Gemini Saws



Revolution XT saw offers endless length and width ability without the need of a cumbersome water pump. The capability of cutting endless shapes through any tile surfaces is what sets this saw apart from others. This portable saw can easily be handled by one person and is an excellent choice for all of your glass cutting needs. It uses a 10 inch Sintered Diamond Blade (Single-sided and Double-sided blades available).
Taurus Ring Saw was designed to making cutting glass easier. It has a built in light and flip up face shield that provides a larger work surface. The entire saw contains its own water making it a portable hand saw that allows the operator to easily handle larger pieces. This wonderful handheld saw can cut through stone, tile, and various types of glass tile.
New Apollo Saw from Gemini can cut tiles up to 16″ diagonally without a problem. It slices materials over three inches thick with the precision of a scientific saw with a reasonable price tag attached to it while giving out ten times the torque of a standard saw. The new generation blades are driven faster and harder than ever before without sacrificing performance.