Oceancare Products

Oceancare Products

Oceanside Glass Tile has released an extraordinary collection of sealers and maintenance products for their products called Oceancare. Oceancare Products from Oceanside glass uses cutting-edge chemical technology to produce easy to use, highly effective, safe products to use around the house.

  1. Innovative chemical technology
  2. Developed specifically to be safe for glass tile
  3. Easy to use
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Highly effective

High Performance Penetrating Selaer



The High Performance Penetrating Sealer from Oceancare Products is a solvent based sealer that not only protects grout, natural stone, porous masonry materials and quarry tile but it also penetrates and allows those products to breathe. The invisible, non-sheen barrier is resistant to both oil and water while providing a superior stain protection.



Calcium Releaser


The Calcium Releaser from Oceancare Products is an acid-free, non-toxic, safe cleaner that effectively removes calcium deposits and efflorescence that may have built up. The calcium deposits are removed in layers through an advanced acid-mimic technology which specifically targets all of the mineral build-ups without damaging metal or tile surfaces. If the Calcium Releaser is applied prior to media-blasting the calcium deposits are loosened and ultimately reducing the media consumption. The Calcium Releaser is safe for ceramic tile, glass, iridescent glass, and porcelain tile.



All Natural-Degreaser



The All Natural Degreaser from Oceancare Products is a 100% citrus-based degreaser that is plant derived and quickly cuts through the heaviest grease and oil. The All Natural Degreaser safely and quickly cleans appliances, ceramic tile, cooktops, countertops, grout, iridescent glass tile, natural stone, pool waterlines, and porcelain tile. One of the great benefits of this degreaser is that it is non-toxic, biodegradable and perfectly suitable for metal.






The PH Neutral Cleaner from Oceancare Products is an all-purpose, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner that is safe to use on a daily basis on the majority of hard surfaces found throughout your household. The PH Neutral Cleaner is to be used to clean lightly or heavily soiled glass tile, iridescent glass tile, granite countertops, grout, porcelain tile and natural stone. The all-purpose PH Neutral Cleaner has neither noxious fumes nor odor making it perfectly suitable for daily use.




Glass Tile Shower Cleaner

The Glass Tile Shower Cleaner from Oceancare products is a CFC free aerosol cleaner that is ideal for cleaning glass tile tub surrounds and showers. The Glass Tile Shower Cleaner is an ammonia free formula that will not damage existing sealers or natural stones. One of the great benefits of this product is that the aerosol foam will cling to vertical surfaces and eat through body oil and soap scum.