Master Monochromatic Décor

Decorating monochromatically is not as hard as it may seem. For one thing there is only one color to deal with, so that eliminates coordinating other colors. A monochromatic space should be used in a sophisticated space rather than a space designed for children.

It is a common misconception that monochromatic means decorating with all white or all cream. Monochromatic means one color and decorating in this manner means using varying shades and tints of that color. For example, red could be the chosen color and you would complete the look by incorporating different shades and tints of red from dark red to pink.

A monochromatic space can become boring very quickly if you are not careful. Make sure you have a very select few accents of colors. The accents should be small and understated. For instance if you are decorating a space and the monochromatic color choice is ivory, then add a plant with ivory blooms. The green in the stem and leaves will add a small amount of accent color. Select art in the chosen color, but make sure there are small amounts of other colors as well.

Layers are a must in order to successfully pull off a monochromatic scheme. Accomplish this by using different textures in textiles and wall coverings. Without layers the scheme can quickly turn monotonous.

Don’t be afraid to use a powerful, bright color in monochromatic schemes. Play with the intensity of different shades of that color and take risks. Using understated tones of a dramatic color is how this look is pulled off successfully.

If you have any questions about how you can integrate this color scheme into your home, feel free to visit one of our locations or contact us.  We are always happy to help!

A Look at Our Collections: Alyse Edwards

Alyse Edwards tile and natural stone line features a very broad line of absolutely stunning tiles, mosaics, and decorative borders. And the best part, they are very competitively priced. We are proud to be one of the few dealers in Southern California to offer Alyse Edwards’ line of tile and stone treatments, contact our showroom today for more information.  Enjoy the images below!

Stone Introduction

Choosing the right stone for your home can be a difficult decision to make. If this is your first time working with stone as a material, you are bound to have many questions regarding what each type has to offer in terms of practicality and style. Here we will go through several of our offerings to help you make the right decision for your home no matter what the project.


One type of stone we offer is granite and this material is great to use for countertops in kitchens or bathrooms.  The various coloring and striations that make each slab of granite unique add beauty and dimension to your countertops. Granite is very durable and because of this, is great for high traffic areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. When properly sealed they are also stain resistant and can last for many years as the centerpiece of your room. It is important to keep up with sealing your granite countertops to ensure they retain their luster and beauty.


Sandstone is another material we offer and the natural look, with texture and coloring ranging from dark to light, can make a great addition to your home. Because of it’s porous nature it lends itself to an authentic earth inspired design. It is a great way to highlight your room with flooring or tile on your walls.


Slate tile is great for its versatility. You can find a wide variety of slate colors and textures to fit your needs. It can be uniform for a more formal approach. You can also use different colors and sizes to create visual interest in your room by creating a mosaic. You can even create geometric patters and designs with slate to help build a beautiful backsplash for your kitchen.


Marble can make any countertop stand out and it can also make for beautiful flooring. The strands of color that seem to dance through the stone make it a graceful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. You can find it in a variety of colors on our website and with the right choice of marble you can create timeless, classic looks with our marble selection.


Head to our website and under the stone section you can preview our selection of all four of these beautiful stone choices.

Happy Holidays from Westside Tile!

May your holidays be relaxing, happy and filled with fun!

A Look at Our Collections: AKDO

We are presenting a series on our various collections at Westside Tile.  The beauty and individuality of each collection is one to be experienced separately.  Our first collection is AKDO.  Look for more collections soon!

AKDO has been importing the very best natural stone slabs, tiles and handcrafted mosaics for nearly two decades.
AKDO offers an incredible collection of natural stone tiles, slabs, mosaics and specialty stone in an unrivaled variety of colors and patterns. Their products are ideally suited for aesthetic-focused interiors, including residential, hospitality, and commercial environs.

Activities With Your Teen

Beauty Boost Project

This project is meant to be a multi-step, major effort to spend several hours together and accomplish something that makes you feel beautiful. This doesn’t necessarily mean just on the outside. It includes feeling renewed and reconnected on the inside too. Rather than just plan for manis and pedis together, make it count by doing much more. Here’s an idea of the itinerary!

