Art Deco Darling: A How-To Decorate Guide With 1920s Inspiration


Decorating around a theme is often the best way to create a room that is impressive. It provides an easy way to ensure that the room is ‘pulled together’ by way of a common thread. It also helps with decisions such as color selection, accessorizing, and furnishings. Rather than ponder whether or not to buy that amazing couch you just found, you can quickly and confidently say ‘yay or nay.’ Either it works with the theme or it doesn’t!

To make it even easier we are offering our guidelines in short and succinct bulleted lists. We’ve found that when working theme it’s more effective to pick and choose possibilities a la carte. Otherwise you risk ‘overdoing it’ with the theme and end up with a room that might look it belongs in a theme park. Less is more. Lastly, when going about it this way the overall project seems less daunting. Just pick what you like and work it into your plan!

In this installment of our How-To-Decorate series we are going to discuss the decorating guidelines of the decadent 1920’s. If Gatsby’s descriptions of a mansion make you envision glamorous décor and stunning architecture you are going to love translating this into a room in your house.

  • Colors:
    • Black and white combo
    • Gold
  • Large scale repeating patterns
  • Lighting
    • Chandeliers reign supreme
    • Lanterns, multifaceted geometric designs
    • Very ornate and colorful glass table lamps
  • Metals
    • Polished nickel
    • Ample amounts of refined gold
  • Organization – a very symmetrical aesthetic, think balance in all formations
  • The walls
    • Ornate, 1920’s mirrors, symmetrically placed above furniture; try tiled mirror insets within gold leaf panels
    • Bold deco wallpaper, use on just or two walls to avoid fatiguing the eye
  • The floor
    • Black and white checkered tile
  • Something unique
    • Hang 1920’s style hats on the wall
    • Find an old flapper dress that is too shabby to wear, and repurpose the materials to make a pillow or décor item
  • Accessories
    • Large, fluffy feathers in an ornate vase

Daily News Best of 2015 Voting


We are asking you to vote for your favorite people and places. Of course Westside Tile under FloorCovering. We are hoping for a new category this year. TILE STORE!

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How To Decorate a Room Using Grey and Color


It looks like grey is here to stay for awhile. A couple of years ago it popped up as the favorite new neutral in home décor. You can find it in nearly every facet of decorating, including furniture, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, and so on. It’s very much the king of the castle in homes that are decidedly modern and currently relevant. Grey is often favorable because it casts a cool tone to a room that adds a certain level of chic without being stuffy. If style is equally important to comfort and function for you, you can’t go wrong with grounding your color pallet with a grey neutral.


Now, how does one mix and match grey? You have two excellent options. First, you can rely on a monochromatic color scheme to keep things looking controlled and refined. In this case you’ll include black and white in the room’s pallet. For this to look relevant and on trend, black is used sparingly and white is used liberally. You can have up to equal amounts white and grey, 50/50, and still be on the mark with your mixing and matching. As for the black, use it small doses in unexpected ways, for example, a chandelier or sculptural coffee table. It also looks snazzy when painted into architectural features such as molding or inside a doorway that leads from one room to the next.


On the flip side, you may be envisioning a grey room that captures the imagination because there is a bold and surprising use of color. Interestingly it’s only been recently that this combo was “granted permission.” Certainly, if you think back, you realize that just a few years ago mixing grey with color would have seemed unsightly and bizarre. Not anymore! So, to ensure you get it right we recommend that you stay within a set of five colors.


We suggest these because they are no brainers so to speak – if you use them with grey you’re sure to get it right. Try aqua, fuchsia, orange, red, or yellow. Use just one of them if you want a look that is stark and makes a statement. Use a combination of the colors if you want to add interest and an element of comfort to the room. We’ll leave you with our thoughts on the color combos. Enjoy and thanks for the read!

