for installation in wet areas such as showers and looks absolutely stunning with their large variety of color available in iridescent and non-iridescent finishes.

When it comes to making a niche in a shower it is always important to try and incorporate the same material that was used in your backsplash or as your accent so that the flow works nicely together. Another important factor when incorporating a niche in a shower is that it flows seamlessly with your shower and doesn’t protrude or stand out too much. Many installers either create their own niche using the Schluter Kerdi-Board or can use a free-standing niche such as ones from The Noble Company. One of the benefits of Kerdi-Board is that it is a waterproof material that can be seamlessly cut and formed to create beautiful niches. All you need to do is use Kerdi-Band on the seams of the niche and Kerdi-Fix to secure it down in order to insure everything is snug and waterproof and you are good to go. Please make sure to stop by our award winning Oceanside Showroom and one of the top selling Schluter dealers in Southern California to have us design a niche for your home today.

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