A day or two before the Beauty Boost: Start spending time together right away by going shopping together to gather all of the supplies you’ll need. Make it a collaborative effort. Teenagers like feeling like their opinions are valuable.

Night before for the Beauty Boost: Create and concoct all of the DIY treatments that you are going to use. If you simply don’t have time for DIY it’s certainly okay to use store bought treatments. But if you have the time, making them at home is a great opportunity to talk and bond while you’re getting the job done.

Beauty Boost Project: Here’s a list of things you can accomplish during your project. Every one of these can be easily found on Youtube in order for you to learn ahead of time how to do them. (This could also be time spent together several days beforehand.)

  • Self tanner – This always looks better with someone to help. Start with well exfoliated skin.
  • Nail art manicure – Get creative and do more than just polish.
  • Spa pedicure – Do all of the things that high end salons do. Not just a quick buff and polish.
  • Masks – Make 2-3 ahead of time and do them all. Include facial massage at the end.
  • Deep treatment for hair – Make 2-3 treatments ahead of time and make sure the last one is a leave-in. Then braid each other’s hair so the leave-in treatment can do its work overnight.

Tips for Flying

Flying to your destination can be stressful. There are some things you can do to make traveling easier on you and your family.

When purchasing a ticket, select your seats as soon as you book a flight. The earlier in advance you book your flight, the better chances you have at getting a sought after seat.

Try and get seats at the front of the air craft. This makes it easier to get on and off the plane with ease. Select either window or aisle seats. There is more room in these types of seats. The middle seat is the least desirable, chances are if the flight is not full it will remain empty to give you more room. The window seat is great for resting your head and providing access to look out and see the geography. The aisle seat is great for providing easy access to the rest room.

Board the plane last if you do not have a carry on. There is virtually no reason to stand in line and rush to your seat. Take the extra time to stretch your legs before being confined to a seat during the flight. With flights becoming more crowded, there is less room for carry-on items, so if you do carry a bag onto the plane, board as early as you can.

Bring an eye mask and ear plugs. These two items are a necessity for resting during a flight. It is also helpful for sleeping well in a hotel room.

Take cash on your trips and stash some in different places. Keep some in our wallet and hidden in your luggage. If by chance something happens to you, there is still cash in your bag. If something happens to your bag there is still extra cash in your wallet. Take a debit card and keep it in your toiletry bag. If you have a credit card take that too. Stashing funds in different places ensures that you will have funds if something happens.

Keep electronic copies of identification, birth certificates and passports in your email. If you do not have a scanner, take a photo of the documents. This is helpful if you lose your wallet; especially if you are traveling internationally.

Bring an empty water bottle. Since you can’t bring liquids through security, the empty bottle allows you to obtain water after security check points and keeps you from spending money on a bottle of water.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a surface that has been a long time favorite among luxury home owners, as well as people who appreciate high quality finishes in their homes. Its colorful, complex patterns are pleasing to the eye because of the visual depth of the flecks. Granite lends an air of sophistication and stability to a space, and therefore increases the sense of class and comfort. 

In terms of care, granite is sensitive to acids such as those in some cleaning solutions so these should be avoided. Be sure to use protective surfaces under glasses and dishes, and pay special attention to things such as fruit juice and soda pop because they are acidic.  All spills, whether acidic or not, should be cleaned up immediately and not allowed to sit on the granite.

A smart method for cleaning granite is to use a warm water solution mixed with a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Wipe down the surface with a damp rag and the solution, and rinse it off by wiping the surface again with a clean cloth.

Kitchen design idea with granite

If you’re comfortable with the care that granite requires, which is really quite easy, it’s most likely that you’ll use it in the kitchen. If you don’t have a particular design scheme in mind try this one. Install true white cabinets. Choose a darker colored granite counter top to create a beautiful contrast. Paint the walls a neutral color so they blend into the background, and use a similar natural color for the backsplash. Tie the cabinets and countertop together by using dark colored hardware on the cabinets, and choose a finish that nicely complements the granite countertop.

If you want a more dramatic space, add accent flooring to the space. Choose something bold but make sure it doesn’t overpower the beautiful countertop and cabinets. Install lighting that reflects the shiny surface of granite as well, in order to get full enjoyment out of its unique beauty. The complex natural pattern of specs and visual depth will be most noticeable when light is reflected off of it. 