Using 2 Colors

  • Red and Grey
  • Yellow and Grey
  • Aqua and Grey
  • Fuchsia and Grey
  • Orange and Grey

Mixing Colors

  • Aqua, fuchsia, grey
  • Aqua, orange, grey
  • Aqua, fuchsia, orange, grey
  • Orange, fuchsia, grey


Encore Ceramics Newest Collection in Los Angeles

Encore Ceramics Piedra Collection

Encore Ceramics has been producing stunning ceramic tiles for almost fifteen years. Debbie Russell and her husband Barry have over forty years of combined experience in the tile industry. As tile trends have changed and more of our customers are looking for specific looks, so has the catalog of mosaics and field tiles offered from Encore Ceramics. Their unique process of blending original art techniques while developing exquisite ceramics has allowed their company to rise to the top in regards to quality and innovation in the tile industry. This year is no different in that they have come out with an exceptional range of new products including their Plumage, Belvedere, Feather, Miramar, Palmette, and many more.

Encore Ceramics Belvedere Collection

The ability to mix and match different crackle glazes and matte glazes in the Encore Ceramics collection allows our customers the ability to create custom looks in their applications. Encore Ceramics has recently introduced natural stone into their collections which opens the door to even more possibilities in blending popular stones such as Calacatta Marble and Carrara Marble into their array of ceramic tiles. One of my favorite patterns from Encore Ceramic’s newest collection has got to be their Feather Mosaic. The Feather mosaic is made of tiny crafted ceramic or stone pieces to create a seamless and organic look of feathers on a mosaic platform. The Feather mosaic can be made up entirely from their ceramic tiles in blends of their crackle, matte, or jewel collections. The ability to compliment these ceramics with natural stones allows for the Feather Mosaic to take a much more refined and sophisticated look, especially with greys of Carrara mixed in their grey-tone ceramic colors.

Encore Ceramics Palmette Collection

The Belvedere Mosaic from Encore Ceramics is also part of their newest collection to incorporate intricate ceramic tile with that of stone accents as well. The Belvedere Ribbons can be mixed and matched in their Dimensional Tile, Jewel Tile, or Stone which allows for the utmost customization and attention to detail. The details of the Belvedere Mosaic are that of intertwining ribbons of field tile with a background of ceramic tile in either the Jewel or Standard Flat ceramic finish. The uniqueness of this pattern will make it a perfect fit for many of our clients working on traditional homes and need a stunning wainscot in a powder room instead of textured fabric that is generally used. The ability to use mosaics such as these creates a touch of dimension that is unheard of in the marketplace and will definitely make any application stand out and pop.

Encore Ceramics Plumage Collection

Please make sure to stop by our Award Winning Los Angeles Tile showrooms to see the newest designs from Encore Ceramics. We proudly display all of the newest patterns from Encore including their Plumage, Palmette, and of course the Belvedere Mosaics. Encore Mosaics has risen to the top when it comes to unique and customizable mosaics that are manufactured in the United States using renewable sources. The most recognizable aspect of their brand is the Encore Ceramics crackle finish which will undoubtedly add a touch of flair to any application you may be working on. The crackle finish from Encore has over fifty colors and a multitude of sizes that can be used to create stunning works of art in your kitchen, bathroom, and even your pool.  The Encore Ceramics Piedra Collection combines the beauty of ceramic with the warmth of stone and the dimension of the world. Make sure to witness these stunning mosaics first hand and let us create the next perfect and unique mosaic for your home.

Laticrete Hydroban and Waterproofing Membrane

Jimmy Reed – Hydroban Spa Installation

As the economy begins to turn and construction is on the rise, it is important to understand the proper ways of waterproofing your applications before going ahead and tiling them. Laticrete Hydroban is a great single component self-curing liquid rubber polymer that forms into a flexible and seamless waterproofing membrane. The advantage of using Laticrete’s Hydroban is that it bonds to a variety of substrates such as concrete, cement plaster, ceramic tile, natural stone, and many others. Many of the contractors we work with use Hydroban on a daily basis due to the ability of using it for both interior and exterior applications. Laticrete’s Hydroban is constantly being used for swimming pools, fountains, and water features that use glass tiles for the flexibility of the water-proofing membrane makes it easy to install glass mosaics directly onto it.