10 Wonderful Ways to Wear White Jeans

Finally, the day has come when white is no longer restricted to summer. It’s now totally acceptable to wear white denim year round, so the fashion possibilities are endless. Still, it might be confusing to figure out how to style it because you’re mind is still set on the track of the previous limitation on white pants. Break free, and start wearing them as often as you like by simply learning how to do it. The tricks include working with texture, layering, and playing off of color. And, keep in mind that technically white is a neutral. This means it’s pretty difficult to get it wrong. Need a place to start? Try a few of these ten great outfit ideas!

  1. Oversized taupe sweater, white straight leg jeans, brown cowboy boots, long necklace, chunky bracelets.
  2. White skinny jeans, mint long chiffon blouse, fuchsia pumps, leopard print bag.
  3. Taupe cable knit sweater with sleeves scrunched at the elbows, raspberry colored blouse with cuffs flipped back over sweater cuffs and shirt tails showing, white skinny jeans, knee high brown leather boots, statement watch.
  4. High waisted white denim jeans, black crop tank, bright pink hip length blazer, black pumps, dainty silver necklace and bracelet.
  5. Classic denim button up shirt, tucked into white flare jeans, brown leather boots, gold belt, dainty gold necklace.
  6. Camouflage patterned military coat, long, loose yellow blouse, distressed white skinny jeans, black pumps, black leather bag.
  7. Navy and white boat neck top, classic white denim pants, brown leather belt, red ballet flats, red leather bag.
  8. Classic white denim pants, black and white micro stripe top tucked in only at the front, skinny black belt, black motorcycle jacket, red pumps, black leather bag.
  9. Bright yellow blazer, white tank top, white skinny jeans, yellow skinny belt, neutral colored flats and bag.
  10. Cream colored Panama hat with black band, navy blouse with white micro print tucked in at the front, white skinny jeans, chunky heeled brown leather sandals, brown leather bag.

Entertaining Guests: How To Throw a Sushi Party

Looking to throw an awesome party that people will remember fondly for a long time? Try a sushi party! Here’s the lowdown on to plan it well.

A good size party for sushi fun is 4-8 people. Decide within this range according to the amount of usable work space you’ll have available for the party that night.

Next, invite friends who are true sushi enthusiasts. Those who will thoroughly enjoy the entire experience, from contributing to the potluck, to rolling the sushi, and even the inevitable clean up. Once you’ve assembled your cast, so to speak, it’s time to prep for the party.

Start by requesting that all guests bring something to the party that contributes to a pot-luck style of gathering ingredients. One of the huge benefits of throwing a sushi party at home is that everyone gets to enjoy a delicacy without breaking the bank. Especially because typical rolls don’t require a lot of ingredients to create.

It is easy, however, to get carried away with planning for too many types of sushi so follow the 10/2 rule. Choose ten ingredients and two condiments and call it a party. Anything more could likely be overkill and therefore a waste of money.

Before you settle on the shopping list, text a quick survey to your friends to inquire about any dietary considerations. We also recommend that you leave the sushi rice and condiments off the list because it’s good form to provide those for your guests. Once the list is set, assign your friends the task of bringing the various items on the list. This could also include equipment because sushi making is a somewhat complex process that goes smoother if you have all of the necessary tools. This includes things such as bamboo rolling mats, rice cooker, cutting boards, sharp knives, etc.

The day before the party prepare your kitchen and dining room for the party. You will need as much open space as possible so that guests can comfortably participate in the activities. Deep clean the surfaces and put away clutter that usually sits on the countertops and tables.

Then, set the table. In each guest’s area place a cutting board, knife, rolling mat, and small bowl of water.  Leave plenty of room in the center of the table for the ingredients, condiments, additional tools, etc. Once everyone is in place the party can technically begin!

Start with prepping and cutting all of the ingredients. Everything should be cut into tiny slices so that it easily fits into the roll. Then, ready, set, roll! Throughout the process, move completed rolls to platters. When the job is complete and it’s time to eat, simply remove the bamboo mats and tools, and replace them with plates and chopsticks. Set the platters of sushi in the center of the table and enjoy!