Jimmy Reed – Hydroban Waterproofing Pool

The Laticrete Hydroban membrane is an easy to use and fast applying liquid membrane that can be applied directly out of the pail using a paintbrush, paint roller, or even a trowel. Hydroban cures in a darker shade of green allowing the installer to directly apply tile, brick, or stone directly on-top of the waterproofing membrane. Hydroban has a fast curing time of 24 hours at 50° to 69° Fahrenheit and should of course be flood tested prior to any tile or stone being applied. Using Hydroban allows the possibility of flood testing your application in two hours which is a great benefit to all installers and contractors who have time-sensitive projects. One of the great benefits of Hydroban as mentioned earlier is that when fully cured, the membrane changes from a light sage to an olive green allowing for any individual to see the membrane has fully cured. One of the great features of this fast curing waterproofing membrane is that it does not require the use of any additional fabric on-top of it and is ready to have tile, stone, or glass mosaics once the membrane has fully cured.

Jimmy Reed – Hydroban Waterproofed Spa – Glass

Laticrete Hydroban is an ideal waterproofing membrane for a variety of applications that require any type of waterproofing. Hydroban contains Microban Antimicrobial product protection and is approved by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials). This Laticrete waterproofing membrane can be used for both exterior and interior applications such as bathrooms, hot-tubs, swimming pools, and showers. Many of our pool contractors rave about this easy-to-apply membrane that they can roll onto their pools and are ready for tiling shortly after. Contractors are always searching for quality products that are not only great in terms of ease of use, but also in terms of durability and quality. Hydroban comes in both 1gallon pails and 5gallon pails. Each gallon of Laticrete Hydroban will waterproof approximately 50sf of tileable space. Please make sure to stop by our website for more information of Laticrete Hydroban Waterproofing Membrane or stop by any of our Award Winning Los Angeles tile showrooms for all your Laticrete Hydroban needs.


Dry Treat Stain Proof Sealer with 40SK Sealer Application


Stain Proof Application

Dry Treat sealers have been setting themselves apart in the industry for quite some time. Dry-Treat Stain Proof has a 15-year performance warranty that is one of a kind and truly sets itself from other sealers on the market. Dry-Treat hires only the best engineers who understand the process of protecting building materials and creating the finest products for us to use in and around our homes. One of the most important factors in regards to Dry Treat and it standing apart from other sealer companies is their technical training know-how is backed by their Accredited Applicator Performance Warranty that has allowed them to grow tremendously in the American market and become specified on numerous residential and commercial projects.

Dry Treat 40SK Consolidator

Dry-Treat is famously known for its ability to repel salt and limit efflorescence on natural stones. Stain Proof Original is an impregnating, invisible, and breathable sealer that protects natural stones, grouts, pavers from damage that is caused by water, salts, and oil based stains. When Dry Treat Stain Proof has been applied, indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean and are able to be properly maintained for longer amounts of time. The specially designed molecules migrate through the pores of the stone and find sites to bond by a chemical reaction that lasts 3-4 weeks. After having cured for 3-4 weeks, the modified molecules have penetrated farther into the stone than any other sealer currently on the market today.

One of our best selling products from Dry-Treat is their Dry-Treat 40SK Surface Consolidator. The 40SK sealer is an impregnating, invisible, and breathable sealer that protects porous tiles such as natural stone, brick, terracotta, cantera stone, and grout from damage caused by water and salts. The benefits of the 40SK Sealer from Dry-Treat is that it is able to work without changing the appearance in the surface, in other words it keeps the original look of the natural stone. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and excellent in being able to reduce the amount of water uptake for the natural stone as well as minimize efflorescence and salt deposits. We are continually specifying the use of 40SK for exterior stones when used around a salt-water pool in order to provide the strongest bonding sealer as well as the best sealer to repel salt deposits. Dry-Treat 40SK is only necessary on surfaces which are regularly in contact with salt spray or salt water. If you need your material to be protected against oil based stains as well as salt deposits, it is necessary to apply the Stain Proof sealer as well. It is necessary to apply the Stain Proof after the 40SK has cured for two weeks.

Pool with Natural Stone Coping

As you can see Dry-Treat has developed two amazing products which we showcased here that can be used for both exterior and interior applications. During the Spring-time is when most pools are being constructed or remodeled so the concept of using both the 40SK and the Stain Proof for a salt-water pool should definitely be considered for your project. This is the only system of its kind that has been created to protect your stone against not only salt deposits from the pool but also against any oil based stains. An example of an oil-based stain that can be achieved around a pool would be sun-tan lotion residue. With more and more salt-water pools being constructed in the Los Angeles area, it is important to make sure that your natural stone copings and surrounding materials are properly sealed to ensure their long-term durability. We currently stock the Dry-Treat 40SK and the Stainproof in both of our Los Angeles tile showrooms.

Laticrete Strata-Mat Uncoupling Membrane

Strata-Mat Closeup

Laticrete Strata_Mat is a new generation of uncoupling membrane that can be used for ceramic tile, natural stone installations in both commercial and residential settings. The unique patent pending Strata_Mat product is meant to replace the traditional underlayment materials used underneath tile and stone. The Laticrete Strata_Mat provides an enhanced mechanical bond of the adhesive mortar being used and provides for faster drying of the mortar which essentially allows for a faster time to grout. Any time that our contractors can use a reliable product that will not only produce a great result such as the Strata-Mat but also save time on the back-end in terms of thinset drying faster and faster drying grout it creates a great help for everyday use out on the field.

The advantages of the Laticrete Strata-Mat are that the mortar hydration vents create mechanical bonds between not only the Mat but also the adhesive mortar being used. The mortar that is used will cure faster and provide a stronger bond to the tile than when traditional methods are used. The Laticrete Strata-Mat provides exceptional uncoupling along with vapor management which makes it an ideal solution for many exterior decks or any new home construction. The new Laticrete Strata-Mat eliminates the transmission of in-plate substrate cracks for up to 1/8” which is huge. The clear Strata-Mat allows for an instant view of the coverage allotted to your tiles and allows for the contractors to see just how much coverage they have achieved without having to lift every tile to see it specifically. Since the Strata-Mat essentially offers grid-marks within their mat, using the Strata-Mat will essentially eliminate the use of any messy chalk layout lines on the floor.

The Laticrete Strata-Mat should not be used to bond to any particle board, hardwood surfaces, or sponge backed vinyl flooring. The Strata-Mat should only be used as an uncoupling membrane and not for any water-proofing. If waterproofing is to be used in conjunction, Laticrete offers the ability to use their waterproofing materials underneath the Strata-Mat to achieve this result. One of the great advantages of the Strata-Mat from Laticrete is that you are able to use both Modified and Un-Modified thinsets with this product. The rolls are available in two different formats, a 323sf roll which is 45” by 86feet or a 150sf roll which is 45” by 40feet. Since the rolls are so lightweight this is the perfect material to be used for an upstairs application since the entire roll can be flung over your shoulder and cover over 300sf. We have done very well with the Strata-Mat since it’s easy to use, lightweight, and perfect for many different applications. Many contractors are raving about the materials ease of use and the ability to just cut the roll into the desired size needed for their specific applications and keep the rest of the roll for future projects. We look forward to carrying the new Laticrete Strata-Mat in both of our Award Winning Showrooms. Please stop by our stores for all of your Laticrete products which we proudly stock in both of our Los Angeles Tile showrooms.

Several of the Pictures were taken from the Laticrete Blogspot which were taken from their South Carolina field Rep Betsi Baker

Island Stone Pebble Tile Installation with Island Stone Waveline

Island Stone Parallels

Island Stone has been continually coming out with new and exciting products in their pebble tile collection as well as their glass tile collection over the years. Island Stone was recently featured in the Los Angeles House of Rock throughout the pool house and along the exterior of the pool as well. Some of the most popular items that Island Stone has recently come out with include their extensive Island Stone Cladding Series. The Rustic Cladding and Strip Cladding are available in a multitude of colors and sizes including our most popular seller, Himarchal White Strip Cladding. The Island Stone Cladding Series is able to be used throughout most homes in not only interior applications such as fireplaces and feature walls but also in exterior installations such as a fountains or columns.

Island Stone Waveline Glass Tile

These two stunning pictures feature the Island Stone Waveline Glass Tile. The Waveline glass tile is one of the most original and unique glass tiles on the market today. It is available in eight sophisticated and natural color hues that are sure to match any environment you may have for it. When placed together, the angles of the waveline glass tile create a “wave-like” pattern that is supposed to be reminiscent of flowing water. This new waveline has created ripples throughout numerous bathrooms or any water related installations throughout the country since its release. This featured kitchen backsplash was installed by The Jae Company of Westerville, Ohio. The house is part of the BIA Parade homes that feature 13 custom built homes by the regions premiere builders. This contemporary installation features a Quartz Countertop material on both the Island and the perimeter counters along with the stunning Island Stone waveline mosaic as the kitchen backsplash. The color of the backsplash really flows in nicely with the upper cabinets and pulls in the color of the natural wood flooring as well to make this a very nice free-flowing kitchen. This contemporary chic kitchen turned out absolutely splendidly with its clean cut lines and original usage of materials throughout its floors and walls.

Island Stone Waveline Glass Tile Closeup

Island Stone pebble tile has been remarkable in their marketing and genuine ability to create new and exciting pebble tiles and pebble tile patterns. Their perfect pebble collection for instance was able to fit the needs of our clients searching for pebble tiles but wanting more uniformity throughout their mosaic as opposed to the traditional random sized pebbles found on the mosaic sheets of the traditional pebble tile mosaic. The ability to offer perfectly symmetrical pebbles as opposed to the traditional pebble tile gives way to a more pleasant and visually appealing product such as the installation in the Los Angeles House of Rock. The perfect pebble tile was used throughout the pool house and throughout the perimeter of the pool as you can see pictured. We are happy to have on display the latest and greatest patterns to be released by Island Stone America which were recently showcased at the Dwell on Design Los Angeles. These patterns include; Vsquares Pattern, Parallels V Pattern, and the Island Stone Crescent which is sure to be the next big hit for its bamboo like features and look are sure to blow you away. Please make sure to stop by either of our two Award Winning Showrooms to see all of the Island Stone products first hand.

Island Stone Perfect Pebble in House of Rock Los Angeles

Jimmy Reed Glass Tile Installation with Bisazza Glass In Elton John Residence

Elton John Master Bathroom

Elton John Master Bathroom

When one thinks glass tile installation, the name Jimmy Reed and his company Rock Solid Tile come to mind. Jimmy Reed has been a world renowned glass tile installer for over twenty years and focuses mainly on glass tile installations. When I saw the latest article in Floor Covering News” focused on one of Reed’s newest installations I was not surprised to see the stunning pictures of the installation. Jimmy has had extensive experience with glass tiles from the likes of Oceanside Glass Tile and Bisazza so it only made sense that legendary pop-icon Sir Elton John would have his master-bathroom clad in Bisazza Tile and be installed by Jimmy himself. When award-winning designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed Elton’s home, he chose to do it with some of the most exclusive and stunning materials on the market today. Martyn created a custom interior decoration program that brings Sir Elton’s sense of style while bringing it all together with stunning pieces of glass from Bisazza’s Oro Bianco Collection and White Marble from Thassos, Greece. Reed’s extensive experience made him the perfect installer for the intricacy needed for this project, and he pulled it off amazingly.

In the master bathroom, Jimmy Reed used the Bisazza Tile signature Damasco Pattern from the Oro Bianco Collection. This pattern features the smooth and textured white gold mosaics along with the White Gold Vetricolor glass mosaic to help really accentuate this pattern. For inside the shower walls, Reed specified the Bisazza Queen Blend which consists of the smooth and textured white gold mosaics that have made Bisazza so famous over the years. The highly unique blend from Bisazza features a two-finish style that is made to accent each other by using real 24-carat white gold that’s also encased in 20x20mm clear glass mosaic tiles. As you can see in the pictures, Jimmy did a fantastic job of blending the sheets together so that the Damasco Pattern resembles a seamless feature wall with no visible seams. Installing glass mosaics and achieving a seamless pattern as shown is what separates installers like Jimmy Reed from others.

Elton John Master Bathroom with Bisazza Glass Tile

Elton John Master Bathroom with Bisazza Glass Tile

Jimmy’s influence on the design played a large role in the overall look and modern features found in this stunning bathroom. The curbless shower entry was done flawlessly in order to not interrupt the tile design and create an easy transition between the floor tile and the stunning glass mosaics from Bisazza. Jimmy decided to forgo the traditional round center drain that is commonly found in bathrooms and opted for a custom linear drain manufactured by Laticrete. Laticrete created this custom made 14 foot stainless-steel linear drain in a tileable format so Jimmy could integrate his floor tile and create a seamless installation with it. Jimmy used Thassos Marble from Greece in a custom-stacked 6×12 pattern to create a beautiful white floor that leads into the barrier free shower enclosure. Creating a barrier-free shower requires extensive knowledge on how to properly slope the shower floor so that all of the water flows directly to the linear drain and doesn’t pool up anywhere else in the shower. Laticrete is able to create custom sized linear drains in a relatively short turn-around time in order for our clients and installers to create spectacular installations like this one. The low profile linear floor drain from Laticrete allows for the use of large format tiles like the Thassos marble used and has the great feature of being tileable so that the tile in the grate can match your floor tile.

Along with the master bathroom, Jimmy also worked on the kid’s bathroom and installed these fabulous over-lapping circles from Mixed-Up-Mosaics. The unlimited color options and mosaics that are offered in the portfolio of Mixed-Up-Mosaics allow projects such as these to flourish and really stand out. The American produced glass tiles are hand-scored and snapped in New York and assembled piece and piece and then intricately placed together on mesh-backing. Jimmy Reed did an amazing job of putting all of the overlapping circle mosaics together to achieve this creative and striking bathroom. One of the great feats of Mixed-Up-Mosaics is that they are able to customize almost any pattern with their unlimited color options and blend them all together for you to create anything from a simple 1×1 mosaic all the way to an intricate mural. Their world famous mosaics can be found in many exclusive hotels and high-end homes such as Elton John’s residence. As you can see, it takes a very special installer such as Jimmy Reed to create such spectacular bathrooms as the ones shown above. When dealing with intricate glass mosaics and interlocking patterns, Jimmy really shines and lets his creativity go to work. Please make sure to check out his website for all of his contact information to schedule your next project to be installed by the world-famous installer.

Elton John Kid's Room with Mixed Up Mosaics

Elton John Kid’s Room with Mixed Up Mosaics

Blue from Oceanside Glass Tile

Blue from Oceanside Stone Color 3/4"x3/4"

Blue from Oceanside Stone Color 3/4″x3/4″

In honor of Earth Day, we thought we’d give a little insight on Oceanside Glass Tile and their wonderful new collection, Blue by Oceanside GlassTile. Deep from within Oceanside Glasstile’s artisan heritage emerges definitive design though a timeless color palette and clean mosaic formats. The Blue Collection from Oceanside offers a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content that are able to contribute to LEED points and the sustainability of your project and its application.  Oceanside Glass Tile not only thinks about the environment prior to creating their fabulous products but they also integrate their community in the process of manufacturing their materials as well. Blue from Oceanside Glass is a true testament to the hard-work that Oceanside has been providing the tile industry for the past twenty years. Blue contains 55%-82% post-consumer recycled content in their glass tile collection that is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The manufacturing process that goes into Blue from Oceanside Glass Tile reduces their energy output by upwards of 30% by using their new melting technology. It’s great to see companies like Oceanside Glass who are already an extremely green company strive to become more environmentally friendly without substituting any of their innovation or quality in the process.

Canyon Brick Installation

Canyon Brick Installation

Blue from Oceanside Glass Tile has already received rave reviews from many of our designers and customers searching for an environmentally green product for their future applications. Similar to their Muse Collection and Tessera Collection, Blue from Oceanside is perfectly suitable for all submerged applications such as Pools or Spas.  Blue from Oceanside Glass features six very clean and timeless colors in either a ¾” x ¾” square mosaic or a ¾” x 3 3/8” brick. The four color blends offer some of their highest post-consumer recycled content and are also available in either of those two great sizes. Along with their field tile Oceanside Glass also decided to offer 3 different molding types to coincide with their monochromatic colors in order to perfectly finish off edges in any installation you may have. Please make sure to visit our award winning showroom to have us show you Blue from Oceanside along with the entirety of the Oceanside Glass Tile collection. Please make sure to ask us about the wonderful cleaning and sealing products from Oceanside Glass Tile, Oceancare Products.